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Feel the earth shake

March 30, 2015 by hbui282
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Build 1
Build 2

carry/support shaker

DotA2 Hero: Earthshaker

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Enchant Totem

4 12 13 14


2 8 9 10

Echo Slam

6 11 16


15 17 18


hello guys , my name in dota2 is hbui282 im playing dota couple of years and with shaker like a 5 month... im practice with him learn new thing about him and i want to share all what i learn in this guide , ill try to do him the goodest guide for shaker , so help me out...
comment on the guide plz but plz dont comment on my english erorrs , its not my Native...

fissure - your gold mine...

If u play support and u go to the lane with the hard carry of the group , buy a lot of Clarity as u can and just stun the enemies with the Fissure , if u are carry use it only to kill or when low hp and then u go and hit and kill . (of course , when it helps to kill and not when the enemy can run away). U can also instead just stun them also to block them. To do that , u need to do the Fissure in condition that the fissure's end goes into a corner of the map , and then u got a enemy blocked for 5 seconds - use that to kill him with your allies. when u reach Arcane Boots u can do many fissures without worried and stun many enemies.
Not recommended to use Fissure in lvl 1 , from the sinple reason - its not good without Aftershock (your 3rd ability). the Aftershock exept the abilities damage he will creat a field near to the ability's area that will deal a little damge and mini-stun.
Your battle will help u with your mana problem , so dont forget to check out the runes..

Enchant totem - your way to farm (build 1)

your 2nd ability Enchant Totem its a great way to kill enemies couse it enchant your totem to give u more damage in the next hit (lvl 1 - 100% , lvl 2 - 200% , lvl 3 - 300% , lvl 4 - 400%) and because the Aftershock its also mini-stun the enemy. in late game this is a very good ability couse if u have , for example , 100 dmg , Enchant Totem in lvl 4 will give u 400 dmg (400% x 100 = 400) in the next hit.
Enchant Totem its a great combo with Fissure couse when u stun the enemy or block him u can do to him massive damage with it.
Also , its a great way to push tower couse it not cost too much mana (only 50) and the tower will falling fast , also , u can take with this last hits to farm.
with Blink Dagger this is a very good weapon couse if enemy run away u can blink to him , enchant your totem , and kill him.

Echo slam - your killing machine (build 1)

The Erthshaker's ultimate - Echo Slam its a very very strong ultimate that if it made in the right place and in the right time , it will be rampage..
this ultimate based on echos , the more units that have in the slam area , the echo will be bigger. the base damage for it is 160(lvl 1) 210(lvl 2) 270(lvl 3) and bonus of 40(lvl 1) , 55(lvl 2) , 70(lvl 3) damage for each echo.
so , if u do it in place with 15 enemy units , for example , the damage will be 1320 (kinda) for lvl 3.
u can see here in the rampage video here how much damage there is from echo slam:

gameplay with that and items in the next chapter.

gameplay - ulti & items (build 1)

if u want a killing-machine-ultimate u need a least the next items:

Blink Dagger - with this u can get in blink of a eye to the enemies without risks and right to the correct place - u see in the video how much its important to be in the middle of the enemies when u use ulti , like this , the echoes hitting them in the best and damgest way..

Aghanim's Scepter - the scepter (ultimate-upgrade-item) makes the echo slam much bigger killer , the scepter makes that each echo hit the enemies twice - the meaning - double damage when use ulti. very recommemend to carry that when u use ulti..

now if u want u can add this items to your killing party: (recommemend to pick one of them)

Refresher Orb - this item refresh all your cooldowns from abilities and items in a cost of 375 mana. if u have a lot of mana u can use your ultimate twice and this is will be much bigger damage. (but ,to the second slam will be much less damage , because that in the first slam all the creeps has die , and then the slam will be with less echos and less damage.

Shiva's Guard - this item is a good plane to what happen after the ulti... this item freeze the area of the user in 900 radius , do a 200 damage and slow the enemies by 40%.
after u do your echo slam u can use that to freeze the enemies and kill those enemies who succes to run away.

if u have much much mana:

blink to enemies , use your ultimate , then use shivan's guard , then refresher orb , then ulti again and shivan's guard again. and this is a most kills for sure.

situationals items (build 1)

if u are have money after u buy all the guide's Required items (- boots (in late game u can switch your Arcane Boots to Boots of Travel - its more helpfull) , Blink Dagger , Aghanim's Scepter and u buy one of - Refresher Orb or shivan's guard ) u can buy this items that can help you to kill / survive.

Heart of Tarrasque - give u a lot of HP and damage - allways good...

Eye of Skadi - eye of skadi is a great item for my idea , that good for every hero , its gives 25 all attributes , HP amd mana , and slow the enemy (movement speed and attack speed) in every hit (your shoots become frozen - if u ranged).

Mjollnir - nice choise of item , give u 80 attack speed and give u chance to realese shoking bolt that do a little damage to the units is nearby.

Boots of Travel - recommemend to buy it , in late game your ]]arcane boots is useless , so it be nice if u swap them to [[boots of travel , more usefull.

Bloodstone - im not recommemend on that , but if u need it (every game and what he needed) it will be nice , couse u can relese now many Fissure and your other abilities.

enchant totem - (build 2)

in this build all is diffrente , here u dont buy items to upgrade ypur ultimate.. here your ultimate not so important.. here the killing machine is your Enchant Totem , here you doing a hard carry build and get mucl damage ; then u got more powerfull enchant totem..
for killing fast enemies we use shadow blase - we getting close to enemy enchant our toten disappier with Shadow Blade go to him give him a hit with the totem , enchant again , hit again , and then fissure to kill him (when u got deadulas it will be more ez couse if your enchant will be cricital it a massive attack!!.. i giving to you here a video of gameplay of pro shaker (with this build)...

watch and learn... it works!

friends , enemies and counters...

here i bring u the imformation about what is correct pick to be with shaker - carrys and supports , i show u the most goodest 5 and the most badest 5 , and i show you 5 counter pick for shaker , and 5 characters that he counter of them.

lets start:

5 goodest - carry - huskar , clinkz , dragonknight , lone druid , storm spirit.
supports - tusk , leshrac , timbersaw , oracle , shadow demon.

5 badest - carry - kunkka , faceless void , drow ranger , elder titan , magnus.
supports - winter wyvern , beast master , undying , axe , rubick.

5 counter picks - carry - huskar , sniper , spectre , templer assassin , clinkz.
supports - clockwerk , rubick , techies , phoniex , visage.

5 that he counter - carry - meepo , lycan , broodmother , dragonknight , razor.
supports - chen , dark seer , bane , sand king , centaur warrunner.

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