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January 4, 2014 by zakisslackin
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Agressive Initatior

DotA2 Hero: Underlord

Hero Skills


1 3 5 8

Pit of Malice

2 4 9 10

Atrophy Aura

7 12 13 14

Dark Rift

6 11 16


15 17 18

Color Code

Usual color code I use to show how important something is

Red - So Bad
Orange - So-so
Yellow - Average Joe
Blue - Really Good


Hello everybody, and welcome to my Pit Lord; or Abyssal Underlord as of now; guide. I've been playing DotA for 4 years total (2 years on WC3 DotA and 2 Years on DotA 2). I used to play Supports and Tanks a lot in WC3 DotA (mainly because I couldn't play carries atm) and Pit Lord/Abyssal Underlord was and still is my FAVORITE. This guide will teach you how to play effectively as a Tank Initatior (with a bit of support). Also, here is some concept ideas of Abyssal Underlord (wanted to put something here)

What is Abyssal Underlords role?

Pit Lord is a Strength based hero that plays as a initiator/aggressive support. Since Pit Lord has a Strength increase of 2.6 each level, he's is naturally tanky. So, you are probably thinking, "Then how is he a support?". Well a lot of the items that are good with him fall under the support category (items like Mekansm, Vladmir's Offering etc.). Pit Lord is essentially a initiator with a tad bit of support'ness (not too much). When playing as him. focus on starting team fights when the time is right but
DO NOT GET STUNNED. What makes Pit Lord good is positioning. If he doesn't initiate at the right time, you can kiss that team fight goodbye.

Pros/ Cons

- Aggressive early in the game
- Good Ganker
- Instantly good in team fights
- Can take a hit

- Not as easy to pick-up
- Lacking in Mana Consumption
- Kinda squishy early game
- Dies easily when stuned (follows up with the whole lack of armor)

The Move Set.


All levels: 14 Second Cool Down, 750 Cast Range, 400 AOE, 2 sec DoT Duration
Level 1: 100 Mana, 25 damage, 5 DPS
Level 2: 110 Mana, 40 damage, 10 DPS
Level 3: 120 Mana, 55 damage, 15 DPS
Level 4: 130 Mana, 70 damage, 20 DPS

Firestorm is nice to have. It can make the other team run away when things start going downhill while in a team fight. This is mainly for after using Pit of Malice. This is good to have for Team fights, even when your team isn't winning the team fight, this can be a game changer.

Extra Information: It does Magical Damage.

Pit of Malice

All Levels: 800 Range, 275 AOE, 100 Damage (AOE), 7 Sec Duration

Level 1: 100 Mana, 24 Cool Down, 1 Sec Duration
Level 2: 115 Mana, 21 Cool Down, 1.5 Sec Duration
Level 3: 130 Mana, 18 Cool Down, 2 Sec Duration
Level 4: 145 Mana, 15 Cool Down, 2.5 Sec Duration

Pit of Malice IS WHAT MAKES Pit Lord!!! Basically, he summons a bunch of pillars/statues in a ring formation and if the enemy is in the ring of pillars, they are stuck in the ring for the designated amount of time. This is a must use spell for imitating in team fights. Pit of Malice and FireStorm go hand and hand. using Pit of Malice then following up with FireStorm make the team fight seem WAY too easy.

Atrophy Aura

All Levels: 900 AOE, 5 Damage Buff, 30 Damage Buff to Allies

Level 1: 30 Second Buff Duration, 18% Damage Reduction
Level 2: 35 Second Buff Duration, 26% Damage Reduction
Level 3: 40 Second Buff Duration, 34% Damage Reduction
Level 4: 45 Sec Buff Duration, 42% Damage Reduction

This is a nice passive to have. Since you will be the initatior, you will want to help your team by giving them a boost and giving the enemy some trouble. This is really the only support-ish ability that Pit Lord has. Having this isn't really important until mid gameish. Get one point in it early game if your lane is having some trouble, other than that, focus the other skills.

Dark Rift

All Levels: 130 Sec Cool Down, 450 AOE
Level 1: 75 Mana, 6 Sec Delay
Level 2: 150 Mana, 5 Sec Delay
Level 3: 225 Mana, 4 Sec Delay

This skill makes Pit Lord INSANE. Having this skill is a must because it allows you AND YOUR ENTIRE TEAM to not only teleport anywhere on the map, it can save you for those unexpected ganks. Its a lot like wisp's ult but its permanent (also with the fact you can carry your whole team on it instead of just one other person). With this spell, you can evade team fights and also force team fights

People who favor you

Good to have because he can use Repel on you and you can charge in with no fear

Because of her Arcane Aura and on top of that, if you can stun everybody in a team fight with Pit of Malice, then Crystal Maiden can use her Freezing Field. Then you activate your FireStorm and you have one AOE death trap.

He is good because if he can Shackles then you can use FireStorm and no other skill to kill the enemy

People that do not favor you

Stay away from him as much as possible. Because of you not having any armor due to your lacking of Agility point through leveling up, Bristleback's Viscous Nasal Goo will destroy you. Plus since the Viscous Nasal Goo stacks on his Warpath all he need to do is spam Viscous Nasal Goo and then hit you 5 ~ 6 times...

Another one you should stay very far away from. Slardar can literally "Bash" you down. Due to your lack of armor, Slardar's Amplify Damage will 9/10 times put you in the negative when it comes to armor. If he can use his ult and then use Slithereen Crush, you might as well start digging your own grave.

There's not much to say other than the fact that his Chronosphere will make you usless in a team fight. That and his Time Lock too.

Items that you might use

The only reason why this is in here is because it gives that extra armor buff. If your team is doing good, skip this and get Urn of Shadows

This item is good to have for the team fights. I know it is a item for split-pushers, but since Pit Lord will be in most team fights, you will be able to do damage even when you are just sitting there. Get it if the team fights are happening early

This isn't really necessary but if you want to have some armor and give your team a Attack Speed boost, then this is the item for you

As the initiator, having this is a MUST because the enemy is going to see that you are a game changing threat, having this will show where you stand

This is a MUST (also). Not only does this slow down the enemy's movement, it also slows down Attack Speed. Use this on the basic attack carries like Drow Ranger, Gyrocopter, Weaver and Alchemist

All initiators should carry this, NUFF SAID!!!


Thank You for taking the time reading my guide on how to play Pit Lord. It's been a while since I've played WC3 DotA so forgive me if this guide seem a bit off. I know from the start of this guide I said that Pit Lord is a Support/Initiator, but he is mostly a Initiator. He can be some-what Supportish but when it all comes down to late game, he does best as a tanky Initiator, it's just that some support items like Vladmir's Offering and Mekansm work good on him. I will be updating this when he does get released in DotA 2 (which I can't wait for) and if you have any suggestions or inputs into this build, feel free to leave it in the comments, I like constructive criticism a lot because it tells me what I did wrong. Anyhow, Thanks for reading this and I hope this helps you win a match

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