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[7.19] Sclipzer's guide to Furion (Offlane)

August 6, 2018 by Sclipzer
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DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Boots of Speed

Early Items

Phase Boots
Drum of Endurance
Town Portal Scroll

16 minutes

Orchid Malevolence

If needed

Black King Bar

Lategame right click options



Silver Edge
Boots of Travel
Lotus Orb
Dust of Appearance

Hero Skills


4 13 14 16


2 8 9 11

Nature's Call

1 3 5 7

Wrath of Nature

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

Removed Teleportation Cooldown
2x Treant HP/Damage
+40 Attack Speed
+25% Cooldown Reduction
+4 Treants Summoned
+10 Armor
+30 Damage
+25 Movement Speed

[7.19] Sclipzer's guide to Furion (Offlane)

August 6, 2018


Welcome to my Dota guide on Furion.
Furion is a very strong pusher with global presence. This means that the enemy can not leave lanes pushed in to their towers since he can easily take them. Furion is an offlaner with very hard auto attack damage already from the start, allowing him to easily win trades with enemy supports. His Treants from Nature's Call allow him to trade even better and allow him to push early and even dive towers. Teleportation is an extremely strong spell giving Nature's Prophet global presence. This makes any attempt to take objectives or gank risky for the enemy team since he can always TP in and turn a fight around. In the midgame he becomes a very scary ganker thanks to this since he can Sprout and use Orchid Malevolence on the enemy which often leads to an easy kill. His ultimate, Wrath of Nature is a strong global nuke that can do great damage during teamfights or help pick off enemies.

Pros / Cons


+ Very fast farmer.
+ Can backdoor easily.
+ Global Presence.
+ Sprout is good for setups.
+ Sprout gives flying vision.
+ Sprout can be cast on buildings to act as a glyph.
+ Can push really fast and melts towers.


- Sprout is easy to counter.
- Low HP and armor.
- Requires a good lane.
- Very weak to heroes with strong jump or global presence.
- Requires excellent map awareness.
- Sprout is unreliable.
- Wrath of Nature is hard to aim.
- Treants die fast to any AoE.


Sprout grows a ring of 8 trees around an unit. These trees work just like normal trees and can be eaten with Tangos or Nature's Call'ed. Monkey King can even jump on them. Sprout also gives you vision around where you cast it. It can be cast on targets or on the ground.

The way you will usually use this is to:

- Summon treants when pushing and there's no nearby trees.
- Make an enemy unable to move when trying to kill them.
- Get vision of an enemy trying to juke in the trees.
- Surround yourself with them to make the enemy lose vision of you so you can safely TP.
- Act as a Glyph, as the enemy will lose vision and this can delay the destruction of Ancient/Towers.

I recommend disabling Quickcast for this spell, as you will use it on yourself a lot and being able to quickly double tap the button is very important.


Don't Sprout allies that don't want to.
Don't Sprout yourself if the enemy has spells such as Meat Hook or Light Strike Array
Melee allies might not be able to attack Sprout'ed enemies.


Teleportation allows you to TP anywhere on the map. This gives you global presence and allows you to be there for any push, fight or gank. I also recommend disabling quickcast on this, as it can be used with a double tap to tp to fountain, something you will do a lot. Teleportation does not go into cooldown if cancelled and does not count as a cast until it is finished (which means that you can TP while invisible with Silver Edge.

The way you will usually use this is to:

- Escape by TPing to base.
- Courier snipe.
- Get kills (Be careful not to overextend).
- Rat push.


Don't TP somewhere too dangerous.
Don't TP into places where the enemy has vision when trying to gank.

Nature's Call

This spell is used on trees to summon Treants. They can be used to pull aggro or block neutral camps from spawning. They can also be used to block the enemy if you can micro them well, which is very strong if the enemy does not have Phase Boots.

The ways you will usually use this:

- Send them to soak the damage from a tower and hit it while you hit it too.
- Cut creepwaves.
- Last hit in bad lanes.
- Block camps.
- Block enemy heroes, a bit like how you block a creepwave.
- Farm camps and even ancients early on.
- Push.
- Destroy trees.


Avoid feeding Treants. They give high gold bounties.
Can be harmful to an allied Monkey King if you use it on a tree he's on.
Don't send Treants near enemies with spammable AoE nukes or cleave.

Wrath of Nature

Wrath of Nature is a global nuke that deals damage that increases with every hit.

So how do you actually use it?

- To deal nuke damage during teamfights.
- Get extra damage on an enemy you're ganking.
- Snipe enemies that might escape.

Also, remember to target it as far away from the target you want to hit, as the damage increases. Just be careful not to target too far away if there's too many units on the map. Also deals a total of 6662.3 damage at max level.

