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Huskar, the Sacred Warrior

March 30, 2015 by RudeNess
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Really Awesome Build

DotA2 Hero: Huskar

Purchase Order


early-mid Game

mid-late Game

BKB-if stunners

Luxury And Troll Items

Hero Skills

Inner Fire

10 12 13 14

Burning Spear

1 3 5 7

Berserker's Blood

2 4 8 9

Life Break

6 11 16


15 17 18

about me

Hello Guys!
im here to share my knowledge with you :p
ive played dota for many years and i love this game so much
ive played with Huskar a lot and im preety good with him!
i saw many Huskars in my life but none of them play like a bosses!
so i maade this guide to help some people that dont know husker so good ad they can learn.

now listen up guys im sorry for my english im not writing it so well plz dont write it in the commants


About Huskar Me & This Guide

Huskar is a range hero base on strength attribute which mean's he will have a good HP
and a HP regan in the late game.
husker based on 3 roles
carry-"Will become more useful later in the game if they gain a significant gold advantage."
Its right!
Huskar can be a very very very strong hero at the late\mid game if he had a good farm at The early game.
Initiator-"Good at starting a teamfight."
Huskar is one of the best heroes at starting a team fight beacuse when huskar ulti someone , in the meeting the enemy damaged in 35% from his life and also huskar.
Huskar cant die from life break.
After using the Life Break husker will get huge amount of magic resistance from the Berserker's Blood skill which mean that when husker will life creak someone his team will help him and they will use Magic Skills which wont cause good damage to huskar thank's to his Berserker's Blood.
How the hell this team help for team fight?
so the answer is simple:
The enemy team will waste all of thier skills or most of them even ulties and when your Team will come the enemy team will stay with no skills and with no mana and that will own the team fight.
Durable-"Has the ability to last longer in teamfights."
so as i said huskar have a huge and im not kiding here its really huge amount of magic Resistance and its can go up to 99% so he can stay alive and survive so many skills and So many ulties.
If someone try to attack you all you need to do its face him use your Burning Spear
And its will kill him fast thank's to your Berserker's Blood att. speed bonus.

this guide will help you play and know huskar better...
ok guys ik ppl can be rude sometimes but plz dont say anything about my english i know its not so good but im trying to help :D



So here is the explain about husker skills and some tips that will help you survive and Kill.

Inner Vitality-this skill wil drain your life or a friendly hero.
If the target is under 40% HP the Inner Vitality will heal her\him faster.
This skill is a really good skill to use in team fights to heal a hero with no HP or use It on yourself just to survive more few hits.
TIP-so here is a tip how to use Inner Vitality
Huskar is a very good and strong ganker so what you need to do is use on yourself the Inner Vitality even if you have Full Hp just for the regan and then use [Life Break] on an enemy your life will drain fast and if the enemy will attack you and your life will go under 40% the Inner Vitality will heal you faster what mean you can survive an attack agains a very srong enemy and stay alive.
this skill is really good when you attack someone because its can restore the Hp you will lose cause you will use Burning Spear

Burning Spear-That The Thing That Mark Huskar As A Super Strong Early Game Hero.
So this skill make huskar throw a Burning Spear that ignite the enemy and dealling Damage over time.
At the Max lvl its deal 20 damage per spear and its can stack what mean that if you will Shoot at some one 10 spears you will deal him 200 Damage per second and that really Deadly thing at the early game and even at the mid game.
The duration of the Burning Spear his 8 seconds and its a lot of time actually.
You can imagine yourself 200 Damage per second for 8 second...
Its would be Over Power so huskar is'nt that strong after few seconds 1 fire spear is Are and instead of 10 there are now only 9 and its keep getting down until its disapper.
The Burning Spear are creating a good combo with the Life Break and the Berserker's Blood because when you use your ulti on an enemy you will get very close to him and he will get slow down for 6 second then you can shoot your Burning Spear But its not end yet.
when you using Life Break your Hp goes down by 35% that will get your Att. speed and your Magic Resistance a little but higher then what it was and the combo of your attack speed and the Burning Spear is really DEADLY!!!
This skill can be blocked by BKB so be careful.
TIP-here is a good tip that im not see people use it
when you jump on many enemies dont shoot Burning Spear until the enemy dies shoot until he have like 200 hp and then move on to the next hero!
the one with the Burning Spear will die and you can keep killing that way you save time and Hp so you can keep killing more enemies

