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Imprisonment is a Good Skill Guys

April 3, 2013 by Clouddark
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General and All-Around

DotA2 Hero: Outworld Destroyer

Hero Skills

Arcane Orb

10 12 13 14

Astral Imprisonment

1 3 5 7

Essence Flux

2 4 6 8

Sanity's Eclipse

9 11 16


15 17 18

Imprisonment is a Good Skill Guys

April 3, 2013


This is a guide for the mid lane, you could do what you see here in any other lane just fine. But Outworld Devourer is best going mid, because he benefits so well from levels, and can shut down practically anybody else who attempts to sally forth your mid tower. Especially if intelligence is their primary attribute.

You might be wondering how such an amazing feat is accomplished, what with Obsidian Destroyer being so squishy, his base damage being awful, requiring so much farm and levels. The secret, is Astral Imprisonment. But I'll get to that in a bit, the real secret is that it isn't Arcane Orb, in fact, Arcane Orb is Outworld Destroyer's worst ability. Yeah, you heard me right. It's not a bad skill in any way, but it certainly isn't Obsidian Devourer's best ability.

So stop getting it early.

This guide wont have pictures, because I'm lazy. I made it just on the fact that not one single guide for Obsidian Deodorizer actually tells you not to get Arcane Orb early, and instead max abilities that actually matter early in the game.

Outworld Devaluer, Succinctly

By far, Obsidian Debaser has to be the best mid, if played correctly, built correctly, and receives a good amount of farm. He has a fair amount of shut down, amazing damage (if the enemy team doesn't have magic immunity), and a great aura. He works in a multitude of team compositions and generally fits as well as Keeper of the Light if KotL was a carry (every bad pub, basically). Yet he has a multitude of problems that only items can solve. Mostly that he is incredibly squishy and very reliant on having a higher amount of intelligence than anybody else; this is a double-edged sword, playing against int heroes means you steal their damage, though most wont need it, but they tend to not take much from your ultimate.

So let's recap.

+++ Absolutely amazing at mid, perhaps the best mid hero.
+++ Scales incredibly well with intelligence.
+++ By far one of the most versatile auras in the game.
++ Astral Imprisonment can save teammates and shut down enemy heroes.
++ Amazing damage.

-- Squishy.
-- Can be shut down incredibly easily.
-- No escape mechanisms.
--- Incredibly item dependent.
--- Astral Imprisonment can get your allies killed and save your enemies.


Arcane Orb
Your main damage dealing ability late-game. I will reiterate again, because I can never do this enough. Do not get it early on. You may think, "But Cloud, don't I want to have more damage to last hit?" If that were the case, you get Astral Imprisonment, given that it gives you more intelligence (and thus more damage). "But Cloud, I can't orb walk without Arcane Orb!" You wont need to, Imprisoning someone whenever it's up is pretty much more harassment than the average pub can take, expect some hate after anybody in your lane lacks mana, except you and whoever you're with, I guess.

Despite that. It deals incredible, consistent damage that scales very well with your intelligence. It's only downfall is that if someone gets a Black King Bar, they have successfully countered you. Which is why intelligence is more important than doing damage with Arcane Orb.

In fact, it might not even be a good idea to ever pump it past level 1, which is only 1% bonus after those. Certainly it'll do more damage, but the more you rely on it, the more you can be shut down if you can't use it.

Another point; Arcane Orb costs mana, 100 to be precise. Early on, spamming Arcane Orb to deal harassment or to get more last hits will completely deplete your mana pool. You don't want this in the slightest, so it's just another notch against the spell early on.

Astral Imprisonment
This, I have to say, is Obsidian Detainer's best ability. If you use it well, not only can you set up kills, and team fights, you can also use it to save yourself and other allies too. Not to even mention that it gives you bonus intelligence yet, something that Outworld Decanter scales incredibly well off of. It's also very annoying, and helps you shut down any enemy heroes in your lane, given that they can't do anything while they're imprisoned, and afterwards, they'll generally lack mana TO do anything.

Essence Aura
Remember when I said that Obsidian Dedicator has one of the most versatile auras in the game? That wasn't a lie, certainly not. Essence Aura is very good in many team comps (unless your team is four carries, in which case, stop playing on Garena) and can generally benefit almost every hero. Not only does it make him a formidable mid, able to shut down the other mid through Imprisonment and generally farm a whole bunch with the base damage received after, but it makes Outworld Degreaser work extremely well in a lot of other lanes, but still, not as much as Keeper of the Light.

Sanity's Eclipse
Hoo boy. Once you hit nine (or six, I guess, if you somehow have fast int items), this basically means you win your lane. Unless you decided to pump points into Arcane Orb, in which case, you wont have the int to deal any significant damage with this, you may make some people lose their mana pool, but Imprisonment does that anything, so it's really not significant. This is just another reason why Astral Imprisonment is much, much better than Arcane Orb.

