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Doom builds

April 1, 2015 by Dangermoose
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3
Build 4

Offlane Doom

DotA2 Hero: Doom

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Scorched Earth

2 4 8 9

Infernal Blade

10 12 13 14


6 11 16


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Hello and welcome to a variety of build guides for Doombringer..

To start with, Doombringer is a very versatile hero who can be ran as an offlaner, a jungler, a safe lane carry, and in general various different positions. Hopefully this guide will help you understand a few of the possible item and positioning choices that are generally available to Doombringer.

One thing I must say before we begin with any of these builds is that in the early game, Doombringer is not that great. He starts off with 0 armour, and his attack speed it quite appauling. However, by obtaining the right items, he can survive the early game into the mid/late game, AKA. Doom stomping ground

Doombringer can also fulfill many different teamfight roles, an initiator, counter-initiator, core or carry. These 4 guides should hopefully show you some of the ways you can do this.

Offlane Doom

One role that Doombringer was often played as during TI4 was an offlaner. Doom actually makes quite a good offlaner due to his abilities.

By using Devour off cooldown on the lane creeps, Doombringer can get a lot of gold, and at max level it grants around the same GPM as a Hand of Midas. This makes the Doombringer very effective at getting gold from very little farm. It insta-kills the creep, so the enemy won't have much chance at denying it. This is levelled first and maxed first so that the maximum GPM is achieved as fast as possible to get you off your feet. So that the lane doesn't push up, try to use it on a creep which is about to die so you don't wipe a full creeps-worth of damage and HP from the lane in the enemy's favour. Also, if you are finding yourself extremely low on health, consider walking into the enemy jungle and finding yourself a large Satyr camp, since that grants an excellent HP regen and also a decent nuke to farm with if needs be. If you can't farm safely without getting harassed out of lane, then it's fine to just use this on the first available creep and then sitting in XP range.

I think that Scorched Earth is one of the best early game abilities in terms of survivability. It grants good HP regen, move speed, and also slight AOE damage. This is maxed second so that when you are in lane you will have a nice safety buffer. When getting ganked or attacked, use this skill ASAP. As said, it increases move speed to help you run away, and also adds the HP regen which will nullify a few of their attacks, or at least heal you up a bit. Never enter a danger zone without this up without back up in the early game.

Tranquil Boots are a pretty good item on Doombringer, since it adds some much needed armour, good passive move speed, but most importantly it means that you can sit back and regen all your health when you get ganked and survive. One of the most important things about the offlane is that you get as much XP as possible. Gold is not so important, neither is harassing the enemy. EXP is key.

Safelane Doom

Another interesting role that Doombringer can fill is the carry role.

This skill has the same use in the offlane, however you should focus more on using this on low HP creeps since you should generally be winning the safelane. Later game, I would definitely recommend finding yourself an Alpha Wolf and using Devour on it, since the 30% damage aura for you and your team is great, and the crit chance is also really good.

Lvl? Death
This skill is gotten at around level 4 not to be used as a farming item or a nuke. It is gotten because of the way that the skill works. By the time you are around level 4, the enemy offlaner (presuming they are soloing) should be about level 6. If you look at the skill, it shows that the first level multiplier is 6. This means that if you gank the offlaner once he hits level 6, this skill will deal 20% of the offlaner's max health, a massive nuke. The multiplier is reduced the more levels gotten, so more likely to be on the multiplier, and then always does 20% max health on level 25s.

Vladimir's Offering
One thing that makes this build different than the others are the core items. Vladimir's Offering is gotten because it gives great buffs to Doombringer, armour, great lifesteal for good sustain, mana regen and a decent aura. This is just gotten so that you have a bit more early game presence. After this, the Hyperstone should have you hitting pretty quickly, and with the rest of the items, pretty hard as well. Also, Mjollnir is in the Luxury items since as a carry, you could use the awesome attack speed and damage, although personally I far prefer Assault Cuirass since it adds much needed armour for Doombringer. I would recommend getting a Mjollnir if you are not dying very often, since you may not need the armour as much if you aren't getting killes.

