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Scree'auk's Talon: UnrulySupportGuy's guide to a Mid Venge

June 28, 2015 by UnrulySupportGuy
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Minus Armor

DotA2 Hero: Vengeful Spirit

Hero Skills

Magic Missile

2 8 9 10

Wave of Terror

1 3 5 7

Vengeance Aura

4 12 13 14

Nether Swap

6 11 16


15 17 18

Another Venge Guide?!

Vengeful Spirit
Status: Vengeful
Height: Deliciously Tall
MTG Alliance: Rakdos (Red-Black)
Likes: Tusk , Sven , screaming at people, her newest wardrobe, revenge, Solar Crest
Dislikes: Lack of followup, Skywrath Mage , Source 2, Venomancer

Venge is without a doubt my favorite hero to play of all time, because no matter what, the meta will always support a strong hero like her. She's got good stats, she's pretty, her skill set is only rivaled by few, and she's one of the only "supports" that won't get one shot by a Kunkka Tidebringer and I put quotes around the word because really, she isn't a support, especially not in this meta with the new items, she's actually closer to someone like Tusk or Centaur Warrunner where depending on what she can get done, she controls the tide of the game. Ever since I got my computer fixed, I've never lost a single game with her. The dirty little secret lies in the itemization, first off, and secondly, in when I choose to pick her. Obviously I'm going to watch this guide get downvoted by all the morons who say "Venge is a position five support, how dare you try anything new!" but they haven't played 100+ games with her and skipped over a 70% winrate with her, and I can safely say, all games where my team wasn't ahead and I went full support Venge, we lost, because due to how she's equipped, she can't survive with a ****py Force Staff and some Boots of Speed thirty minutes into the game at level 9, unlike Dazzle or Lich

Now, unlike my last guide on Venge, we're taking a different approach, not towards the late game, but as a tempo controller and an anti-carry in the early and mid game. She does extremely well mid as long as you follow this guide closely and you understand what it means to last hit, and in following this guide and having good teammates you shouldn't have to buy anything after your core items because by then you'll have finished the game. So, let's get this thing rolling, I'm a little rusty since I've made a guide.

When to Pick a Mid Venge

Once again, not every situation suits Vengeful Spirit as a mid, just like with any other mid hero, but I will say since I'm such a baller with dear Venge, and I know how to pick my battles, I've stood against a Puck , Shadow Fiend , Queen of Pain , Pudge , Sniper , and a Storm Spirit mid and successfully got their tower first or broke even, Pudka being the easiest because the fat bastard doesn't realize that he has no right click, he kills himself, AND he's got no armor. Having said that, though, most people who look at a guide aren't familiar with the hero or are trying something new and might be a little more hesitant, so I'll also say you can pick this hero as an offlaner with someone who also snowballs or has a stun like Wraith King or Kunkka or Tusk .

When to pick Mid Venge:

-The enemy Mid hero is either melee, has low armor, or is very squishy
-Your team hasn't actually picked a mid hero
-The other team has a lot of STR or INT heroes
-The enemy main carry has low base armor
-You need to control the tempo of the early game
-Your team needs someone to push towers or initiate
-The other team is based around a five man push strat

When not to pick Mid Venge:

-The enemy team has high base armor on cores
-The enemy mid hero has a good escape mechanism or counter-initiation
-Your team has no followup to your initiation or stuns
-Your team needs a sacrificial support or a hard carry
-The enemy team has a lot of sustain

Concerning the green, Venge's hidden strength is in her ability to knock waves of creeps out with her Wave of Terror and then just whale on them while her creeps push the tower, and as long has you have a friend like Magnus or Lina to help clear the rest of the wave, the push strat your enemies will have is doomed. Also, concerning the red, I would never personally lane against a Storm Spirit again if I could help it, because it's too much work to deal with that little ****. Just because this guide is about the Vengeful Waifu doesn't mean she's always the best pick, either, sometimes you need to bite the bullet and play that Pos 5 Dazzle or WD and just buy Observer Ward so your team can win you the game when dealing with three agility cores that build Assault Curi*** . Also, it's no use being the only stun on your team, I don't care if Phantom Assassin bought a Skull Basher or is going to, doesn't change the fact that after you clocked them and swapped them they can TP out or Chronosphere the lot of you.