Berserker's Blood-this skill is insane he will give you att. speed and Magic Resistance for your missing Hp
Att. Speed per stack=20 [Max lvl]
Magic Resistance per stack=7%[Max Lvl]
This skill is based on your missing HP so when you use Helm of the Dominator the Stacks of the Berserker's Blood will go down until you hp will be full and its all Gone!
Even when you use your Inner Vitality your Hp goes up so you lose some Berserker's Blood stacks!
So here is a tip:
If you already bought you Helm of the Dominator and you have nice amount of stacks And you wanna save'em just active you Burning Spear its will cause you a damge of 15 Hp and with the lifestealer its wont heal you that match and the stacks will stay as They are.
You can also stop acting and let the enemy creeps hit you a little bit to get your Stacks up.
if your pushing a tower and you SURE that there are no enemy around you can consider let the tower shoot you when you attack him to get some stacks up and push faster!
but dont do that unless you sure there is no way that some one is about to attack you.

Life Break-this skill will get you and your enemy a preety suck damage of 35% that Way huskar is the best counter pick against tanks.
when you use Life Break huskar will jump to an enemy and get both of your Hp down you and your enemy.
So now the enemy have 2 choices or attack you or run away

attacking you can be a smart move only if the enemy is a really good DPS Hero like Troll so he can gank you and kill you Easly but if the enemy have only magic Skills and now hige damage standing infront of you will kill him because you will use Burning Spear and you will kill him

running away can be a good option is the enemy is really fast like Night Stalker at the night time but if hes not that fast he wont run away safely thank's to the Life Break slow [60% slow for 6 seconds]
so he will run slow and you will use your Burning Spear on him and he will die.

So as you can see its really hard to escape huskar after hes using his Life Break on An enemy and the ways of you to die are: do a mistake
Jump into the enemy team
Face a very strong DPS

Even if you will face a strong DPS or you will jump into the enemy team your great Att Speed and magic resistance + the Burning Spear will help you to kill at least one Hero or 2 even after you died thank's to the Burning Spear gamge per second.
This ulti can be upgrade by Aghanim's Scepter but its not recommended because the Aghanim's Scepter is way to expensive for huskar and he cun buy something else like Monkey King Bar But if you face a suprt strong tank Aghanim's Scepter can be a Good item if the tank dosent want to die :D
This skill Blocked by Linken's Sphere. Blocked on impact. However, Huskar takes no damage

so here is a video of husker skills /dota-2/skill/burning-spear-258

Items :D

So here iil explain about husker items what is better and what is good in some situations.

Early Game:

this item is a preety good item because of few things
The first thing is the movement speed its giving Phase Boots giving you 50 movement Speed and its an awesome thing because husker need to chase people when he use his Burning Spear so the enemy will get huge amount of damge per second
The other thing theat very good in this boots is that its giving you 24 damage and its Preety nasty...
The damage will help you kill enemies faster at the early game and get more Gold got the Late game!
So buy this Boots Fast.

this item is very very good when he used on husker
its giving to the user
Attack Damage Bonus: 31
Attack Speed Bonus: 10
Strength Bonus: 25
Health Cost per Second: 40
So you need this item to gank some enemies.
How and when to use it?
Use this Armlet of Mordiggian before you using your Life Break and Before you active your Burning Spear that will get your damage up and you will gank Faster and its save you some time!
And you know what they say "time its money" [at least that what Faceless Void says :)

Anyway this item is a sure item in your items! its will keep you alive a lot of times!

Some tips:
When being in a middle of a team fight and you run out of Hp use the helm to heal your Self then turn it off and fast turn it on that will heal you a little but and will kewp You alive for more few hits and a few hits with haskar may end with a kill.

this item is a nice item on husker he will give you Hp for every hit you will do to an enemy.
This lifestealer can heal you a lot of times and can help you survive longer in Team Figthes thank's to huskar massive damage you will drain a lot Hp per hit.
Helm of the Dominator stacking with the Burning Spear what mean that even if you Useing your Burning Spear you will heal yourself a little bit and that is a very Good thing when you play husker!
You can even active Armlet of Mordiggian and kill some creeps with it that will help You to kill faster, make sure you getting the last hits and push faster without losind Hp.


