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Loveless' Guide to Naga Siren

October 21, 2012 by LuvLes
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Naga Siren

DotA2 Hero: Naga Siren

Hero Skills

Mirror Image

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1 4 8 10

Rip Tide

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Song of the Siren

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Loveless' Guide to Naga Siren

October 21, 2012


Hello, I am Loveless and this is my guide on Naga Siren. Any and all of my guides are built around my personal opinion of the Hero and how they should not only be built, but played. It is built off what I have done myself, which is a mixture of my own ideas and what I have seen others do, to make it the best I will be able to put forward in game with that Hero.

I will be going over the Hero itself, my Recommended Items and the Play Style for each phase of the game. Again, these are all of my personal opinions and you can take them with a grain of salt. Start with the build and use it until you get used to the hero before you start to build differently for every match. My guides are simply a base you can use to develop your own style using a simplified, broken down version, of what I personally do.

I have been away from DOTAFire for a while due to some disputes with the other members and a general dislike for the community. However, I have been receiving requests through Steam and when I check back here, had some sitting in my inbox, to resume making guides/being a part of DOTAFire. So, the Dude abides.

About Naga Siren

While I admit Naga Siren is one of my personal favorites, she can fit into a lot of line ups and perform a few different roles, but she requires experience and gold to be effective, making her optimal role a hard carry.

Her first ability, Mirror Image, creates three illusions of herself and makes her temporarily invincible after the casting time. These images grow in damage and durability every level, so they are quite weak early on and should not be leveled until later in the game. Since illusions with melee attacks carry over the orb effect granted by Diffusal Blade, it is a core item on Naga Siren and you should always be thinking about when you are picking this item up. The same applies for the aura given by Radiance, which if you can get one by fifteen to twenty minutes into the game, you definitely should.

The second ability in Naga Siren's arsenal, is Ensnare. This ability sets an enemy unit's movement speed to zero for a long duration and is not affected by magic immunity in any way. Note that enemies can still attack and cast spells while under the debuff of this ability, they just cannot use any spells like Blink, that would affect their position. The long duration of this ability makes getting kills early in the game very easy with the right lane composition or just capitalizing on your enemies' mistakes.

Next we have Rip Tide, a self-targeting area of effect ability that deals damage and reduces the armor of enemies that it deals damage to. This ability is replicated by illusions, however the damage and effects do not stack. Since this ability scales very well, it should be your priority when leveling abilities during the laning stage and do not be timid when last hitting. If your enemies are giving you trouble with denying, lower the health of each creep in the wave evenly through auto attacks, then finish them all off with Rip Tide and if this is towards the later stages of the early game when you have a point in Mirror Image, use this chance to push the lane if the situation is right.

The last of her abilities is Song of the Siren, which basically gives her a temporary aura that makes all enemy units and structures around her invincible for a short duration. As long as they stay within the aura, they remain invincible and cannot be targeted by any effects (as of the 6.75 changes). It can be toggled off and put into it's cooldown early, allowing for allies to coordinate a teamfight while Naga Siren's allies move into position.

Item Recommendations

My favorite item on Naga Siren is Tranquil Boots. They give her an insane bonus movement speed, armor, health regeneration and cast-able self healing buff. This makes her a complete nightmare in the laning phase, letting her get last hits in just about any lane composition and giving her some room to breathe. It should always be your first item, every single game. Later into the game once you have picked up some items and gained enough levels, you can disassemble them into Power Treads and a Vladmir's Offering if your team needs it. Otherwise, just sell the remaining parts, which you will most likely do.

Since her changes in the 6.75 patch, she pretty much needs a Quelling Blade to get last hits in the early game, as her base damage was reduced by 12. I would suggest holding onto it until you need space in your inventory, only after picking up a Diffusal Blade or Radiance. The other half of making up for the reduction to her base damage, is getting a Ring of Aquila, which may have been the core reason for the change. Since with this item, you are basically getting an additional 15 damage added to your hero through stats and raw damage for a moderately low price. The item also gives armor and mana regeneration through an aura, so it is definitely a fantastic pick up.

Depending on your lane, you will need to weigh whether or not an early Magic Stick will be worth the 200g that could be saved towards Radiance or Diffusal Blade, since the faster you can get them, the better. However, if you know that it will be getting at least ten charges in the next five to ten minutes, the item is worth every single piece of gold spent on it. Upgrade it into a Magic Wand once you have completed your Core Item or you need the extra stats/charges.

