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Looking for some help

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Forum » New Player Help » Looking for some help 7 posts - page 1 of 1
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Bikefish » August 7, 2015 7:47pm | Report
Hi, relatively new player here back after a long break. Im looking for some help improving both by play with the heroes I am comfortable with and expanding my pool of heroes I know. Before I go further, my stats. Some thoughts from my perspective.

--I feel most comfortable with Windranger. I enjoy the flexibility, tho I know Im not the best at applying that flexibility. I have had success running her as a solo offlane.
--While I have the most games with Crystal Maiden, I am having a hard time with learning the ward game. If I can get much better at that, I think I can run a #5 CM rather well (well, well for pubs).
-- Drow Ranger is my best from a win % view, but I don't feel like I'm great a picking or not picking her when its best for the team. I really like playing Drow, but always hesitate so as not to overpack a match with carries.
-- Mirana takes the cake with my best KDA, but I cant seem to find wins with her. I really like playing her, aside from wins being few and far between.
-- Ursa is somebody I picked up recently, and am still learning. He is fun, but I have lots of improving to do.
--The others that I have I ether did for challenges, or tried them and did not like the way they played.

I have two main questions. First, what can I do to improve my play with my current preferred heroes? Second, what heroes would you recommend based on those that I like/play well? Thanks in advance.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Krwiozerca » August 7, 2015 7:50pm | Report
Hello there.

Could you give us your Dotabuff account link? If you have match sharing enabled, you do have one. Just type your nickname into the google with "dotabuff" added.

For example, this is mine dotabuff account:

This really will help us helping you.

EDIT: You provided a proper link, how stupid I am.

Ok then, if this is your main account, then you probably need more games to get the feeling of what suits you. Dont get me wrong, it is good looking for an advice, but below 200 games it is not the time to be an established player. In my opinion, it is too early to be bothered by KDA on a certain hero.
  • If you want to improve on heroes you like, read the guides. That's what I did when I was "fairly new" into the game, which I consider to have like 500 games. I still read some guides too, but most of the stuff is basically predictable and I focus more on the formatting complaints :P.
  • I noticed that on your Windranger games you are getting the same item picks, which is: Phase Boots into Mekansm into Maelstrom. Are you picking those items just becuase the in-game guide tells you so? Again, I would recommend you to read some guides on Windranger and check other builds. If you think that your team has a better Mekansm carrier, suggest that and try to get something else instead, like Force Staff (I guess you prefer the supportive WR style more). Guides will help you with your itemization, since for a new player it is hard to make those decisions while you are in game, because you are not prepared for that. Learning the item picks is a crucial thing once your game number/MMR progress will increase.

    For example: In this game: you had an Omniknight, which is a good Mekansm carrier. Instead he was trying to finish Assault Cuirass. Did you try to communicate with him to discuss the Mekansm purchase? If that wasn't the case, next time try to suggest to pick an item, so that you can get something else (I know this can be impossible sometimes).

    In your Crystal Maiden games you also follow the same build, which is Arcane Boots, Ring of Basilius, Bracer and Aghanim's Scepter. You also pick exactly the same skills on the same levels in those last 3 games. I feel like you are following a pattern that worked once (or is working still), so you feel confident doing that. Well, it might be ok for now, but imagine a pro player picking the same items and the same skills in every game.
    There are over 100 heroes, dozens of items and combinations of skills. This game requires you to adapt to every situation. I know this might be overwhelming now, but it is necessery to achieve a next level of understanding Dota (hell I aint claiming I did, because I didnt).

  • Hero I would recommend you to play is:

    Jakiro - because he is fu*&(ng awesome, and also because he is a bulky support so he can surive some early harassment and he can live even when you will make a mistake. He has a spammable, annoying nuke that also work on towers (good for getting early advantage and disrupting the enemy carry ability to farm properly). You can also learn how to predict movement, because Ice Path requires you to do so, and we know that learing the tough way is the best way :)

So, this sum things up:
  • Read guides
  • THINK about Dota in free time, like when you are walking somewhere, before sleep, whatever. Think about what you could change in the last game (especially those you lost). Think about the heroes, try to remember all of their skills so that you are able to exactly tell all hero abilites without hesitation. It is a some kind of quiz I did to myself (still doing) and it is a CRUCIAL thing in teamfights and general decision making. Knowing what the other heroes do is also very helpful in laning stage (I mean allies and enemies).
  • Watch replays of your matches (especially the one you lost) - think about what could've gone better, which items were bad for you at the time. This however is best when you will read more about the items, heroes (all of them) and you will feel more comfortable with different itemizations in your games on certain heroes.