Interesting Bug?:

If you use this on a Meepo and it hits all of them, and one meepo dies it will spawn Greater Treants for every Meepo.


Don't spam it off cooldown. It's a strong ability that should be saved for when it's needed. If used during the laning phase it can mess up your mid and safelane.


2x Treants HP/DMG
+40 Attack Speed
+10 Armor
+30 Damage


No TP Cooldown
-4s Sprout CD
+4 Treants Summoned
+35 MS

Level 10:

+30 Damage is a lot at level 10. You already hit hard at this point with NP but this turns you into a very strong right clicker for a while.

Level 15:

+4 Treants is really good if the enemy has little AoE but sadly that's rare. +10 armor is a lot for a hero who is squishy and doesn't build armor items so it's a great talent to get.

Level 20:

+40 Attack Speed helps you attack a lot faster which has great synergy with all the damage items you build on this hero. -4s Sprout CD is good since it allows you to permasprout enemies but most of the time the attack speed is just better.

Level 25:

This one is a hard choice. No TP cooldown is amazing. 2x Treants HP and Damage is also fantastic. Most of the time the 2x HP on treants wont save you from them getting killed by AoE though and the No CD Teleportation means that you don't need TP scrolls at all.


Laning with Furion can be hard for someone who haven't done it before, and it's hard to explain with text so here's a video from iceiceice on Furion offlaning:

Is Midas worth getting?

7.19: Midas is just not a good item anymore unless you're Arc Warden.


Furion can buy almost any item and use it effectively, but different items work well in different situations meaning that he sometimes can be hard to itemize. I will not include the Mid lane starting items or Slahser's build here, because the Mid starting items should be self-explaining and I already have the video for Slahser's build put up here.

Starting Items

Because of the nerf to Boots you can no longer go for Tango + Boots + Clarity. This is fine though since NP has a high mana pool and you can use the free tp you start with to TP back to base to get your Phase Boots and heal up at the same time, and then use Teleportation to get back to lane.

Early game Items

These items will make you right click very hard. Phase Boots help you avoid getting blocked by your own treants as well. Drums is great for pushing early on which is something you want to do as Nature's Prophet.

The Orchid

Orchid Malevolence is a fantastic item on Nature's Prophet. It boosts your right click, gives you mana regen and allows you to silence your enemies. This is great when combined with Sprout. Try to get this by 16 minutes.

Items after Orchid

After Orchid Malevolence you usually want to get either some survivability or more damage. Black King Bar is great when the enemy has lockdown or if you're playing against heroes such as Storm Spirit. It makes you very hard to kill and you can even turn fights on Storms that jump you. Scythe of Vyse is almost always a fantastic item since it gives you more damage, more stats and a very strong active ability that allows you to hex enemies. Nullifier is great for more damage and the active but most of the time sheepstick is better. Mjollnir is a good item when you need more waveclear but it's also good for the raw damage.

Situational Items

Lotus Orb is a good item against silence, but it's also great if you want to save your carry or mid from getting locked down by stuns. Desolator is a good item on NP since it gives you armor reduction and damage, but it's an item that shines when you get it early. It is sometimes worth it but not very often. Necronomicon is similar. It's a great item but there's so much better stuff you can get on NP. While Necro 3 + Deso allows you to push towers stupidly fast the enemy generally doesn't let you do that unless you want to die for the towers. Silver Edge is a great item when up against heroes such as Spectre or Bristleback since you can break their passives and make them vulnerable for a while. This often becomes a must have item against these heroes. Boots of Travel is good if you didn't take the No Teleportation CD talent.


Here we have heroes that can easily kill you while you're pushing. Most of these heroes are hard to know if they are ganking, and some of them also have global mobility.

All of these heroes can quickly clear your creepwave or even cut your wave, making it very hard to push into the enemy. They also have very good high ground defense, making pushing for rax insanely difficult.

Heroes with the ability to remove trees fast are basically immune to Sprout and can help allies out of it. Both of these heroes also have good waveclear to get rid of treants and Beast can pick you off easily.

Good Allies

Heroes such as Invoker or Pudge make great allies thanks to Sprout. During laning you want to either lane solo or with a support with good harass such as Crystal Maiden.


V1: Made this guide.
V2: 7.01 Update
V3: Added Slahser's Way build
V4: Added more builds for different situations and added extra tips to the Treants section.
V5: Added more to the Offlane build and updated it to 7.05. Also remade the Items section.
V6: Pretty much remade everything.
V7: Updated to 7.06f, a bit remade for the contest.
V8: Updated to 7.19 and remade most of it.

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