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"I'm Coming Friends" Guide to Super Mobility Rubick

May 20, 2014 by BKvoiceover
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Arcane To Blink

DotA2 Hero: Rubick

Hero Skills


1 3 9 10

Fade Bolt

2 4 5 7

Arcane Supremacy

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Spell Steal

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"I'm Coming Friends" Guide to Super Mobility Rubick

May 20, 2014

Who am I?

Good day everyone, my name is BKvoiceover and this is my second guide on Dotafire. My first hero guide was on one of my favorite carries Terrorblade but now I decided to change gears a little bit. I love playing support and it has become my favorite role to play since I started playing Dota 2 in July 2013. so this is my guide to Super Mobility Rubick.

My Inspiration

Now when you hear Rubick you don't really think of mobility in the slightest I mean sometimes you might pick up a Drum of Endurance and on occasion maybe a Blink Dagger and/or Force Staff but this guide is going to focus solely on Rubick in a sense of initiation and escape at the same time. I initially came up with the concept while playing a game against a Luna and a Slardar. I thought that out-initiating the other team might be the key to winning that game so I decided to pick up a Blink Dagger to quickly use Spell Steal and cause chaos. From there it kept evolving, by the end of the game I had Arcane Boots, Blink Dagger, Force Staff, Rod of Atos, and Drum of Endurance.

Introduction to Rubick

: Rubick is a Radiant Ranged Intelligence Hero who is classified as a Disabler and Nuker in the Heropedia. Rubick is usually played as a Position 4 or 5 support hero and has a very simple set of abilities. Rubick is usually placed in the safelane and is valued for his nice level 1 disable as well has his main nuke Fade Bolt. However, the one ability that really takes the cake for Rubick is Spell Steal which, as the very creative name suggests, steals another hero's recently used spell. Rubick is beloved by players who want to spit back the other teams initation and teamfight abilities right back in their face. That is why you will usually see Rubick picked as a response to a heavy teamfight lineup such with heroes such as Luna, Sand King, Enigma, Magnus and many others.

Pros and Cons


- Nice lvl. 1 disable with Telekinesis.
- Can steal opposing player's spells.
- Fade Bolt is a great nuke.
- Is a surprisingly good mid.
- Nice magic resistance with Null Field.


- Extensive mana problems early on.
- Squishy from low strength gain.
- Fairly item dependent for a support.
- Needs a lot of levels to gank.


: Telekinesis is a highly valued ability on Rubick as It can hold a chosen target in place for a short period of time and then stun all units around the target area when he falls back down. This ability is a great defense skill to protect from ganks as well as a powerful offensive ability that can snatch a quick first blood with the correct positioning. For this reason you should skill Telekinesis at level 1.

: Fade Bolt is your main source of damage. At max level it will deal 280 magical damage as well as decreasing creep physical damage by 16 and hero physical damage by 32. In addition the Fade Bolt will chain off to any enemy within a 410 aoe and do a little bit of reduced damage if they were not previously hit by the bolt. This is a great nuke in combination with Telekinesis and will help you tremendously during ganks and initiations. Because of its extreme usefulness in the early to mid game this skill should be maxed by level 7.

null field: Null Field is a great passive against heavy magic damage lineups which tend to be composed of said powerful teamfight heroes such as Luna, Sand King, and many others. This passive gives your team increased resistance to the abilities that you will spit back in their face. However the true power of this skill is not experienced until late in the game so you will max this skill last.

: This is the skill that makes Rubick, well, Rubick. As the very creative name suggests this skill allows the player to steal the spell last used by an enemy. With this ability Rubick is a highly feared teamfighter from start to finish. However, because of this you are most likely going to be the first target in a fight so be very careful. Aghanim's Scepter can be purchased by Rubick and will decrease the cooldown to 5 seconds, increase the cast range to 1400 "dotameters", and apply an Aghanim's Scepter buff to all ultimates you steal. Fairly situational but a viable pickup in certain situations.


Starting Items

: Basic regeneration to keep you in lane and also to support your carry if he runs low on health.

: You can never have too many branches. more mana and more health isn't something to snuff at.

: With your high mana cost abilities, clarities are a must. 2 would be a safe amount to keep you through the laning stage.