Also for the love of god, you are a carry, you are not a walking ultimate. Do not get a Refresher Orb and Aghanim's Scepter. People might be scared when you pop off two ultimate in quick succession, but more likely they will laugh at you when you die in one nuke, and deal no damage.

You like int. This gives you int. It might generally be preferably to take several levels in stats over Arcane Orb, if you think it might be worthwhile.


Alright, everything that's up there? It's a technicality. Having a specific build for every situation is downright silly, this goes for skills, and this goes for items especially. The only thing you shouldn't disregard, are the starting items, because you can't really go wrong with that much regeneration and branches. You can never go wrong with branches.

Regardless, let's talk starting items:
Two Tangos, one Healing Salve, two Iron Branchs, and a Clarity. Might seem a bit excessive in the regeneration department, right? Then just get one Tango, and buy an extra Iron Branch. Do not ever get a Null Talisman, unless you just got Outworld Deprogramer as a random. Why? It's just not a good idea; the only reason you would ever want a Null Talisman is to build into a Dagon. If you really feel you need the bonus stats that some branches cannot provide, get a Bracer, or at least start on it. You may also be wondering, why the clarity? It's mostly a fail safe. If you believe you can conserve your mana early on well enough until Essence Aura is at a high enough level to provide consistent procs, then don't get it, and get another Iron Branch.

Branchs are nice, regeneration is nice, Null Talismans are not nice. Next.

Power Treads
They give you int, remember what stats does? This does the same thing. You like int, you also like strength most of the time, you can switch between intelligence, strength, and agility to fit the situation. So it's always good.

Phase Boots
Obsidian Deployer does not need to go fast, nor does most of his damage come from bonus damage, as he wouldn't get crit or anything like the such. Don't pick it up unless you really, really have a desire to go quicker than you would with Power Treads, or if you played HoN.

Tranquil Boots
You know, it might not be a bad idea. Given that you will really never run out of mana, with Tranquil Boots, you can slowly heal when you need it, and don't necessarily have to worry about using up that precious 25 mana. Sadly it heals very slow, and you wont be dissembling it if you ever get it, Outworld Debugger doesn't really need Vlad's.

Boots of Travels
Only if you are very, very rich. It can function in place of a Teleport Scroll in the late game, only then is it useful.

Mid-game Niceties:
Mystic Staff
Yes. A Mystic Staff. Obsidian Deporter can farm exceedingly well, especially if he up against any int heroes in his lane. Getting a Mystic Staff puts you on a good level to get even more farm, engage in team fights, and transition into the late game, picking up one early is incredibly good for you, and means you successfully farmed well. It is completely possible to get one by 10 minutes, but don't pressure yourself.

Yes, a Mekansm too. It provides extra stats (you like that), armor (which is nice for surviving), health regeneration (always good), and the ability to give yourself and all allies around you two-hundred more current health. It's nice, but generally one shouldn't get a Mekansm unless nobody else will, and you're confident that someone else will carry better than you.

Force Staff
Remember the part where I said Outworld Decrier has no escape mechanism? This gives you one, on top of that, it gives you the ability to move into a fight easily and pick off people with your imprisonment. It shouldn't be valued for the intelligence it brings, but simply for it's active, don't use it in place of another item that could give you more intelligence if you're completely safe as is.

Rod of Atos
Considering Obsidian Depleter generally does a lot of damage, yet lacks any real form of crowd control, a Rod of Atos can provide this crowd control, at the same time giving you quite a bit of intelligence and health. It's a good pickup, but if you're looking for the late game, there are better items.

Orchid Malevolence
An Orchid Malevolence provides only damage, mana regeneration, and a very nice silence. So it's not that great, considering there are much better items that give damage, and you will never, ever need mana regeneration. Yet, it still provides a very worthy method of silencing the opposition, so it's always good to consider it.

Late Game Stuff, Whatever:
Black King Bar
Like any carries, Obsidian Demeaner is vulnerable to crowd control, and generally being shut down by said stuns. So, obviously, if you have a lot of crowd control coming your way, get a Black King Bar. It might also be good to get one just to be safe, it's your call.

Shiva's Guard
Like a Rod of Atos, except better. Gives more damage, allows you to take more physical hits, and provides a very nice aura that, while it doesn't shut down enemy carries, does hinder them quite a bit.

Scythe of Vyse
Outworld Delighter needs this item. He wants this item. He must have said item. Generally, if you can farm a Mystic Staff quickly, you get this and start stomping around the enemy opposition. It provides damage, survivability, and an amazing crowd control ability. Get it, even if it's not very quick at all.

Heart of Tarrasque
Generally, if you're at the point where you do enough damage, you'll simply want to stick around in fights long enough to apply said damage to enemy heroes faces. A Heart of Tarrasque lets you do this, and given that you'll never really run out of mana, you can always take a quick breather and be right back in the fight with it's regeneration. It's always a good item to get if you do too much damage already.

