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Set in Stone : A Guide to Earth Spirit

November 18, 2013 by enderarms
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Earth Spirit Build

DotA2 Hero: Earth Spirit

Hero Skills

Stone Remnant (Innate)

Boulder Smash

3 4 8 9

Rolling Boulder

2 5 7 10

Geomagnetic Grip

1 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

Set in Stone : A Guide to Earth Spirit

November 18, 2013


Earth Spirit is a initiator with many skillshot skills, making him very unpredictable and fun to play. He is great at initiating and semi-supporting his team.

Pros and Cons


+ HUGE initiation ability
+ Huge spell range
+ Escape, Silence, Stun, Hook
+ Infinitely repeating ultimate

-Mana Dependent
-Can't select hero, requires positioning

Item Justification

All initators need this item, especially you, since you will always be casting stuns.
This is a core for most heroes and will get you out of ganks and other problems, and save you a death at least. If you are not mid, substitute with Bottle.
Common choice on strength heroes, can be made into a Drum of Endurance.
You want to be as tanky as possible. Get this to make into a Pipe of Insight.


This item will help position yourself and your teammates. Positioning is key as you are a skillshot hero.
Very cost efficient and good stats as well as movement speed.
A great semi-support initiator's item that will keep your team lasting longer during a gank.
Basically, you blink behind the enemy and throw it toward your team with Geomagnetic Grip, like Nether Swap or Toss.

Another great positioning item. It grants mana regen and the ability to position yourself around the enemy.
Solves all of your mana problems, plus giving you armor and a radius slow. Not bad.
The enemies will usually start to focus you since you have all of the stuns.
I don't know about you but I tried this combo. Basically you stun them and watch your dudes sap all their mana.
You will most likely be rolling into teamfights, so this item will help you heal afterwards.

Skill Build

Try to get some levels in this. It is great harass as it goes 2000 range with a Stone Remnant. Also, it gives you an area silence, so also good in lane. Level it to decrease it's cooldown.
A great spell for closing in the distance, but you should use this as a stun and escape. You get Blink Dagger for closing in. This spell's cooldown is INSANELY low at level 4 and again, super high range and speed with Stone Remnant.
I dont use this spell for the stun, but more for the ability to pull teammates. The range of the pull does not increase. However, using it as a stun is also fine for initiation.
PLEASE NOTE: Using this on a hero does not interrupt channeling abilities. Nice try, troll.
Pretty ****ing OP, if you consider that 1. Touching a stone remnant RESETS and APPLIES it to nearby enemies [making it require more positioning D:] and 2 : At level 3 it does 600+ damage over time. Thats kinda... OP....

Gameplay, Ganking, etc.

Early game, you should try to go mid or offlane. You can do pretty well at both. Please : YOU ARE NOT A SUPPORT! Remember you can still last hit. You may want to play the semi-support role if you need to, but usually you want to stick at what you are best at : INITIATOR.

Your ganks should look like this.

  • Boulder Toss

  • Basically you roll in, magnetize them, place another stone to reset it, then silence them and roll the **** out.

The End

This build may seem a bit incomplete, as Earth Spirit was only released today. I tried to make this build to help you guys that have no idea how to play him. I will play him a bit more and more to this build is going to be added! Thanks!

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