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Into Disorder:A Guide to Spectre

November 12, 2013 by enderarms
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

Disorder Build

DotA2 Hero: Spectre

Hero Skills

Spectral Dagger

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5 8 10 12


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Spectre is a hard carry that uses items to kill her opponents. From desolating lonely enemies to walking through walls, Spectre is a chasing and killing machine. With the right items and play style, you can turn a weak wisp into an undead demon.

VIDEO [Slightly Outdated] :

Item Justification: Disorder Build


This build is based on you using your ultimate, finding a lone target and beating the **** out of them in a 1v1. This build also emphasizes movement speed.

Quelling Blade
This item gives Spectre some ability to last hit creeps since her starting damage is pretty low [49].
Healing Salve
A healing salve and some tangoes will give you regeneration early game, as Spectre tends to be quite squishy.
Let's tango.

Phase Boots
These boots help you chase down enemies and I can remember countless times when this let me get the kill. Also makes up for your bad starting damage.
Bracer and Robe of the Magi will later be made into drums.
Blade of Alacrity
You want to get to get one since it will craft into a Diffusal Blade.
Tranquil Boots
These are optional if you need to stay in lane and the enemies are harassing you. Sell to make phase if needed.
Orb of Venom
Pick up from sideshop. Offers nice slow.

Since you already have damage from Phase Boots, getting a drum will buff your stats, and grant some bonus movement speed. This item is perfect because you are still pretty squishy and not very tanky.TEXT!
Ah, good old Diffusal Blade. The perfect item for Spectre, providing her with some nice agi bonuses and mana destroying passive that works with illusions. The purge is an active that can decide whether you get the kill. Use purge against mobile heroes like Slark or Spirit Breaker to chase them down, then desolate them and finish the kill.TEXT!
The Manta provides some good bonuses for Spectre like the extra stats and movespeed. The best part is that your illusions also have desolate and feedback, so it makes you powerful in a team fight or 1v1. I recommend getting Diffusal Blade first, and then getting the gold for Manta will be easier.

Heart of Tarrasque
Tons of HP for a rather squishy hero is a great choice.
Another damage item, if you feel you need more damage.
Sange and Yasha
Damage and stats.
Many people tell you to rush this item but I disagree. Diffusal Blade works much better and Radiance's crafting items are far too expensive to save for unless you have some extra cash.
Another good choice that greatly increases your EHP.

Skill Justification: Disorder Build [Main Build]

]: A nice skill to have. I finish this before 10 since the damage and chasing ability help you secure the kill. This skill is also a great escape mechanism [Almost typed mekanism lol] since you can move through places you normally cant. TEXT!
This is pretty much your main damage source until you get a diffusal since the bonus damage is considerably good early game, and if you harrass early game you dont have to chase far into the enemy base to get the kill, but I level it after a couple levels of dispersion since it isnt too good until you reach level 6.TEXT!
I get a couple levels in this to increase my tankiness during the creep phase.TEXT!
The best thing about haunt is your illusions have all your passives. Don't waste haunt, use it in these certain scenarios:
- Team Fights with 3+ enemies
- A running hero with low health that your teammates can't get [Dont Killsteal!]
- Traveling to an area that needs saving [Towers, Teammates that are about to die]TEXT!

Item Justification: Tank Build

Early Game

I would recommend getting Tranquil Boots to help you stay in your lane and to prevent constant ganks. Also, this item can be useful later in the game in this particular build.
A Bracer offers some tankiness, and then i would get a Helm of Iron Will to build into an armlet.

Phase Boots can be replaced later in the game for the extra damage and phase. An Armlet of Mordiggian may seem like a strange item for an agility hero, but it can be useful later. It offers tankiness, health, damage, and attack speed which Spectre needs when she ganks.[Can also be used before Haunt to grant some illusion buffs. Next item is a Radiance since now you are going for damage. Helm of the Dominator offers MORE tankiness and lifesteal, which you will need to replenish Armlet of Mordiggian. An Eye of Skadi offers tankiness and a slow that you dont have without a Diffusal Blade.

Item Justification : Jungle Radiance Build

This build focuses on getting an extremely early Radiance.

Early Game

Quelling Blade Stout Sheild and Tango are some jungling essentials. Try to get some creep last hits. When you get your Hand of Midas, jungle until you get a Radiance unless there is an urgent teamfight that you are almost sure you will win.

Once you get your [Radiance, jungling will be a piece of cake. Next, get a Vanguard to boost your tankiness. I usually say no, but the block is useful when jungling.
Afterwards, you can easily get expensive items like Manta Style, Butterfly and Heart of Tarrasque.

Pros / Cons

-Awesome carrying ability
-Hard to predict
-Pure damage, *****ez.
-Global Prescence

-Low Damage early game
-Bad early
-Squishy early game
-Usually needs to be babysat in lane

Creeping / Jungling

During early game you should farm as MUCH AS YOU CAN!
Spectre is very farm dependent and you should try to get as many last hits as you can while avoiding enemy attacks.
Late game is a good time to jungle but forget jungling early game.

Dont solo roshan! you will never be strong enough to solo him by yourself. If you are doing well you can get aegis though.

Friends and Foes



Good teammates are people that can babysit you and make sure you get last hits. Omniknight is a good healer while Bounty Hunter can track people, giving you much needed gold. A good lane babysitter like Undying is recommended.
Best ally : Zeus
His Global Ultimate lets you see enemies and haunt them down! His ultimate will allow you to get triple kills or higher.
Good allies have global presence such as
Nature's Prophet
Ancient Apparition

Also, special mention to Bloodseeker with [{Thirst]] for letting you see low-hp units.

Your worst enemies are stuns. They block your only way to escape which is through mobility. Heroes like Skeleton King and Sven are hell.

Also, never go against a Lifestealer in a solo, its almost impossibru.
Another group of heroes to look out for are slows. They still block your way to escape which is through mobility and let the rest of the team gank your squishy ***.
Examples: Venomancer Drow Ranger Crystal Maiden

Laning, Jungling, Gameplay

Try to lane with a babysitter that will prevent you from getting harassed, and you wont need Tranquil Boots. Also, lane with a ranged hero, so your lane can fight back.
A bad combination: Spectre and Doom / Weaver and Death Prophet

You can jungle with the armlet build, but Spectre is not build to jungle. Jungle if you need to get the final 600 gold for your Sacred Relic for example, but do not get your farm from jungling.

Early Game : Get farm and try to get kill without death.

Mid Game: Get items, gank globally, teamfight gank.

Late Game: Haunt the enemies, make them suffer, hard carry pwnage.

Why No Vanguard?

Vanguard is a time waster. The health buff is nice, but the rest of it is not very useful compared to the cost. You can get this if jungling, but since this is not a jungling build, I would skip this item. If you want health, get a Vitality Booster.

Also, a Drum of Endurance usually covers the HP portion, but for the Jungle build you want the vanguard for the block.

The End!

I hope this guide was useful and that you are now a better Spectre player!

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