Vengeful Spirit in Ranked

If you're in ranked, you really should follow this guide to the letter when it comes to pros and cons. Yeah, she can place wards, and in ranked she'll never be higher than a pos 3, depending on who else is in your team composition. More than likely, as far as this guide goes, you'll find yourself in the offlane instead of mid, which I don't even personally mind. I mean, do I really want to go against someone who's done nothing but play Viper in all his games? No, I'll let Queen of Pain or Razor take that gig, and I'll just snowball with Sven or Bristleback thank you very much.

Your big priority as Venge in ranked is to remember your items, push towers if and when you gank, buy smokes, suggest rosh, and protect the carry. This doesn't necessarily mean that you Nether Swap to make sure he gets that extra 650 units away. A stun and a wave is a lot to turn a gank around to something favorable, especially if you have follow ups or other supports to help out. Your map awareness will save you and get you kills. And if you do find yourself as Mid Venge in ranked, you better hope you've got some mad skills on your mid game, because reading about something and actually doing something are two completely different things. Also this puts a time constraint on your Blink Dagger for your initiation and getting yourself out of danger, which means if you don't have an opportunity to push, you should be in the jungle until you've got it. afterwards, past the mid game, you need to focus on warding so you can find yourself some easy pickoffs.

The Early Game

First thing you're gonna start out with is your Tango , Ring of Proection , a Circlet , and a GG Iron Branch , because without that branch, you might as well be a scrub. Obviously if you're mid, you get rune Priority unless your safelane carry is there with you. Hold off leveling until you know what you're up against at he rune as well, and then if no opportunity to mash someone's head in appears, get your Wave of Terror then follow the rest of the skill build guide accordingly. Obviously if there's a Pudge keep the creep wave between you and him, but scream at him every once in a while and right click him to assert your dominance. Puck is a litle trickier but as long as you get the scream off, he's pretty much easy pickings, or at the very least, not hard to shove out of lane. Also remember to prioritize your denies in your lane after you've finished Ring of Aquila and have your Boots of Speed because your job is to prevent them from gaining levels faster than you.
Always remember to call missing so nobody can judge you
After you manage to finish your Power Treads , swap them to Agiliy and keep them there unless you're getting ganked, in which case switch them to STR, or swap to INT just before you scream at people again. Also, unless you have a opportunity to push uncontested, keep your ring aura off (even though really pro players can switch on and off in order to screw up an enemies last hits, but that's like Sumail level BS, I'll tell you h'wat).
If you ever find a good opportunity to gank due to a Haste rune or Double Damage, go smack a ho. Otherwise, try your best to blow up their mid tower as soon as possible if the other mid tries to gank and ends up failing. If you ever find yourself needing to TP and you get a turn-around on the enemy squad, push that wave and that tower. The earlier you get towers, the more shut down the other team will be and you can force them into their jungles where you just continually kill them.

