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Mid Mirana MLG Madness 6.88f

November 3, 2016 by Crucial Dude
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DotA2 Hero: Mirana

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Hi there!

This is my second guide, and I plan on being very thorough because Mirana is quite possibly the most versatile hero in the game. Mirana is in a weird place right now (6.88f) - I'd written the following before 6.88 - "she's actually somewhat underplayed lately but this is mostly due to her huge weaknesses and massive reliance on landing Sacred Arrow. If you can't land Sacred Arrow, you can't play Mirana. Noob."

Update - Mirana now has an aghanims scepter upgrade and it's OP as ****.

You don't need to land all your arrows. You need to farm an aghs and jump on people and press Q. You will get a free kill. Mirana now has insane killing potential, and we can add a new role for Mirana - pusher.

Okay I exaggerated that a bit, but she's currently the 5th most played hero in Dota and is a common first pick/ban in TI6.


They nerfed the **** out of Mirana aghs. Longer cooldown and no second star. However, aghs is still basically a core item.

6.88b Nuker Build of MLGness

So I've become a bit obsessed with this build recently and have a lot more success with it than I do with standard carry Mirana or whatever it was I used to do with her. Aghanims Screpter is incredibly strong and gives her a 1050 damage nuke, which is ******ed before 20 minutes if you farm it fast enough. Adding the +-300 damage from your Sacred Arrow, and almost all heroes are instantly dead if you land 4 stars and an arrow on them. This allows you to do the following:

a) snowball - with an Ethereal Blade, this combo does 2114 magical damage. You are now a Morphling. Except hotter and you farm 1000 times faster.

b) catch up. Ideally you want aghs at around 15 minutes - so what happens when you get it at 25 minutes and you're 0 - 5? Well, you can farm a full creep wave in one second. So you farm ******edly fast at this point.

c) carry. Mirana carry is viable again because once she has aghs, she can farm super fast. Manta Style, Diffusal Blade, Linkens Sphere, Butterfly, all farmable before 30 minutes if you're efficient. You farm almost as fast as an [anti mage]], which essentially is the reason anti mage is even considered a hard carry. He gets 6 slotted before everyone else. Now, Mirana does too.

d) dumpster the *****tains, get free assists, rek **** in team fights etc etc... Guys, just get aghs. It's ridiculous and I'm terrified of the potential incoming nerfs.

Everything after this point in my guide is my old guide to Mirana - still very relevant but keep in mind that aghs has completely changed the hero.


Position 1 (top farm priority): Not a good idea. You will be outcarried by 95% of other carries if they get farm, and you contribute way too much to the team to just AFK farm all the time.

Position 2 (2nd farm priority): 2nd best position for Mirana. Mirana is a snowball hero and if you manage to get some early kills, position 2 becomes viable and you can semi-carry the game.

Position 3 (utility/ganking): This is where Mirana should be, and this is where I play Mirana. If you land a 5 second arrow, that's a guaranteed kill and a successful gank. More on this later.

Position 4 (support): Support Mirana is viable, but you will need some items to be effective. You can get standard support items and just use Sacred Arrow and Moonlight Shadow and you'll do an okay job, but there are better supports.

Position 5 (hard support): Please don't ever do this. Mirana needs items and you will get rekt without them. There are better hard supports.



Double Starfall does huge damage early game
Longest stun in the game
Team invisibility (free upgraded smoke of deceit)
2 escapes
High attack speed
Contributes at all stages of the game
Extremely versatile
Can lane anywhere
Aghs is ******ed


Rubbish mana pool
High mana cost abilities
Ult is easily countered
Reliant on landing Sacred Arrow
Arrows are easy to dodge
Rubbish attack animation
Rubbish projectile speed
Rubbish damage
High skill required (despite seeming like a simple hero)

When/When not to pick

Mirana doesn't really have a hard counter, so she's often 1st picked in Captain's Mode. This guide is for Mid Mirana, so your pick needs to be based on who the enemy mid is.

The following heroes will penetrate you mid:

Queen of Pain
Can Blink dodge your arrows and generally take you to penetration station with her nukes. Also wins every rune war ever.