While Radiance is no doubt a great item on Naga Siren, if you cannot get it by fifteen to twenty minutes into the game, do not get it at all. Instead, go for Diffusal Blade since it has a much better build-up and is an item you would normally get afterwards anyway that can stand on it's own. This should be fairly obvious, take into account that every thirty seconds, roughly four creeps will spawn (catapults will spawn periodically as well). So if you do not have at least forty to fifty creeps by ten minutes, you will not be picking up your Radiance in time and should just start building towards your Diffusal Blade. The reason for the time requirement is that creeps and heroes will both have much more health as time goes on and you will have no items in comparison n to the other heroes if you are waiting for it longer than that.

Heart of Tarrasque is a good item on any carry, as it gives them massive health and health regeneration, making sure they are always at full health when a fight begins and during a chase, you regenerate much faster than your prey.

Items like Linken's Sphere and Manta Style give Naga Siren some much needed stats and other effects. Picking up a Linken's Sphere against a team with many single target abilities or a Sythe of Vyse is optimal, not including the fact that it allows her to freely cast her abilities. Manta Style gives her bonus movement speed and two more illusions, plus another method of dodging projectiles through it's activation.

Early Game

During the laning phase of the game, you should always be on the lookout for an easy first blood. If you have a good lane composition, Ensnare can land an easy first blood if the enemy is careless. Otherwise, you should be focused on getting creep kills. A good marker should be four or five creeps for each minute that has elapsed, push yourself to meet this if you want to play heroes like Naga Siren. Your first item should be Tranquil Boots, so if you bought a Ring of Protection as a starting item, you can purchase the remaining parts in the side shops. You should immediately start working towards a Wraith Band to go into your Ring of Aquila and if you think it will pay itself off in your lane, a Magic Stick as well. You should always watch your positioning this early, because Naga Siren doesn't have any good escape mechanisms this early. So avoid too much harassment until you can pick up Tranquil Boots, even then you will not be invincible, just much less susceptible to minor harassment in comparison to before. Remember that the only times you should be thinking about anything other than your creep score, is if the opposition makes a mistake or you receive a gank from your team, in which you should definitely jump at the opportunity for some of that easy gold with Ensnare and Rip Tide.

Middle Game

During the middle game, you should already be holding onto your Radiance or Diffusal Blade, since both of them are very easy to pick up by twenty minutes with Naga Siren. Now your focus should be on pushing and teamfights, since this is what she excels at. When the enemy team responds to a push by your team, you can use Song of the Siren at the right time to give your team time to position themselves, deciding whether it be to retreat or engage. Make sure your team knows you are going to ult or it could cost your entire team because of a simple miscommunication with a Naga Siren, which is never a happy time for anyone. Timing is everything with a spell like Song of the Siren. Since you should have Mirror Image by now, it makes focusing down and chasing enemies a breeze, even split pushing if the time is right.

When going for the Aegis of the Immortal, if are uncontested (meaning that the enemy team cannot or will not respond), you can use Mirror Image illusions and order them to just sit underneath Roshan without attacking him. They will take the damage and not explode, so long as they do not initiate an attack against him. This little edge can ensure your entire team will leave Roshan unscathed, in case you plan to push or resume controlling the map as soon as you retrieve the Aegis of the Immortal.

Late Game

The later the game goes on, the more dangerous Naga Siren and her illusions become, since heroes with built-in illusions, or abilities that work well with them, can get out of control. She is no exception with items like Heart of Tarrasque and Diffusal Blade to take advantage of. This late in the game, you should always carry a Town Portal Scroll with you, pushing a side lane while your team plays accordingly. Since Songe of the Siren has such a low cooldown, you can use it to just teleport away safely and wait until it is back up, then do it all over again. This provides you with gold, experience and map control, while hardly costing anything if done correctly. Note that this should not be done if your team needs Song of the Siren for defensive or teamfight purposes.


Well, that sums it all up for my thoughts on Naga Siren. As always, please leave any comments about the Guide with what was good and what was bad, it will improve this and any future Guides made by myself.

If you have any guides you would like me to make, please feel free to PM me or post in this guide's comment section to discuss it with fellow DOTAFIRE members.

Link to my Naga Siren games on DOTABuff:

With much love and hate,

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