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March 3, 2014 by IMWolfHaley
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Lina

Hero Skills

Dragon Slave

1 8 9 10

Light Strike Array

3 12 13 14

Fiery Soul

2 4 5 7

Laguna Blade

6 11 16


15 17 18


March 3, 2014


1. Go into this guide expecting this to be for a single hero
2. Believe you will be guaranteed these builds each ability draft
3. Consider the ability build above
4. Whine because of my style- I am writing as if its an informative article, and assuming you all are decently competent DOTA players who don't need me to tell you to last hit and deny creeps.

1. Realise this is a guide for ABILITY DRAFT.
2. Use these combos whenever wanted
3. Comment successful builds and builds of your own
4. Take the suggested items with a grain of salt- each game you will play as a different hero, and each hero requires different items to make them effective.

Build 1: Spitfire

This build generally requires a ranged hero, such as drow, venomancer, or pretty much anyone with a decent range attack. This combo is based off of three base abilities: Overload Fiery Soul and Quill Spray. This is an insanely good combo because of the synergy between all 3 abilities- Quill Spray can be cast at any time for only 35 mana, allowing you to easily sustain 3 charges on Fiery Soul, giving you an extra 24% movement speed and a massive amount of attack speed. Quill Spray also has obscenely good synergy with Overload, due to the 80% slow it does to the enemy for 0.6 Seconds, giving you enough time to rush right up towards them, hit them a few times, Quill Spray, and then slowing them again- you're practically impossible to kill.
RECOMMENDED ITEMS- These are always up for debate based on your hero
Most heroes don't have an infinite mana pool, so I suggest getting Arcane Boots as a Core Item.
Sange will also slow the enemy, giving you more chance to catch up to them and it builds nicely into Heaven's Halberd or S&Y.
Skull Basher adds hilarious little stuns every 2 seconds, making it impossible for them to escape.
Mask of Madness allows you to not only travel at max move speed when combined with Fiery Soul, but also gives you an obscene amount of lifesteal, allowing you to take down jungles with ease, and fight 2 enemies (with max 1 stun) and win solo.
Following this, I recommend Abyssal Blade, Boots of Travel, and Daedalus as extension items.


Despite contrary belief, you don't have to play juggernaut to be good at this build. All you need is two of three abilities- one of them must be Sticky Napalm. The other can be either Rot or Ion Shell- it just depends which one shows up. This combo relies on the fact that Sticky Napalm does up to 25 extra damage each time and enemy is hurt, per stack, and the other fact that both Rot and Ion Shell deal damage 10 times per second. This means that if you can stack level 4 Sticky Napalm on an enemy twice, and use level 1 Rot while directly adjacent to them, you can deal 530 damage per second. Now imagine if you had 4 stacks of Sticky Napalm on them- that is over one thousand damage per second. The obvious drawback is the fact that you're very prone to stuns, as well as your own Rot ability. Also, this build is dependent upon you being up close and personal.
For these reasons, as items I suggest:
- Boots of Travel for being able to maintain melee distance with the enemy
- Rod of Atos for the long range Cripple, and the health
- Heart of Tarrasque, which allows you to maintain your position near enemies for extended periods of time.
- Bloodstone because it gives both insane health and mana- the mana regen doesn't hurt either.
- Blink Dagger to blink, napalm, rot, napalm, end

Balls of Essence

This ability set is my personal favourite, allowing for easy 5 manning without taking any damage- and I do mean you, solo, taking on 5 people. This set is composed of Essence Aura, Aftershock, and Ball Lightning. This is a fairly simple combo that becomes simply unfair once you hit level 9. Essence Aura allows you to regain 25% of your mana pool on 40% of your spells cast- which includes Ball Lightning, which only costs 60 or so mana for very short jaunts. This very short jaunt, however, will also proc aftershock, stunning all nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds as well as dealing a decent amount of damage- by the time they are no longer stunned, you have used ball lightning again, regained all your mana that you've used so far, and stunned them for another 1.5 seconds- this can go on infinitely, and for all 5 enemy players- items are unnecessary for you, so I would simply recommend you buy support items and Boots of Travel- maybe Four Divine Rapiers if you're really bored.

The Forest is Alive

This ability set, while not the most OP, is easily one of the most amusing builds I have ever had the pleasure of playing. This build utilises only two abilities- Rearm and Summon Treants, with Essence Aura being an optional third. The entire point of this build is to gain an obscenely large mana pool, and use Boots of Travel to split push, but with roughly 25 treants on each side- TP in, trees, rearm, trees, rearm, trees, TP out, repeat. Infinite trees and easy jungling, as well as tower pushing.
Suggested Items:
-Mana Booster x3 simply because a large health and mana pool is practically required
- Shadow Blade for rearm and TP out
- Boots of Travel for TPs out
-Dagon 5 just to prove you're at least a little useful in teamfights.

Build 5: Endgame

This is insanely simple- get the abilities [Divided We Stand] and [Diabolic Edict]. You just get the numerous duplicates of your hero to all cast Diabolic Edict simultaneously and push down a T1 tower within twenty seconds- this is also, hilariously enough, an easy way to slaughter single opponents. When using this build, just push all T1 towers in a row, all T2 towers, and then so on so forth.
I recommend a build of Tranquil Boots, Heart of Tarrasque, Aghanim's Sceptre, and Mekansm. These all allow you to tank everything and remain sustained for as long as physically possible.


I feel the need to also mention abilities that should be instantly picked up when you enter a game, simply because of their diversity and ability to make other abilities so much better.
Essence Aura
Divided We Stand
Nature's Guise
These abilities are all obscenely good, and will turn you into an absolutely broken hero 7/10 times. Thanks to the dudes commenting. Cheers.

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