The Mid Game

This is where Vengeful Spirit flourishes, because not only does she have her Power Treads and her Medallion of Courage , but she should have a fully leveled Magic Missile along with a Wave of Terror and a swap range that means something. This is when your crunch for your Blink Dagger is important, because at this time, the enemy tends to move in small packs, which means one bad swap can do you in, and now due to the fact that you're worth something, the enemy team has some gold to throw around. However, once you get your blink dagger around the 19-20 minute mark, you'll have a nice -13 armor to hit anybody with, which should bring pretty much anyone without their own Medallion of Courage or Blade Mail really far down into the negatives. If you like math (which I really hate) crunch the number with whatever their physical resistance is at and just add that number on top of your Vengeance Aura and that's how much bonus damage percentage you're giving Faceless Void on that poor Crystal Maiden or that fat wad Pudge .
After all the Tier 1 towers are down on their end, if you haven't suffered the same fate, you can take this time to farm to finish your blink and your Solar Crest . I have to say, right now it's my favorite item in the game, and I have a 100% winrate with it out of the 11 times I've bought it (guess with who, I wonder). Venge likes the extra idea of evasion, and that's 10 armor you're knocking someone down. Talk about a great deal. Of course, once you're finished with THAT, you want to work on your Desolator, which, by golly, gives you even MORE minus armor to slap on someone, which is -23 armor to be exact. Now that's a hell of a number to slap on someone. Can you imagine Phantom Assassin critting on that? Top kek.
Either way, as the pacemaker of the game, your farm should rely greatly on scrapping with the enemy team, meaning you wander around looking to start some serious beef with these wankers trying to cop a feel on your Ancient and then you pimp slap them. Wander around the enemy jungle with your friendly Wraith King and lay the beat down on Leshrac or Alchemist. If you feel really dangerous, blink on that Anti-Mage and chuck some purple into his face to get him to leave those delicious creeps and delay his Battle Fury . See that Legion Commander with that Hand of Midas ? Show her who the real Queen of Dota is and show how much better you are at battle cries than she is. The more you force them to group up, the better it is for you, and there's no better feeling than when they try to gank you as five top and they lose their racks because they weren't paying attention to that Nature's Prophet pushing down the tower with Sven and Dazzle .

The Late Game (Including Luxury Items)

I didn't even think about the late game, because every single one of my Vengeful Waifu games were over before they had a chance, but there's always that one time where it's necessary to plan in the future. After you managed to get your core items, you can start working on Assault Curi*** which not only beefs everyone's attack speed and armor, but decreases the enemy armor, which, by golly, we're at a single target with a giant -28 sticker slapped on his face. Face it, nothing says "HIT ME" more than that. Roshan? He was there. Now he's not, because between dear Vengeful Spirit and Slardar , dude has -48 armor. And if you want to continue with the armor strat, Vladamir's Offering isn't that bad of a choice either if you want to go back for it. Here's the thing though, by late game, someone's curled up in their base and a good swap will either make or break the base, not to mention that Techies is, yes, indeed a hero and dear Waifu can't exactly deal with bombs that well since she has such bad range. (I'm waiting for the item that increases your range and damage so that I can enjoy playing against Sniper in his most OP form yet). Especially late game, Venge, I feel, falls off to where she can't 1v1 any cores past the 35 minute mark, even if she has ridiculously good itemization and levels, because they'll have the same stuff and more than likely be better suited for that, like Slark or Faceless Void or even a Warlock with Aghanim's Scepter you may have trouble with. After AC, I'd personally switch Deso with Eye of Skadi because it's more stats and more tank, and even though it'll knock your armor reduction down, you'll be getting more hits in anyway because they can't run away, not to mention this just makes things harder on the enemy, trying to deal with yet another core on the team. Sange and Yasha are great scrapping items which offer a lot, but it's not cheap, and Venge isn't known for her flash-farming skills. In cases of need, Orchid of Malevolece is great for giving extra attack speed,some damage, and adamage burst at the end of its duration, perfect against someone like Silencer or Faceless Void or Slark if you got some backup, while MKB and Daedalus are just luxury damage items, one in case of Phantom Assassin or a carry with Butterfly . Silver Edge is just a giant middle finger to Pudge and Bristleback players everywhere, and I've been building it a lot lately, just not on Venge, but on Abaddon , but that's another guide. I put the Lotus Orb in there as luxury because sometimes, a core gotta look out for her homies, and there's nothing funnier than a Lion laying the Agh's Finger on someone and it reflecting back onto his entire team. Of course, it's also good for other things, like Razor and his damage sapping, or a Viper ult, or even a Rubick and his lifting.

So, I hope you enjoyed the guide, though it was a little shorter than usual, keep having fun, and hopefully I won't wait another 4 months to make another guide.


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