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Guraibu by R1ngleader

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By: R1ngleader
Last Updated: Oct 20, 2018
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The Eternal Undertaker


Guraibu the Eternal Undertaker is a very aggressive combatant, due to his base attribute, high agility gain and versatile skill set. He can move almost instantly to engage a fight or escape from it. The frightening jump scare that he makes whenever he hop out of the ground causes terror to enemy, which afflicts their strike. Undertaker's main tool of destruction, which is the mystical hoe of Catacomb, enables him to bore a damaging hole to put enemy on a static position, proven useful to punish them to death. Half of his capabilities are granted from the supreme ruler of the dead realm's grave, which he can summon magical vines that pulls enemy into nearby hole, and his ultimate; which allows him improvise his already existing abilities and movement.



Complexity: Melee ◆◆◇

Strength(main): 20+2.2 per level
Agility: 17+3.1 per level
Intelligence: 15+1.5 per level



Attack Damage: 48-52
Move Speed: 290
Armor: 2.0
Attack Range: 150
Attack/Sec: 0.62
Spell Amplification: 6%
Health: 200 (647.5 at level 1)
Health Regen: 1.5

Mana: 75 (255 at level 1)
Mana Regen: 0.9

Turn rate: 0.7
Vision range: 1700/1700
Projectile Speed: Instant
Attack Animation: 0.4+0.6
Base Attack Time: 1.65

Primary Abilities

Ability: Point Target
Damage type: Physical
Pierces spell immunity: No
Dispellable: Strong Dispels only

The Eternal Undertaker compels his mystical hoe to dig down the earth to create a hole large enough for enemy hero to be stuck. The hole roots and deals damage to anyone who fall into it. This ability also has a chance to stun enemy (an animation will be shown; nearby sand collapses and covers the hole).

Max hole count: 3
Hole duration: 40
Hole radius: 200
Damage: 105/120/135/150
Root duration: 0.8
Stun chance: 10%
Stun duration: 1.5

Mana cost: 100
Cooldown: 20/16/12/8

Guraibu shows you a little taste of what it feels like to be dead, with pleasure!

Additional Info
Undertaker's Impact
Ability: Target Area
Damage type: Magical
Pierces spell immunity: No
Dispellable: Yes

Burrows into the ground for a brief time and dashes onto target area, dealing damage to enemy and causing them to tremble. Tremble debuff impacts enemies' base on their attack type.

Melee hero debuff: Miss their attack for 9%/12%/15%/18%
Range hero debuff: Reduce their attack range for 50/100/150/200
Debuff duration: 5
Damage: 100/125/150/175
Range: 700/750/800/850

Mana cost: 70/80/90/100
Cooldown: 25/20/15/10

Beware where you stand. In the battlefield where you encounter Guraibu, the sand collapses without warning!

Additional Info
Call of the Catacomb
Ability: Passive
Damage type: Magical
Pierces spell immunity: Yes
Dispellable: Strong Dispels only

Adds a chance to Undertaker's attack that causes enemy to be ensnared by a wild vine. This vine is capable to mini-stuns and drags enemy to a nearby hole. If there are no hole existing, the vine would not proc mini-stuns but deals damage instead. When ultimate is activated, this ability can be proc onto all enemies who stands near Undertaker.

Chance: 10%/12%/14%/16%
Vine drag range: 500
Vine drag duration: 1.4
Damage: 100

The catacomb yearns for dead bodies to satisfy it's hunger.

Additional Info

Ultimate Abilities

Ability: No target
Affects: Self
Dispellable: Undispellable

The Overlord blesses Undertaker's capabilities and mobility, gaining upgrades to his abilities. Also increase move speed and change Undertaker attack animation, hitting all enemy who stands nearby.

Excavate: Increase the chance (+10%) for grave-collapse to stun enemy and max hole count (5).
Gravedigger Smack: Gains 3 charges (burrow range decreases by 150/300 between each use and refresh after 3 charges is gained.)
Call of the Catacomb: Faster vine pull (0.8s) and always deal damage.

Cast time: 1.1
Bonus move speed: 100/105/110
Duration: 20/22/24

Manacost: 100/150/200
Cooldown: 130/115/100

Oh, if you really desperate to see this final face, you must be dying to be buried by the notorious The Eternal Undertaker himself, aren't you?

Additional Info

Hero Talents

Gains Tremble aura (666 radius)
Change Excavate root to stun

+55 attack speed
-30s Intensification cooldown

+5 max hole count
+65 attack range

+25% exp gain
+10 strength



If ultimate is activated (will be explained later), all enemy that get pulled with vines can be dragged into the same hole with same damage.



Not to forget, even though The Undertaker's movement under ground is not a blink or instant, it renders him invisible to enemy for a short time and disjoints projectile upon casts.



As soon as the vine ensnares enemy, it mini-stuns them. When they are dragged into a hole, they can move, but only onto the direction of the hole and around it (works like Slark's leash), before they fall into the hole.



New attack animation is not activated when Disarmed (a huge counter to this ability)


Item build-up

Considering his base attribute, The Undertaker needs item that provide mana as well as damage because he is a potential right-click hero with an amazing (and fun!) skill set but low mana pool. Due to his main attribute being Strength, he has good health regen[/color] and regen amplification. So health would not be an issue (if played correctly. What he need is items that can co-operate with his attack speed, initiation, mana and mana regen, and abilities.

Undertaker can be either position 1 or position 3, depending on the match up. So, usually you will go carry at safelane and utility or tank at offlane so the build up varies.

Note: Items coloured in Orange is situational, Blue for Luxury, and Yellow for Core



I would like to thank Hades4u and Dr.D for helping me with formatting. Without their help, my hero concept would be a mess, if not messy enough. Also thanks to DotAFire for this opportunity.
I take credit to all parts of this concept including Hero Lore, Artwork and Descriptions as it was I who brainstormed, crafted and drawn the concept and arts.

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