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Handle his ball like a boss.

November 19, 2014 by nosepicker
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Build 1
Build 2

Oh I am Support?

DotA2 Hero: Oracle

Hero Skills

Fortune's End

3 8 13 14

Fate's Edict

1 9 10 12

Purifying Flames

2 4 5 7

False Promise

6 11 16


15 17 18

Handle his ball like a boss.

November 19, 2014


WARNING : Guide may contain potentially offensive information.

Also, do not just because my builds doesn't win you games and the skill order is not even working and proceed to 0/8 g8 guide m8 me. Spoonfeeding in otA (The D is silent) is never a good thing. Feeding too, if you can't tell yet.

I'm not sure if I could use harsh words here but whatever.
Welcome to this guide which may or may not be intended for Oracle.
And please note that this guide is the direct import from my guide in, Badass staff not included.
(If you are a legend and like to read this guide in a insult comical way and somehow agree that WC3 graphic is better, feel free to click the link.)
And in DotA2, Nerif lost his staff and became an alien. So I have to think up a new guide name. Heh.
Also, from these short short words, I hope you will enjoy my style of writing and have a good laugh from it. Now shall we begin?.

Welcome to League of Legends Champion Spotlight, featuring Nerif the Oracle.

Nerif is ranged support champion, which his ability to heal and debuff to enemy champion make him an extremely powerful babysitter and supporter.
A well played Nerif can disrupt enemy teams while empowering his own or allies, dominating fights and winning the game using Alt+F4.

Nerif's passive is ****bloc

Sorry. Let's look at his skills.


Before we start, hover Nerif's skills or visit his Facebook profile page and understand his skills in mathematical way.
No really, I'm not going to post how much damage which skill he dealt, he going to be nerfed anyway.

Fortune's End

This is an active skill which means you obviously can actually target it at someone. Target at your enemies. Target at your cat. Target yourself (no you can't actually, really). Target at your cat again. The possibility is ENDLESS. And yes, you can target enemy mechanical unit but it doesn't damage it. Need test in DotA2.

Also, the channel is just for the duration of the purge. Which means you can unchannel it right away (moving around, auto-attack, get stunned, stay high) to deal damage and purge that poor guy instantly.

Also keep in mind that he has 0.3 casting animation, so be careful when cancelling when you right after casting Fortune's End or you will end up not casting and healing the enemy with Purifying Flames.

And yes, it's a purge so it remove Fate's Edict and Purifying Flames' heal buff. (Bet you didn't knew that, ha!)

Best against heroes who relies on buff, e.g Sven

Fate's Edict

Active of Heaven's Halberd + Reverse Ghost Scepter = This
Basically just physical type of Ethereal.
You can't attack but gain 100% badass spell resistance and also increase 50% damage taken of other types.

You can use this skill before Purifying Flames to neglect the damage dealt.

Warning : Don't ****-block your Ability Power Carry Mage with this. Not cool. But hey, know how we feel now, Pugna?

FUN FACTS : You can solo Roshan with this spell. No I will not teach you how.
Sorry, DotA1 only.
Also, despite the fact that this skill is stated being un-purge-able, the effect can be removed via Fortune's End.

Fate's Edict

The double-edged sword. Damage you first and heal you for 9 seconds. Sounds like every relationship, right?


Yes, it WILL KILL the enemy when their HP is lower than 270. Come on, seriously, do it.

We all love heal, right? NO? OKAY IMMA PURGE YOUR HEAL THEN. MUHAHAHAHA. *cough*

Don't troll your allies with this when they are taking fire unless you know what you're doing. Really.

The damage is non lethal... to allies of course.

Is the damage hurting you too much that giving people to deal last hit to kill you? Well not anymore! Now introducing the amazing Fate's Edict! Now purchasing come with 100% Magic Resistance Shield! Yes, 100% resistance and it's 100% free! What are you waiting for, please call 1800-EZ-GAME or hotline 1800-EZ-LIFE.

Let's put in some magic numbers.

Heal : 44 hp per second x 9 = 396
Self Damage : -360*(.75 base magic resist) = -270
The calculation below did not include base HP regen.

First use of Purifying Flames (assume level 4) without False Promise : -360*(.75 base magic resist)+ 44*9 seconds = =126 positive HP (after fully healing by Purifying Flames and not including base HP regen)
First three tick of the Purifying Flames will be -360*(.75 base magic resist) + 44*3 seconds = -270 + 132 = -138 HP
But hey, 3 seconds cooldown. So another Purifying Flames then ( assume using it RIGHT after off cooldown, so no wasting second)
Current HP - 138 - 270 + 88*6 (previous one still stack fyi) + 44*3 = -408 + 264 + 396 = 252 positive HP after 9 seconds.
And let's put that False Promise in.
False Promise doubled any heal during the duration. But we only assume that the duration only last 7 seconds for easier calculations.
First use of Purifying Flames. (assume no delay and using right after casting False Promise) for first 3 seconds :
HP - 270 + (44*3)*2 = -270 + 264 = -6
Second use (it last 4 more seconds, we assume False Promise last 7 seconds, remember?) :
HP -6 - 270 + (44*4)*2 + (44*4)*2 = -276 + 352 +352 = 428

tl;dr, the heal is pretty damn good for a 3 second cd.