Jungle Doom

Whilst jungling the Doombringer can be a bit of a pain in the arse walking back to base if you're unlucky, it can sometimes work out quite well. Rune control can help your jungling massively, just make sure the mid knows you're getting it. Also, get a good ward on your jungle enterance, you don't want to get ganked since you will likely be very low HP.

In the jungle, Devour is a very useful skill. The best creeps that you can eat right at the start are the Satyr Tormentor since it grants good health regen, the Ogre Frostmage for the 8 armour skill it grants, or the Hill Troll Summoner for the minions you can spawn to use as meat shields and a bit of extra damage.

While jungling, the chances of your HP getting very low are rather high. Therefore, Scorched Earth provides a great heal for you, and also a good bit of AOE damage.

I think that a good item to get after the rest of the core items is a Hyperstone. It gives good attack speed which Doombringer desperately needs, and can then be built into either a Mjollnir or an Assault Cuirass dependant on the situation.

Utility Doom

One build that I personally love to run is the utility Doombringer, which focuses on rushing an Aghanim's Scepter and can be run anywhere, essentially. For guides on where to run it, refer to the above descriptions of laning, but use this build instead.

As you may be able to tell from the item build, this focuses on rushing an Aghanim's Scepter and then Blink Dagger so that you can blink and Doom anyone and as long as you keep up with them, there's nothing they can do XD

This is generally a good build if you don't think you'll be getting very good farm and you want to make the most out of the farm you can get.


This will give you a run-down on the whys, hows and ********s of the items you will be picking up, unless they are specified in the above guides, particularly if they are specific to the build.

A well timed Hand of Midas can do wonders for a Doombringer. It gives him exactly what he needs: attack speed, increased GPM and increased XPPM. Firstly, attack speed is something Doombringer severely lacks and needs to build into. Gold is great on everyone, and is a bit of a necessity on Doombringer, but not much more than most offlaners need. The XP is one of the main bonuses, the faster you can get a level 6, the faster you can be getting Doom ganks going, and the sooner the better.

A very, very good item that you can get on Doombringer is a Blink Dagger. It provides initiation, an escape, greater move speed around the map, the ability to get up to high places and also puts the other team on edge, knowing you could be anywhere. It is really quite an amazing item, and lets you Doom your target before any of the other team can do a thing about it. If you seem to be falling behind a lot, or the enemy team has no support, so nobody likely to buy any sentries or dust, and you do find yourself getting killed when you try to de-initiate or something along those lines where a Blink Dagger may be less useful, consider a Shadow Blade instead, since it adds some attack speed and damage, along with a decent inititaion and escape. In the long run however, a Blink Dagger is more likely to do you good.

So probably the most ridiculous pick up you can get on a Doombringer is an Aghanim's Scepter. It increases the damage, disables passives and resets the cooldown whenever an enemy hero comes within 900 range of Doombringer who currently has Doom on them. One reason why Aghs is great is so you can Doom the enemy, and then chase them down, so during a team fight you can make their main team fighter useless, let your allies distract the rest of the team while you chase the fighter all the way to base XD Once chased an Anti-Mage into a fountain just for that. It's just an epic item, a must-get. Shadow Blade is great in this if the enemy don't carry dust or sentries, since you can just follow them all the way home and they won't know a think, but personally I think Blink Dagger is better since they won't be attacking you anyway, so you can just follow behind them, plus initiation.

So you've just used Doom on the main team fighter in the center of their team. What makes you even scarier? If you become twice the height and magic immune. This gives your team enough time to walk in and follow up, and lets you keep up with the Doomee without being disabled or have Glimpse make you get followed back or something.

Another good way to boost your usefulness and also add some of that much-needed armour is to get a Mekansm. It lets you act much like a Clockwerk, you can initiate with your ult, then pop this once you get about halfway and your team is there to help turn the tides a bit. Generally nice if you are seeing yourself as more of a position 4, and can literally turn a teamfight right around.

