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Flame Lights the Way : A Guide to Ember Spirit

January 6, 2014 by enderarms
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

Ember Spirit Build

DotA2 Hero: Ember Spirit

Hero Skills

Flame Guard (Innate)

Searing Chains

1 11 12 13

Sleight of Fist

3 4 9 10

Fire Remnant

6 14 16


15 17 18


Ember Spirit is a melee agility hero that can be played as an initiator or a ganker carry. This build will teach you how to play this newly released hero.

Pros and Cons

+ Animation makes it easy to last hit
+ Nukes, shield AND disable
+ Great DMG and nukes do a lot
+ Global presence with Fire Remnant
+ Above average movement speed [310]

- Squishy
- A Bit mana dependent
- Rather low armor for an agility hero
- Slightly skillshot hero, hard to master

Item Justification

Whats not to like? You get damage, mana regen, and armor. You can make this into Vladimir's Offering or Ring of Aquila.
Damage and chasing ability.
Regen, and sustainability as well as rune control at mid.
A Maelstrom OR Mjollnir both work, and the lightning will activate during Sleight of Fist, also another glass cannon item. This item is great because it will turn you into more of a right-clicker with attack speed. I like Mjollnir's active as it makes you reflect some damage back, and using Sleight of Fist will activate the passive. Optionally, you can replace Mjollnir and Crystalis with Maelstrom and Daedalus.
Ring of Aquila is a great item because it gives you stats, and that necessary regen.
Crits, and can be upgraded into Daedalus.
Drums will give you more stats, hp, mana and movespeed, and will help you when chasing down people.

Crits work with your W, but getting this item will make you some sort of a glass cannon, however the crits are amazing.
Stun works with your W as well, same for this item goes for Daedalus.
Allows for some great damage output with the area armor reduction.
Although this item's passive isn't too great, this item is certainly good because it gives you ganking ability with Yasha's movespeed and tankiness from Sange. I recommend this item if you are going for an alternate core, or as an extension.
Many people think this item is odd, but for one : It burns mana during Sleight of Fist and two: it makes it a hell of a lot easier when chasing down people. Also gives some int, and you are rather mana reliant. RECOMMENDED
Vladimir's Offering
Replacement for Ring, lifesteal also stacks with your W.

Non Recommended

Good for jungling, but not good as carry, since you are looking for passives.

No passive, but still a good choice if against Slark or Queen of Pain.

Gives you tankiness, not much damage however.

Allows for some great damage output with the armor reduction.

Cleave from this item works well with Sleight of Fist] as the cleave will still work during your mini-omnislashing. Therefore you can do way more damage. However, in order to use this the enemies have to be close together. Good for farming, but some other items are beter.

Skill Justification

I get one level in this for the disable, but your other damage spells are better in terms of damage, and the duration doesn't go too high so after that I max it last. However, you can opt to level it until it is level 3 and then it stops scaling.

Attack Modifiers work with this item, including stuns, crits and lifesteal. You can level this first if you are going aggressive due to the huge cooldown reduction when leveling it. You can opt to level it later, however, due to the fact that it stops your movement when you use it.
Definately good if you are laning against annoying nukers like Keeper of the Light and harrassers like Skywrath Mage. Also the burn is good when doing a 1v1. Also the damage is sustainable, and good for last hitting in lane.
This spell is hard to position, however you can use Searing Chains while flying toward your remnant. Also, the range to jump is global, but the cast range is 1600. Use this to initiate, gank and as a fast TP back. However, use this as a chase-down method. I level my ult LATER in the game because really, the 50 damage increase isnt that much.

Ganking, Gameplay, etc.

Your role is both initator AND carry. Try to get last hits and go mid. Mid is the best lane for you. Later in the game, you should start ganking. Always put a Flame Remnant somewhere so you can teleport back to it.

A gank should look like this :

  • Place fire remnant in a safe area
  • [Right click, get some kills, use Sleight of Fist again]

Note : You can use Searing Chains while in mid-fire remnant jumping.

Jungling as Ember Spirit

Jungling is perfectly fine.
Remeber to grab a Quelling Blade and a Poor Man's Shield.
Hand of Midas works well. As a core, Radiance and Mjollnir are both good.
If you are farming very well, go for Radiance and using Flame Guard, you have double burn. Mjollnir is another good flash-farm item, and isnt as expensive. [Sacred Relic, not Radiance].
When jungling, do not level Searing Chains.

Laning Phase

Try to take mid, if you can. Get Flame Guard if against magical harassers. Try to harass them with Sleight of Hand. Get last hits and if you can, FIRST BLOOD. Remember to check for runes constantly! A rune can make a kill a death in mid.

If you are not mid, go for the easy lane. It shouldnt be a problem soloing since you have a harass, disable and shield.

Watch out for Drow Ranger and Viper if you go mid. They can easily attack you while you cant do so much to them.

The End!

I hope you enjoyed this build on Ember Spirit!
I haven't played him that much since today was the release day, so I will keep this build updated!
Have fun burning people to ashes.

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