You start with 46 damage. Razor will Static Link all of that damage in less than 5 seconds. Your Sacred Arrow + double starfall combo also doesn't get his health low enough to auto attack him to death (unless he's a bad Razor and got greedy), and he's just a general **** in lane.

Viper will take you to pound town. You will get no farm against Viper unless you spam starfall, and starfall will rape your mana. Your arrow starfall combo doesn't give you a guaranteed kill either because Viper is an *******, and what happens if you just used all your mana to Leapon top of him and he doesn't die? He will rape you.

Templar Assassin
Psi Blades are a *****. TA will naturally stand behind creeps to try hit you with Psi Blades, so you will never land a Sacred Arrow on her, and you will definitely never out-farm her.

Similar to Templar Assassin, Kunkka will stand behind creeps so that his Tidebringer will violate you, and your Sacred Arrow can never hit him. If you DO manage to land a decent arrow and do the combo, he will die, but it's generally hard to pull off if he doesn't suck.

This purple piece of **** will Phase Shift when you arrow him/her/it. So that's annoying. The silence also sucks ten kinds of ***.


You land a 5 second stun. You land double starfall. You auto attack. The stun ends and he has 100 HP left. He heals himself and kills you with his 500000 attack speed. Huskar is a nope.

Outworld Devourer
The ******* of 6.86. This guy has a "you don't get to doto" ability with Astral Imprisonment which is annoying as ****, and he will steal all your mana (there was hardly any to begin with). GTFO. Go offlane or something. He got nerfed in 6.87 but he's still a bastard.

Try arrowing this ***** with 500 spiderlings surrounding her. And enjoy buying sentries instead of your core items.

You will penetrate the following heroes mid:

Wind has this fantastic habit of needing to stand still when she casts Powershot. Oh look, free arrow. She's very squishy and can't escape because the ***** will be stunned until Half Life 3 comes out.

Okay, his nukes are annoying, but that's it. Land a Sacred Arrow arrow on Zeus, double starfall, and he is dead. Zeus is slow and has no escapes, and he naturally pushes the creepwave because he farms with his Q, so he basically plays into your hands.

Shadow Fiend
Shadow Fiend has the most obvious cast animation ever - when he's about to cast shadowraize, just Leap out the way. You spent 40 mana to dodge 90 mana nuke. He will eventually out cs you and do way more damage than you, but that doesn't stop him from being squishy as ****. Sacred Arrow him. Starfall him. Kill him.

Storm Spirit
This little ****. Okay, so you will ruin his life until he reaches level 6. So your job is to delay that as much as possible. He will approach your creeps to cast his Static Remnant so that he can get an Overload charge - when he does this, Leap to him and double starfall him. He will have like 200 health left - land your Sacred Arrow as he runs away, and you've won mid.

So Pudge is wonderful to lane against because a.) he damages himself all the time with Rot and is never at full health. b.) you can outfarm him and harass him and c.) he needs to land his meathook, so he stands out in the open. This gives you clear arrow shots at him. Even if they miss, he will be too scared to move to the side to hook you, so it's generally just a free-farm lane for you.

His Acid Spray is a lane ****, but he gets so overconfident that he can just freefarm when his acid is on the ground. Arrow starfall him and wreck him. You'll take damage from acid but he'll be dead before he can touch you. Worth. Just don't try it when his ult is up.

Arc Warden
Another simple case of using your combo to rape him. Just don't walk into his Spark Wraith and you'll be fine. Remember, your range is very high, so you can generally avoid most forms of harass and still get some farm.

Laning Stage

This guide is for taking Mirana mid. You start with 4 Tangos and 4 clarities and an Observer Ward ( Bottle rush FTW). When the game starts, stand a fair distance away from the rune and skill your Sacred Arrow. 3 seconds before the game starts, just launch your arrow at the rune and 9 times out of 10 some dumbass walks straight into it and gets stunned for 5 seconds.

Proceed to boast about your MLG arrow skills as your team commends you for being a pro and giving them first blood. Return to mid lane and block as much of the creeps as you can, and plant your Observer Ward on the edge of the enemy mid's "steps" so that you can arrow them until they rage quit.