This item will make you much more stronger
When dota say that carry is some one who's will get much better in the game if he will Farm well they mean that husker need to buy Monkey King Bar
This item will give you 88 damage and will give you a chance to mini-bash
If you facing Phantom Assassin or someone with Butterfly this item will make Sure you hit every item with not even one miss!!!
That the first strong item you need to buy for huskar!

stantic This item not must be bought for huskar but its a very awesome Item.
When you buy it you have a 25% lifestealer that thing can keep you alive for a very long Time in team fight.
When you actived stantic you will get 175% bonus lifestealer which mean that when You active that item every hit of you will heal you 0.25% of you Hp which mean's you can Stay alive in Team fight and maybe even kill all of the enemy team heroes!
Where and when to use:

When you use your Life Break and jumping into the enemy team members you need to use Your Armlet of Mordiggian and active your Burning Spear then you can active your stantic and kill many enemies and you may even get out alive!
Its up to your skills and your team! :D

This item will give you attack speed and armor and its Will decrase enemy attack speed.
I dont have a lot to say about that item because i dont like to buy it that much but ik Its good because of that Att. speed!

This item will kepp you alive many times but remember to Buy it onyl if the enemy team have atleast 3 stunners or stun abilties because if they Dont have that much its gonna be waste of money!
You need to active this item before you jumping on someone right after you active your Armlet of Mordiggian and your Burning Spear then you will be able to kill like a Crazy old man with a news paper without getting stunned!
So this item is very good dont be afraid to buy it!

dagon This item is a troll item but he is a good one.
Husker dosent need int. or something like that but dagon at the last lvl deal 800 Damage so with the combo of Life Break and the dagon you can kill an enemies Sast!
Here is a video about it [its old but its still show you the style of the dagon and the Life Break ]

So Blade Mail is a preety good item on any Strength hero because they have a lot of Hp.
This item will actully Mirror the damge your taking to the dealer lets say that Faceless Void is attacking you if you active your Blade Mail every damge he will Deal to you will deal to him and to you!
So you can use your blade mail agter using your Life Break and then when the enemies Will attack you theyll get hit too!
This item can be a great pick against DPS heroes but not agains magic spells heroes Because they wont deal any damage to you and the Blade Mail will waste your money And your time -_-

This item just good because of the damage and the crit. rate!
This item will make you DPS with no hatd work like active stuff and think just hit the Enemies as fast as you can!
So i dont have a lot to say about that item but that item can be nasty when hes on the Right hero!

This item is maybe the best thing that you cna buy to Huskar this item will give you an awesome Hp regan and an awesome Max HP which can Save you a lot of times and can help you a lot
Heart of Tarrasque can be preety good with Blade Mail because when you have Heart of Tarrasque enemies need to hit you a lot to get you down and the Blade Mail will kill them before they will kill you because Heart of Tarrasque will give You tons of Hp!
So this item is one of the best thing to husker!

friends foes and feederds

Here we will talk about husker friends foes and the heroes he cna kill and get free farm On Thire backs!!!

Crystal Maiden- Crystal Maiden really help to husker because of her Arcane Aura this abilty giving Crystal Maiden team a great mana regan!
And with a good mana regan husker can use Inner Vitality on himself and he dosent Have to go back to base which will save him time and Gold!
Keeper of the Light- Keeper of the Light is good from the same reason too he can Drain your mana and you dont have to go back to base!
As you know Keeper of the Light need to use Chakra Magic on you while Crystal Maiden can just be alive and the Arcane Aura will regan your mana.

Dazzle- Dazzle is a very good hero with husker thank's to 3 abilties of him
Poison Touch-will slow the target and allow Huskar to use many Burning Spear on him
Shallow Grave- Dazzle using Shallow Grave on Huskar and Preventing huskar fomr dying that help Huskar run to the enmy and use tons of Burning Spear
Shadow Wave- Dazzle will heal Huskar with Shadow Wave and Make Huskar feel beter in the lane!
Huskar can shoot his Burning Spear and then just go back and Dazzle will Heal him with his Shadow Wave.

And actually there is more helpfull hero for Huskar that all they have to do is slow The enemy like Drow Ranger . Viper and Venomancer

Now we got into the better part!
Your foes! you must now them well because they may fail your match!
Lets go!
there are many of them so here your foes!

Nyx Assassin- Nyx Assassin can kill you easly because he will use Spiked Carapace before you will use your Life Break and then you will lose 70% og you hp and you will get stun!!!

anti mage-anti mage is your foe because he have the Spell Shield what means that when you will use your Life Break you may lose more Hp then the target and that a totaly fail.

also your foes can be heroes that can stun you for a long long time [disablers]
Dragon Knight
Shadow Shaman
all of them can stun you for a long time and cause your death!

the most OP foes to you hes doom because of hes ulti... hes Doom disables your Berserker's Blood and make you useless at a fight!

her ulti after buying an Aghanim's Scepter is a huge ampunt of pure damage!

