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Offlane pidar leafman

August 10, 2016 by Pidaras
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

Wat am i doing?

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

Purchase Order

Woods n' shit.

Buy some stats.

Rush dis.

Your choice.

Example build.


Hero Skills


4 12 17 18


2 8 9 10

Nature's Call

1 3 5 7

Wrath of Nature

6 11 16


13 14 15


So i've been playing Nature's Rightclick for like 12 hours straight now and i'm better than bull****, so buy this **** and don't ask questions.


A lot of times you will wanna go build #1 but build #2 is when your team sucks massive ****, so you're gonna have to adapt to the situation, or you can just go build #3 and do nothing.

#1 is your go-to-win-games kinda build so try and go that most of the time for max efficiency and teamfight participation. You can ask ''But why the refresher tho? And no aghs with it???'' well, if you buy aghs and a refresher against an alch, ember or other hard carry, you just won them the game so just stick with refresher, but if you can, go aghs aswell as it gives great damage to your bounces and ult itself.

#2 is just wrong, but if you're a ****** that picked Prophet in a 3 carry team already, that's a nono, so just try and stick with it. Honestly i don't even know anymore.

#3 is really just ****, if you like rightclicks, go for it, for me it's just repetitive.
I mean it can be effective but there's no fun in it, you literally just rightclick.

Expensive shit you can afford and explanation why.

Bloodthorn (DO NOT RUSH THIS, THIS IS ONLY LATE GAME, AND I MEAN 60+ MIN!) Alright, so now that that's out the way, this is just an upgrade to your orchid.

Blink Dagger and Force Staff are both good escape items if you need it.

Orchid Malevolence is probably the best item to rush on Prophet, as it gives damage, attack speed, intelligence and a 5 second silence, all things Prophet likes.

Get a Shiva's Guard if you need some armor and if an enemy carry is getting on your nerves, a great alternative is Assault Cuirass, as it gives attack speed and enemy armor reduction, great for late game survivability.

Aghanim's Scepter is a great way to push from afar and a damage boost to your ultimate, only viable if you know how not to feed enemy carries with it.

Black King Bar is a great item if you're getting disabled in teamfights.

Get a Butterfly if evasion, attack speed and some armor is necessary for you in teamfights.

Daedalus is a nono.

Get a Dagon and an Ethereal Blade if you want to have fun.

A Drum of Endurance is great for early tower push and teamfight power.

Octarine Core is one of the best items for prophet - 45 second ults, 15 second tp and all around good stats for Prophet.

I prefer Mjollnir to desolator because it gives great damage, attack speed and magic damage, get this for a great powerspike.

Refresher Orb means 2x ult in teamfights? Sign me the **** up.


Scythe of Vyse. Don't ask just get it.

Blade Mail is great if you're being focused down and need survivability as well as 32 damage and 6 armor for a price of 2200?

Bounty Rune - Buy this for max money men.

That about sums it up for what you need to get, no support items tho because that's just a prank tbh m8.

Fight men.

Bad men to not hit.

Spirit Breaker will run fast at you, cows r bad.

Timbersaw will cut your trees off, kill him.

Alchemist will get many moni from your treemen, youre useless now.


How to nature? lol idk.

Alright so it's like a spaceship in this layout n' **** so ill just add some notes on what to do, when to do and how to do.

What you want to do with Prophet is push at all times, so usually you max your trees first, after you win a teamfight, go push, when the enemy team starts to push, go push, when you feel like it, go push, just try and push at all times possible.

Why offlane? well to get lvl 6 asap you mongloid.

Try and poke the enemy safelane as much as possible, as your autos are kinda strong and your range is okay too, a nice trick i like to do is spawn my treants, order Prophet to auto an enemy hero, and micro my treants to bodyblock him/her.

To micro your trees efficiently, just remap your keys so you have like 4 different group keys, i like to use my 1-4 keys as it is close to my ability keys and it's easy to cast spells and micro at the same time.

So let's go over what should be on which key.

1 - You can use this to access your prophet easier as you wont get good use out of it anyway.

2 - This is for the treants, simply just spawn them, group them to this key, and bam, you can sellect your treants at ease.

3 - This one is for prophet and the treants, for example when you push and want all of your units to attack the tower.

4 - One spare key to use as you wish, useful if you buy necrobook or such

You can have 10 groups binded to your keys, if i'm not mistaken, but that is for you to decide.


And remember to kill self if you go build #2, it's just ****ing ******ed.

Done deal.

k have fun :^)

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