READ THE DAMN GUIDES, SOLDI... Excuse me, I got too excited. Ok, get to work! Hope I helped ya.

EDIT #2: here is my guide on Jakiro. I swear I will update it soon, guys!


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Bikefish » August 7, 2015 7:59pm | Report
I linked it in the OP under my stats, but here is is again.


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Steam: bikefish
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Bunkansee » August 7, 2015 9:12pm | Report
I play both Windranger and Crystal Maiden quite frequently and can maybe help you a little bit with both.

My general skill level is probably not much or any higher than yours, but I play with friends often which has given me many opportunities to play in High and Very High skill games, so I have a little big of knowledge of the higher brackets.

As already said you need to be a bit more flexible on your item choices, some games you may want to switch it up a bit. Looking at your windranger games I can say a few things.

Ring of Aquilla isn't particularly very good on non agi heroes, the only difference is you get a little more damage and a little more armour. In terms of money though, picking up a Ring of Basilius and then something like a Magic Wand doesn't cost any different, and you gain +4 all stats and a burst heal from the wand.

Mekansm is something I have a personal distaste for, but I'm not gonna tell you to stop buying it, because if you like the item on the hero then you should go for it. Tailor the build to your own style and it's fine. If you have another hero on your team who can buy it though, I'd recommend letting them buy it instead, because early game your mana pool is dreadful and the Mek heal costs a lot of mana.

I'd consider Blink Dagger as well or Force Staff. Positioning items are really useful on Windranger as they help you land shackle shot and surprise people when you gank them. You can even initiate with a double shackle if the opportunity ever arises.

I can maybe play a few games with you or coach some of your games if you'd like. But as far as I can see, you Skill build is good, but you maybe need to fiddle around with the item build a little bit. Mix it up sometimes.



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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Bikefish » August 7, 2015 9:26pm | Report
Thanks for the feedback guys. You are both correct in that I have mostly scripted builds. Thats part of my goal, to move from a scripted order to more "here is the good stuff for a given phase". I have noticed that Mech is not the best on WR, I really should try a Force Staff in its place. Been reading guides on all the ones I listed. Thanks for the offers of help.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by ChiChi » August 8, 2015 1:21pm | Report
Good luck! Also try other boots for Crystal Maiden. She really benefits from the armor, the regen and the added move speed from Tranquil Boots :)

As for warding, check out a guide on youtube that's like 5 minutes long or so, I really learned a lot from it (I think I linked it in my CM's guide also).

What I usually do to help me to adapt my build: use bots to edit your shopping list on the side, and add there everysingle item you think can be useful in the hero at some point. Then, in-game, try to analyse the enemy's picks, and consider what you need. From a support perspective: Do they have a lot of physical damage? Go for armor and perhaps a Ghost Scepter. If they have magical damage, consider a Glimmer Cape or Black King Bar. Against pure damage, on the other hand, go for more HP (a Bracer, an Urn of Shadows. After considering your enemies, consider your friends: what is missing? Like Krwiozerca said, perhaps there's a better Mech carrier. Perhaps nobody did a Pipe of Insight and that would be really helpfull. Perhaps nobody else is going Arcane Boots, in that case go for it. And so on.

Any specific doubt you have feel free to pm me too!

Also watch Bunkan's games if you can, he's a really competent Windranger (as a more aggressive and core style) and Crystal Maiden.

Credits to Janitsu!

Ammateurs coaching channel iei!


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by apaz » August 8, 2015 3:39pm | Report
Okay, so Arcane Boots usually isn't bought on Crystal Maiden unless it's part of Guardian Greaves. Usually, you'll want either just Boots of Speed or Tranquil Boots. Ring of Basilius can probably just be taken out of the build order entirely, because the mana that it gives is insignificant at best. CM actually has a really bad base INT, and what you really need is more INT, which is solved by Bracer and Magic Wand. Buy a wand. It can save your life, give you the mana necessary to secure a kill, and increase your survivability by a lot, all for cheap. Next, I would say, would be Eul's or Force, depending on the game. If you need more mana regen to farm or spam spells, get Eul's. If you really need the mobility, get a Force Staff, or even consider rushing a Blink Dagger if you can afford to. Other than that, Glimmer Cape, Black King Bar, and Ghost Scepter are good pickups too. I don't really see the need to buy a Refresher Orb though, as Freezing Field already lasts WAY more than long enough, and you probably will end up dying trying to get off a good ult anyway. It also has a relatively short cooldown, that keeps getting reduced every update.

My newest guide:

Picking up Skywrath


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