Phantom Assassin she have a huge amount of damage and the dtrongest Crit. hit in dota!
she can kill you in a blink of an eye :D

Bloodseeker can be really annoying when playing husker because husker play with low Hp for the Berserker's Blood and when Huskar stay with low Hp Bloodseeker and his team can see him thank's to bloodseeker] [[Thirst.

Strom Spirit & Anti Mage can be very annoying because they are so good escape heroes so when you face them consider buy an Orchid Malevolence to silance them.

and any hero with a Hood of Defiance or Pipe of Insight can be a foes of you.

now we got into the short list of heroes that will feed you!

Pudge the only thing that good in Pudge against Huskar is the pure damage Meat Hook but the rest of pudge skils are usefull
even the Meat Hook isnt so good because you will get closer to him and pudge cant do anything to you! at all!

Zeus he may be strong in some matches but here he dont stand a chance all of his skills are usefull and he cant escape! easy kills for Huskar

Sand King cant kill husker nuther cause he made out of magic abilties but he can turn into invis. the good thing is that you know where he is! so you can just ward or dust and its a free kill!

Skywarth mage as i said he will just feed he build with only magic skills so he cant kill you or escape


so here is important things you need to know iil explain how to play in each lane!

when playing mid you need to play safe and farm as much as you can...
every time that your enemy coming to you hit him with some Burning Spear
then keep go back to your farm because you cant afford death!
you must play safe untill you get to lvl 6 in this lvl you are leveling your Life Break and your ready to kill.
most of the mid heroes are'nt with a lot of Hp so you gonna gank mid first.
then heal your self and gank the lanes
go to the lane that the enemies are pushing come from behind and gank them..
that how you make some free gold and farming really great.
another good thing in huskar is that its dosent matter how much Hp the enemy have because the Life Break work with "%" and not with numbers!
so even if he face pudge he can kill him fast!

when your in a lane try to take the when with a stunner or some slower hero so you can gank fast.
if you got one like that you can just gank your enemies by wating for them to do a mistake and then stun\slow them and you just need to use your Burning Spear
ang gank them easly.
if you dont have someone that have stun\slow you need to play safe...famring as much as you can and using Burning Spear on an enemies who's getting to close to you.
then get to lvl 6 and gank all over the map thank's you Huskar awesome ganking skills!

if you play offlane Huskar you really need to play safe!
you will level up fast but you will have to play near the tower and play safer as you can.
you need to take last hits and shoot Burning Spear on close enemies
you may even consider leveling Inner Vitality to more survive skills!
after you getting level 6 you need to call for help and then get a double kill or something.
then you can take a tour on dota 2 map and gank every enemy which steping in you way!
but remember if you fail you offlane you wnt be good in the late gamewhch means you will lose the match cause your team will play with 0/1 carries!
so you must play safe as much as you can!

triple lane!
if you play 3 heroes in one lane you must have at least one stunner\slower!
if you do you just can kill the enemies buy stunning or slowing one of them and using your Burning Spear on them but remember to tell to your team to give you the ast hits and the kills because they can kill steal you and you can ****ed the game uP
but when its 3 in one lane its easy start for you!

Pro's and Con's

so we got into the nice part

Mana independant
start a battle with an advantage of att. speed and Magic Resistance
can kill almost every time
can kill tanks fast
not so hard to control
not so hard to learn

Farm dependant
can get into bad places with his Life Break
no Hp regan at the early game and he need life stealer fast

so as you can see he is preety nasty hero with much more PRO's then CON's


Jungle isnt a good thing with Huskar but if you need more farm this is how you do it:

first you need to farm like the buil says but afteryou get you help of the dominator you can go to the jugnle
you can kill actually any monster in the jungle thank's to your Berserker's Blood
so you can farm in peace

any way after few minutes in the jungke you really need to gank a little bit and its easy but here is a tip..
if you junglr a lot and you see that they leave the bot lane [for exmpale] you can go and kill thier creeps before they meet your creeps this way your pushing and farming at the same time.


here are some videos of Huskar gameplay

you may watch them and learn more thing that i forgot to pur here :D

i hope you enjoy!!

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