Arcane Boots
While, yes, your Arcane Orb does deal damage based on your mana pool, you and your ultimate deal damage completely based on your intelligence; intelligence gives mana too, so it should be obvious why Power Treads are preferred.

Typically, Bloodstones are picked up by intelligence semi-carries who need quite a bit of mana regeneration, while also having a good amount of survivability as well. Obsidian Demobilizer does not need mana regeneration, and there are better items that he can get survivability from.

Eh. Outworld Deglazer doesn't really have the.. 'surprise factor' to make Dagon work, so it's not really suggested. It's also very costly, and there are better items.

Ethereal Blade
I don't think I have to explain this one.

Eul's Scepter of Divinity
Or this one, really. Mana regeneration is bad.

It doesn't really play to any of Obsidian Defueller's strong points. Sure, it gives you more health, and a little more surviviability if people attack you, but a Mekansm would be better in every way. It is completely okay to get a casual Vitality Booster and hold it for a Rod of Atos later on too, just not a Vanguard.

Refresher Orb
If you wanted to play a walking ultimate, play Doom Bringer. I jest; while when you have a heinously high amount of intelligence, your ultimate will do massive amounts of damage, and it seems logical to make it do even more damage by casting it twice in succession, it's not going to help you carry.

Aghanim's Scepter
Like Refresher Orb, Aghanim's Scepter will not let you carry harder, it will simply make you more dependent on your ultimate. No carry ever wants to be dependent on their ultimate to do damage. (Except Alchemist and Dragon Knight, but that's a different story.)

Watch Out For

Nyx Assassin
Nyx is the hard counter to Outworld Despiser, you will generally acquire a massive amount of intelligence, he deals damage based on how much intelligence you have. He's easy to shut down with a Black King Bar, but given that you will generally be going mid, and so will he, it makes the point at which he gets his ultimate, quite difficult. You thought I was going to say laning? Hah, no. If Nyx has no mana, he certainly cannot hurt you with Mana Burn, and he wont have mana.

Doom Bringer
It doesn't matter if you have a Black King Bar or anything. The single only thing that will stop doom from making you useless for quite a while, would be a Linken's Sphere. If you have to go up against him, then you will need one, and pray that nothing hits you before he does.

Apart from his absolutely amazing int gain (meaning Sanity's Eclipse just wont cut it), Nether Ward absolutely tears Obsidian Describer apart, and unlike Nyx, Pugna's Nether Ward does not take much mana to cast, and stays up after he pops it down.

Anybody else with some sort of silence early in the game:
Outworld Depresser is completely dependant on throwing a lot of spells at whatever he sees fit to die. When silenced, Obsidian Denouncer is useless early on, later on, when he has a multitude of different usable items, and enough intelligence to actually deal damage without needing his abilities, the loss becomes less glaring. Just another reason why Arcane Orb isn't that great.

I My Lane for Tower

You got your skill plan set, you got your item plan set, so, how do you lane Obsidian Devoter, and what do you do after laning phase is over?

Laning particularly easy, unless you happen to be a solo in a duo lane (again, stop playing on Garena) or just happen to have bad luck with ganks, farm, and enemy heros harassing you to no end. Simply pop your Astral Imprisonment on an enemy hero, receive sweet, succulent intelligence, then last hit your heart out. There isn't much else to say that isn't just plain advice for most heroes, or playing DotA in general. Be safe, try to get as many last hits as you can, watch out for roaming enemy heroes, and so forth. Generally, a good Outworld Declawer in the mid lane can really only be shut down by allied assistance, or some very, very good rune luck.

So the laning phase has ended, maybe your tower went down, maybe it's just not very safe to be in your lane anymore. If you haven't acquired enough farm to get any items of value by about fifteen minutes, then it's safe to say you might as well just roam too. Farming the jungle is always rather easy, though it doesn't much play to Obsidian Developer's strong suits, and lane farming is much, much more preferred. If you really cannot get anything done, what with everybody being out and about, then you'll need to ask your team to assist you, which can be pretty hard in pubs, but just try it. Else wise, an Outworld Dethroner that roams.. isn't much of a good one. You need farm, you need levels, you cannot do significant damage early on, and can be destroyed with simple nukes. Top that off with lacking a good escape mechanism (if you don't have Force Staff) and you should just remain farming happily.

Obsidian Detentioner is a carry, which means this is your time to shine. Black King Bar is usually necessarily at this point, unless you feel safe enough to be able to get off everything you have while remaining completely alive. This is also the point where Sanity's Eclipse comes into play. Cast it when your team initiates, then start dishing out damage, preferably if you have a Scythe of Vyse and/or a Shiva's Guard as well.

In Conclusion

Stop putting points into Arcane Orb early on, it really isn't worth the extra harassment when you already have amazing tools to harass.

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