: Since you are still a support, grabbing a courier or wards is still a requirement.

Early Game

: Great for burst healing in the early and mid game.

: An essential on any hero in the game.

Mid Game Mobility/Initiation

: Required for consistent use of your high mana abilities.

: The ultimate initiation item which is great at causing chaos among the ranks of the enemy team.

: A lovely plan B is case you get ganked and your blink dagger can't be used. Also a great way to screw up enemy positioning before or during fights.

Utility and Upkeep

: As a support you should still be getting wards if no one else is. Don't forget to pick up sentries for those pesky invis heroes.

: Remember to grab flying courier ASAP.

: For them pesky invis heroes in the late game.

: When initiating on heroes with invisibility escape mechanisms be sure to pop dust to start the fight.

: Great throughout the entire game, invis for your entire team is great for ganks throughout the game.

Late Game/Luxury

: This is a great passive and teamfight item. The slow is really good and the increased health and intelligence it offers is a great supplement for your lack of strength.

: A great addition to any Rubick with the great mana and health increases. Plus the decreased cooldown for every charge is nice thing to have.

: Map boots are a great thing to have later in the game to assist with pushes.

: An early to mid game defensive item for team fights, great but for this build remember to prioritize mobility.

: Very situational, however if you have the chance the steal good ultimates, build this as a very late game item.

: If you are in the late game and you want some nice auras and tankiness a Shiva's Guard is a nice choice.

: A good pickup if you have a lot of powerful magic nukes to use.

: Another situational pickup, grab if the enemies have ults with Aghanim's Scepter upgrades.

: This is a great intelligence item that will assist in causing that chaos in teamfights. Locking down the big team fighter early on will truly be a help in the fight.

Extra Movement/Survivability

: If you end up needing better survivability in the early game drums will fill your needs.

: Grab if the enemy is running a heavy right-click lineup and you think you will need the survivability.

: The extra movement speed and mana regeneration is great. The long disable on heroes can be used to initiate and catch runners.

: THE ALMIGHTY TP SCROLL, keep one on you at all times, they will be needed for pushing and counter-ganking.


As Rubick you will attempt to play the safe lane support role, making sure your carry is getting some nice farm. Be sure to exploit enemy positioning mistakes and harass whenever possible. If your team is setting up for an early first blood be the first one to initiate with Telekinesis and bring them down on top of a secondary stun or disable. Be sure to keep an eye the minimap and use those Town Portal Scrolls for counter-ganking or picking off low health enemies.

The majority of the gold you will be getting for your main mobility items will come from ganks and lane pulling. Don't forget to pull the safe lane wave and stack the easy camp whenever your lane pushes up, these stacks will get you some nice gold which will help with your mobility items.

If it is not clear yet, once you get to about level 6 or 7 GANK, GANK, GANK! With enough map awareness and tp scrolls you can be a global space maker for your team as well as getting some nice gold in the process.

When you are in lane supporting your carry be sure to pop clarities and salves for your carry if absolutely necessary.

Friends and Foes

Friends of Rubick include heroes with powerful followup stuns and heavy hitters to back up ganks as well as enemies with powerful teamfight ultimates. Some of these include.

Friends include
- Tidehunter
- Enigma
- Sand King
- Luna
- Leshrac
- Queen of Pain

Enemies of Rubick include heroes with long silences and powerful chain stuns, as well as heroes with mana burn abilities

Foes include

- Anti-Mage
- Bloodseeker
- Doom Bringer
- Night Stalker
- Earthshaker
- Special Shoutout to the Necronomican Archer and his Mana Burn ability.


In conclusion let me outline the build in general for the early, mid, and late game.

Early Game (0-15 Minutes)

    Support your Carry in lane.
    Harass the enemy carry and lane support.
    Pull the Lane
    Farm the stacked easy camp
    once level 6-7 begin ganking.

Mid Game (15-35 Minutes)
    Push lanes.
    Steal Ultimates .
    Initiate Fights.
    Bait individuals into engagements.
    Continue ganking.

Late Games (35-End)
    Same as Mid Game


Thank you so much for reading my guide. I hope that it was helpful for anyone trying to play a super mobility style Rubick. If you have any questions or concerns about the build please feel free to drop a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

See you on the battlefield,


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