Mirana is a rubbish laner on paper because of her absolutely pathetic damage, terrible projectile speed and **** attack animation. You will get denied a lot. A lot of people thinks it's a great idea to farm with starfall, and it really isn't in the early game because that's basically half your mana pool gone for a few last hits. IF you manage to get all 4 creeps at low health, then go for it (if you're getting denied non-stop), but generally try and avoid it.

The reason Mirana is a viable mid is because of her solo kill potential, which starts at level 5. At level 5, you have 3 levels in starfall and one level in arrow. This is the maths of the combo:

You launch your arrow from as far away as you can (preferably at night). AS you do this, you start running towards your opponent so that you're closer when it lands. If you hit the 5 second stun, lvl 1 Sacred Arrow does 50 base damage + 140 bonus damage, for a total of 190 damage. Once you're near enough, use Leap to get on top of them, and use Starfall. Level 3 Starfall does 225 damage at first, and the second star does 168.75 damage, which adds up to 393.75 damage. Combine the damage from Sacred Arrow and starfall and you're doing 583.75 damage during a stun duration of 5 seconds. Usually you have 2 seconds left with increased attack speed from Leap, and you can simply right click them to death.

At level 6, get Moonlight Shadow. A lot of people get this much later, but I think that's ******ed. This ability is overpowered to ****, and so underused. This is a global escape, a global initiation, a global mind-****. Oh, what's this? Someone is about to kill your Crystal Maiden in the safelane? PFFFF #MoonlightShadow #GayInvis #GG. You've just saved your CM from 50 miles away. What's this? You have 50 health left and you're about to die? Leap into trees, Moonlight Shadow, shoot Sacred Arrow, hit arrow, starfall, get rekt. Okay that doesn't always work but my point is, this ability is incredibly strong and basically gives your entire team insane gank potential. No point putting it off until later.

Once you reach level 6, there's no point hanging around - you now have solo kill potential. At this point you should have your Bottle and Ring of Aquila, so go forth and gank.

Mid Game

This is where Mirana excels as a semi carry/utility hero. Similar to Pudge, your laning stage ends before anyone else's so you're going to be roaming from level 6 and letting someone else take mid, or else return to mid often to push the lane and get the enemy tower. Farm your Dragon Lance ASAP. The extra range gives you an extra 2 hits, which can mean the difference between a kill and a waste of a ****load of mana. Go visit your safelane, hide behind the trees and try to land an arrow on one of the enemy heroes. Make sure to give the kill to your carry if there's a harder carry in that lane, but don't forget to ask for commends from everyone in all chat, and keep making ****** sound effects when you land sick arrows.

Go buy a Town Portal Scroll at the side shop while you're there and go back to mid to tell that mid hero to GTFO. You can often land an arrow on the mid when you return to mid lane because they've gotten too close to your tower. Once you've gotten a full mana pool again, go visit the offlane/safelane again and go arrow them again. At this stage, killing a hero in lane generally means you can push their tower. This is the end of the laning stage for everyone else, and you can now shift completely into the mid game. Once you have Dragon Lance, finish your Phase Boots. From here, item choices become situational. Since the aghs upgrade, I go straight for aghs simply because 1050 nuke damage is ******ed. After that I usually go for either Diffusal Blade (easy arrows and mana drain is great with your fast attack speed), Maelstrom (good for farming, illusion heroes or teams that 5 man because you keep raping them solo) or Desolator (FINALLY some damage, and it's great for buildings).

From this point, move around with your team taking objectives and arrowing everyone you can from behind trees while your team does all the work. Make sure to report anyone that's AFK because they're jerking off to your MLG arrow skills. If you see a lone hero or two, use your ultimate and go gank them. If a fight starts somewhere, press R. Don't even look at the fight. Just press R. Spam that ****. Keep going for solo kills whenever you can, but most of the time you'll be with someone else because if you're caught on your own you're usually going to die.

Your next item should be something that increases your survivability. Personally I almost always go for Manta Style - it's just the perfect item for any agility hero and there's nothing more fun than watching a Faceless Void using Chronosphere on your illusion. You want to stay alive as long as possible because a starfall every 8 seconds will slowly **** everyone up in a team fight.