False Promise

Cause if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it Sorry.
Ah, one of the broken skills in DotA history.
Invisibility? Check.
Attack / Casting Spelling while Invisibility? Check and suck it Slark.
Immortal for 9 seconds? Check and dat True Sight, well ain't nobody got time for that.
DOUBLE HEALING? Check and say hi to Io and its Mekansm.
brb. Changing my pants.

So basically, it's a powerful buff which provides invisibility and freeze your HP and delay any changes on your HP. Also doubled up the heal during the delay.
Read the calculation at Purifying Flames for some example.

And, it can be purged. Good luck.

Also, keep the ball indicator green. Green means healthy.

Skills Learning Sequence

I'm not going to spoon feed or force you to learn what skill at what level.
Your skills learning sequence will depend on your roles.
However, first few levels will be almost the same. I hope so.

The "Oh, I am Support?" Route:
MAX False Promise > Purifying Flames > Fate's Edict > Fortune's End
and learn every skill at level 3 for the lulz utility.

The "My Carry is handicapped" Route:
MAX False Promise > Purifying Flames > Fortune's End > Fate's Edict
and also as above, learn every skill at level 3 for the ulitimatility.

Psst, Purifying Flames is too good to pass up. Also, don't use it for harassing if you don't have Fortune's End. You're not that dumb, are you? There are others better dumb ways to die.


Yay. my favourite part. 'Because all I need to do just throw bunch of stuff at your face.
I'm just kidding.

First. Buy a Animal Courier.
*Insert your favourite courier skin here* wins games. And I like *your favourite courier skin* too.

And then see what's fit....

I personally like

while learning Purifying Flames at level 1
because I'm a 800 elo pro mlg player who happened to only play Keeper of the Light.
(And I glad I didn't put mlg montage video.)
However, in a tensed match, like a pro should always be, you should buy some
Tango or Healing Salve or Iron Branch

Your Core should be:

And the shoes based of your inner desire.
(And somehow those shoes don't sell in pairs)


OR if you realise your carry is not a good men that worth your care and love,
OR you are feeling adventurous and too dangerous to go alone, take this with you

And also, always buy
Unless you are using maphack or any other legit tools.

Food for thought

Pipe of Insight
In order to win every teamfight.

Orchid Malevolence
Nice boost for your attack speed and nice active too. Also give a huge mana regen. Make sure the active doesn't end during Fate's Edict's duration.
Also, did I mention Oracle has incredible attack speed?

Medallion of Courage
Not bad for you those ganking party animals. Also, Fate's Edict physical damage amplifies works with armor reduce.

Urn of Shadows
Also not a bad pick for ganking Nerif.

Get this if you need smore serious healing action or want to be a German.
But I don't really recommend it.

Armlet of Mordiggian
The day you buy this is the day you realise your team have 4 supports.
And you are not one of them.

Dagon + Shadow Blade
The day you realise you should be Nyx Assassin and proceed to 10/0/18.
No, I'm kidding. You ain't carry sheep. All you can carry is my fat *** tummy.

With the active, you now can finally suicide. 'Because you can't do it with Purifying Flames. Amirite?

Eye of Skadi
Too much gold to spent? Do not buy this.

Wingardium Leviosaaaaw

Everything that every Mage should buy is good on Oracle because he's so flexible.
Except Refresher Orb and Aghanim's Scepter.
Every skill you have has a really low cooldown that you felt like you're playing League of Legends.
And Aghanim's Scepter doesn't really give you better False Promise....yet.

Also, if you are against those following bastards:
Faceless Void
Phantom Assassin
Ashe Sorry, I meant Drow Ranger
And other Marksmen/ADC/Physical Damage/Whatever it's called in this game
Please consider:
Ghost Scepter


wait you are.
Thanks to Mr_Cuddles for boob slapping me for not giving out DPS build.
But the thing is, DPS Oracle is like a selfish bitc-
Alright alright, here's the DPS build:
Spoiler: Click to view

Team Work

I never believe in best-combo-team-lineup-teamwork-friendship-love-magic-victory stuff.
Because you will end up begging someone to fit you.
That's not what Oracle does.

Oracle should be instead, sticking his face to any Carry's butt.
Yes, I said any. And stick it tight.

Sorry, I meant Oracle should able to fit in any team.
But I prefer team up with heavy physical damage dealers
or play as the counterpart in TF2 and pocketing your main carry.


Oracle is a pretty interesting champion hero that can bring up so much utilititties for the team. Make sure learn how his skills work and have fun using them. Be creative. You may or may not find my item build an insta-following build (if there's any) as it requires some reading and understanding but I hope you will get to further understanding Oracle's strengths and uniqueness. And please forgive me if you failed to win the game with my guide and I play League of Legends. You can understand, right?

Also, did I mentioned that my name is Nosepicker / Nose?


Icefrog for continue working on DotA as usual.
Valve for making DotA2 happen.
Mr_Cuddles for ***** slapping.
KevinJonPalma11 FOR BEING A MANLY MAN. nope.
You for reading this guide and pointing out how ****ty I am.
And whom ever design this **** hero. Sorry.

And please do have some feedback. I do really appreciate it.

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