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When We Decide to Pick Naga Siren

September 26, 2013 by Yasutsuna
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Tranquils + Soul Ring

DotA2 Hero: Naga Siren

Hero Skills

Eelskin (Innate)

Mirror Image

1 13 14 15


4 8 9 10

Rip Tide

2 3 5 7

Song of the Siren

6 11 16


12 17 18

When We Decide to Pick Naga Siren

September 26, 2013

Song of the Siren

Song of the Siren is a relatively effective skill which enables you to counter-initiate, messing up enemies setup, hold the enemy team in position until your allies arrive or help your whole team TP to safety.

Common Mistakes:
Use Song of the Siren to allow yourself to escape. You know that enemies become invulnerable while under the effect of this spell. This will cost your allies to waste precious spells that can actually help your favor like Sanity's Eclipse. You need your team to know that you're gonna use so they don't waste their spells.


Why Tranquil Boots and Soul Ring?

Early game, Naga Siren have a fairly weak pool of mana and she is relatively squishy. Her Rip Tide is the only thing that keeps people at bay from bashing her up as it has devastating effects. The point is you'll need to spam Rip Tide is their faces as much as possible to make them stay away.

Soul Ring will grant you the mana to do it. Tranquil Boots will replace your missing hit points, be it due to harassment or the Soul Ring.


Quelling Blade is a rather useful item for Naga Siren, thanks to her reduction of base damage by 12 in one of the patches, she needs it to get last-hits. Furthermore, she can juke with this little bugger, which is crucial for her so she doesn't get killed in early game. Healing Salve and Tangos are self-explanatory, you will need the regeneration at some point, thanks to the harassing. Iron Branch for the stats and to be used in the Magic Wand. Lastly, Clarity Pot. You can use it for extra mana before you get your Soul Ring or alternatively, just trade it for an Iron Branch.


Magic Wand is an upgraded version of your 3 Iron Branches. It is ridiculously cheap for the amount of regeneration it gives, up to the point it becomes a sin if you don't buy it. Ring of Aquila is a possible core item, although not a must-have in every game. If your support is gonna get Ring of Basilius and/or Vladmir's Offering, you can leave this aside. Ring of Aquila gives mana regeneration which you desperately need and a minor armor bonus which allows you to last longer in lane.

Diffusal Blade is a must-have for Naga Siren, unless you are playing a support role which will change this to Situational thanks to its active. Anyway, coupled with illusions, it deals bizarre amount of DPS and will drain your enemies' mana away within a couple of seconds, provided they survive. It also gives good agility, which your Mirror Image can use.


Yasha will be your next agility providing item which grants you more movement speed which allows you to chase easier. To be upgraded into Manta Style. Vladmir's Offering is fairly important later on as it gives your lifesteal that allows you to heal yourself up. You should be sure not to take this if someone else is planing to take it. If you're playing a pusher role, you should grab it as it will allow your melee creeps to last longer in creepwaves.


Manta Style provided agility and two more illusions. This is rather important when tankier heroes appear and you need to get rid of them faster by maximizing your damage output. If not, you can keep switching between Mirror Image and Manta Style's active to have illusions with you nearly the whole time. Butterfly will be one of your most sought-after item


If you're not under constant harassment, get Arcane Boots as it is more effective in Rip Tide spamming. If you're not under constant harassment and your support have gotten Arcane Boots, get Power Treads. If you're gonna get nuked to death, get Black King Bar. Let's ignore the fact that you're gonna be so big and reveal which is the real one since nukes will destroy your illusions and also show the real one.

If your initiator decides to slack off, you can get a Blink Dagger or Shadow Blade and hop in with Song of the Siren. Assault Cuirass lets you run a good negative armor synergy so it is approachable too. Daedalus is a core if you're going against heroes that are very tanky like Doom Bringer. Heart of Tarrasque is self-explanatory, just grab it if you have a load of cash, or to replace Vladmir's Offering.

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