Late Game

By this stage, Mirana can get cut by basically any farmed carries because she is squishy at all stages of the game. Your damage output may be high, but it's very risky doing your Sacred Arrow starfall combo because you have to get close, and the combo is no longer a guaranteed kill combo. Your contributions at this point comprise of Arrowing everyone from 6 miles away, initiating with your ultimate and pushing with your team. Do not sell your Dragon Lance - you can take towers from outside their range. Consider upgrading to Hurricane Pike. It's not core but it adds a lot more utility. You'll want to farm one of the Luxury Items listed - my personal favourites are Butterfly because it's the ultimate agility item, and Linken's Sphere] because lockdown is your biggest weakness. [[Black King Bar is a good alternative but you will still get melted by normal right clicks.

Team Fighting

Team Fighting is a simple affair. When a fight starts, press R. All the initiation spells are usually happening now and your ultimate just screws everything up. While watching your enemies **** on their supports for not buying Dust of Appearance, get into position with the rest of your team and counter initiate. Your job now is to arrow their most important team fight hero, or their hard carry.

Landing arrows in team fights is easy because everyone clumps up and nobody is focusing on the white arrow floating around with all the other crazy **** that's going on. You have the ability to take someone out of the fight completely.

Once that's done, stand back and auto attack. You have more range than anyone with Dragon Lance (except Sniper) so go wild. If you need to escape, leap into trees and TP out. If you don't have a TP you deserve to die. *****.


Mirana comes across as a basic hero but there are so many things to understand about her before you can play her properly - this is why she has a high skill cap.

If someone is right behind you, don't turn around and arrow them. Your turn rate sucks and the arrow will do a ministun and nothing more. Rather leap then arrow and gtfo.

Back in the day, your arrow actually starts a few inches ahead of Mirana and the whole thing misses whoever is directly in front of you. I've automatically stopped doing this since I figured it out, so they may have changed it by now. Volvo plz.

The second star in starfall targets the unit closest to you. Don't leap to an enemy chilling in the middle of 800 creeps, because there's still a big chance the arrow hits a creep and then you will get rekt.

Arrow now instantly kills any creep (including neutral). Use this to get some farm (you are NOT a jungler), piss of Chen/ Enchantress and piss off Helm of the Dominator carriers.

Leap increases attack speed in a fairly large AOE. For some reason nobody realises this. Use leap when taking towers/rax with your team and watch it melt. It's like a free drums of endurance (which is why I never get drums and prefer going for Dragon Lance for stats and range).

Moonlight Shadow has a fade time that lasts half the ****ing game. Make sure you cast it as soon as you even think you're getting ganked - don't wait until you have 2 health remaining.

People think Zeus's ultimate is a counter to Mirana's. Quite the contrary. Yes, his ultimate will reveal your team, but now Zeus has just wasted his ultimate and has done 0 damage to all of you. You can use your ult to save low health allies from his ultimate as well.

Sacred Arrow is a very slow moving projectile and that giant smoke trail is screaming for enemies to dodge it. Shoot arrows from behind trees to give opponents as little time to react as possible.

Abuse Target Fixation - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Target_fixation

"Target fixation is an attentional phenomenon observed in humans in which an individual becomes so focused on an observed object that their awareness of hazards or obstacles diminishes. The phenomenon is most commonly associated with scenarios in which the observer is in control of a high-speed vehicle or other mode of transportation" OR WHEN A MIRANA ARROW OF DOOM IS ABOUT TO ANAL-RAPE THEM. Ever been so ****ing ready to dodge that arrow, only to walk straight into it? Yes. It happens to the best of us. When chasing a target, try missing arrow on purpose. 9 times out of 10, the dumbass will walk straight into it. The other 1 time, your team will report you and you will see "cyka noob mirana" and "nice arrow noob" and "gg mirana can't arrow" all over your all chat.

Zeus's ultimate gets ****ed by yours. He can reveal your teammates, but it will do 0 damage. Want to save your whole team from Zeus wreckage? ALLIES DISAPPEAR.


So this is how I play Mirana. Its' not a guide on how to play Mirana, it's a guide on how I play Mirana. I'm not an 8K player with a 5000% win rate (I'm 4.4K with a 55% win rate), but I do have a 68% win rate with Mirana and I'm closing in on 300 games with the hero, so I think I have leverage to talk as if I know everything.

Thanks for reading!

GG please commend or I report ty ggwp

Update 6.88b GET A ****ING AGHS

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