I have seen many guides and many games in which people get a Radiance on Doombringer. Don't get me wrong, it isn't a bad item, it's just that there are some problems that need addressing first, such as the lack of armour and mana. This is in your situationals because if you get a bit fed early game and you can buy this along with the rest of your early game items BEFORE 22 minutes, then it's a good pickup. Any time after and you're just throwing gold away, I'm afraid. Lots of people swear by it, I think it just forces Doombringer to become a mid game team fighter without any armour, so personally I don't like it unless you get it nice and early.

An Assault Cuirass is a very good item to get after your core items, since it sorts out the majority of Doombringer's problems. It increases his armour to a good standard, it grants some attack speed, and it also increases him EDMG with the aura armour reduction. Just a good item to get unless there's anything else you desperately need.

Yet another good item to get after core but you find yourself as more of a position 3 than a 2 or 1, Shiva's Guard is a great item for Doombringer. It gives 15 armour, 390 mana and 1.2 mana regen which is awesome on Doombringer, and also a 40 attack slow aura and a 200 damage 40% move slow nuke on the active. This active can help keep and Doomed enemies close so they don't escape the 900 range (presuming you have Aghs).

So you find yourself lacking in mana and also having problems with not one, but two heroes, so when you Doom one the other carries the fight D: A Refresher Orb solves all of these problems. It grants 5HP regen, 10 attack speed, 78 mana and 0.72 mana regen, so it increases most of your important stats slightly. The main part is the double Doom. You can cast this after Dooming one person, and then Doom the other. Don't forget that this also resets item cooldowns, so get yourself use out of that double Shadow Blade or Blink Dagger, Shiva's Guard and other stuff.

When you just feel that you need a bit more tank, you seem to be dying a touch too often and you constantly find yourself getting into fights on less than 80% health. This item, a Heart of Tarrasque will pretty much sort that out. It gives 1060HP, 40 damage on Doombringer and also gives a 2%HP regen per second, which times off when attacked. This solves all your problems, in addition to scaring the other team quite a lot, since a Heart is pretty scary on pretty much everyone.

Positioning and Initiation

Before I get into the rest of this section, I would like to say that it is perfectly fine to use Doom for solo pickoffs, since it only has a 100 second cooldown.

Right, so into the positioning and initiation section. Usually my positioning and the positioning I would recommend would be a bit like an Earthshaker, staying out of the way until your team is ready or the enemy dives a bit too far, or makes a mistake. Generally I stay in the trees or on high ground. If you are actively looking for a team fight with your team, one of the best ways to do it is to ward places the enemy are likely to be, like thier jungle, near their ancients or by Roshan. Then get one of your supports or you yourself to buy a Smoke of Deceit from base. This increases your move speed, and makes you undetectable by wards and creeps. Be warned though, if you get too close to a tower or an enemy hero the smoke will break and you will be revealed. Also beware the timer, it doesn't last forever.

So, when initiating I would use Blink, followed by a Doom onto the main target, then Scorched Earth to increase move speed and act as a bit of a health buffer until your team arrives. Stay as close to the Doomed target as possible, and do not forget that the target's allies can deny the Doomee, so if you see one of them start the attack animation then use Lvl? Death to mini-stun them and stop it. It will probably need to be well timed, but if they do get the deny, then you still get a kill and get thier team fighter out of the picture, so good stuff.

Also, think about who best to use Doom on far in advance of a team fight. Fairly often, it won't be the hard carry who's causing problems but an initiator or disabler. Also keep in mind that the only thing better than a perfect initiation is perfect counter-initiation. So make sure you know where their initiation is, and if you need to, pop an early Scorched Earth so you can disable their Blinks.

Also, think about what the enemy has available to counter you immediately. Do they have an Orchid Malevolence or some insta-stun so they can kill you before you can use Doom? Which ults are up? Is it worth using Doom on somebody with a great teamfight ult which would be up rather than the follow up? Make sure you know the situation as best as possible, and ensure communication with your team, since it's vital that you discuss what's going on.


So to sum it all up, Doombringer is an extremely versatile hero who can build and adapt to almost any situation, and I hope that this guide helped you somewhat in your choices and positioning. Once again, this is only my second guide, so any comments or constructive criticism is much appreciated.

Thanks for reading :D

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