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Feel the earth shake

March 30, 2015 by hbui282
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M1styczny | September 2, 2015 8:09am
I think u have to include Force Staff as a core item. You can buy it even before Blink Dagger and i like buy erly Ring of Regen after Arcane Boots. This item can save you and give even longer initiation range. It can save your ally and force enemy out of position and it always work even if you get hit. So i think Blink Dagger and Force Staff is core for ES. I dont think Refresher Orb is good core item, you said yourself that second ECO is not that effective and other skills have low cooldowns. You can use Force Staff after initiation to escape and do second initiation. I also suggest Pipe of Insight insted of
Shiva's Guard if other team have heavy magic damage like Zeus or Lich.
apaz (17) | March 31, 2015 12:20am
Basically, I really think that you should look at his skills. Although you may see it a bit more, Daedalus has no synergy with any of his skills, whatsoever. There isn't anything that makes it better on Earthshaker at Crystal Maiden. This is because Enchant Totem doesn't work with +Damage Items, only Base Damage(Damage from your Primary Stat). As well, Daedalus actually may be viable late game, after all the other items that you meed to be viable as a core. Daedalus is an item to multiply all of your other items by; not good in the early-mid game, or even most of the late.

Lets do a little bit of math.

Daedalus's main feature is that it adds percentage based DPS to your attacks. That makes it harder to calculate since it depends on your level, but I can tell you that at level 14 (the average level that you get it at) your average base damage is around 95. Multiplying that is really inefficient, compared to stacking strength.

Heart of Tarrasque adds 160 damage onto an attack form Enchant Totem, and is not only an item for survivability, but for damage, making it insanely efficient. It also gives almost exactly as much damage as a Daedalus once you are done talking about crits on the +Damage and Base Damage. However, it also gives you +1060 HP, making it INSANELY efficient.

Also, Attack Speed is worthless, because Enchant Totem is 90% of your rightclick, and on a 5 second cooldown anyway.

Really, you should be stacking strength.

This is why I don't like Shadow Blade:

Against competent players, it will not save you. Competent players buy detection. Why you would buy a Shadow Blade is if you want to go on a gank and sneak around enemy wards, much like Smoke of Deceit and Moonlight Shadow.

And another thing. Shadow Blade doesn't let you initiate teamfights. Good players buy detection, then stun lock you and kill you before you can use Echo Slam. Or, just blow you up before you can react. However, Blink Dagger is instant.

Blink Dagger is 850 Gold cheaper.

Blink Dagger ---> Fissure lets you initiate from 2600 range away.

Shadow Blade Provides no utility

I think that covers it.
RudeNess (1) | March 30, 2015 10:38am
actually i agree with most of the things that you said.
Earthshaker really need deadlause instead of abyysal blade.
and its better even to build 2 of them instead of abyysal blade.
but let's go to the part you said he nned to consider buy Scythe of Vyse This item not so good actually on easthshaker because he have so many suns and the effect of the Scythe of Vyse is not so good in Earthshaker.
also thisitem cost 5675 and its expensive like hell so i think you need to buy Refresher Orb or Shiva's Guard

Shiva's Guard cost 4700!
Refresher Orb cost 5225!

and your advice to buy Scythe of Vyse cost 5675 and its too much because earhshaker need more intaintor items like Refresher Orb and Shiva's Guard

and now to the guide writer:
your guide is preety good you can consider get the abyysal blade out and put another daedlaus !
i think Mjollnir is'nt the bst item for him and you can replace it daedlaus .
if you neeed it for the farm you can just get the malestorm just for the effect and the farm.

SatomiCappucino (12) | March 30, 2015 6:14am
Starting with boots while playing support is too greedy. Also Earthshaker already has amazing base ms at 310. You may want to start with wards or a courier with a couple of tangos and clarities. IMO Abyssal Blade sucks on hard carry ES. Better stack Daedaluses. Also, you do need attack speed as Enchant Totem is only for one attack. No matter which role you are playing a Blink Dagger is a must.
Consider adding Scythe of Vyse. This is an amazing item for almost every hero.
RudeNess (1) | March 30, 2015 3:38am
really nice builds man..
i love that you made 1 build for an intaintor and 1 build for hard carry that preety cool
its gonna help for many people here :D
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