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Welcome to the abyssal pain (updated)

September 28, 2012 by Dendrassil
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Welcome to the abyssal pain

DotA2 Hero: Tidehunter

Hero Skills

Blubber (Innate)


1 3 5 7

Kraken Shell

2 12 13 14

Anchor Smash

4 8 9 10


6 11 16


15 17 18

Welcome to the abyssal pain (updated)

September 28, 2012


The Tidehunter known as Leviathan was once the champion of the Sunken Isles, but his motives are as mysterious as those of his people. We all know the importance of the Drylanders' shipping lanes, how empires may rise and fall according to who controls the open water. Far less is known of the submarine lanes, and how the warring tribes of the Meranthic Diaspora have carved out habitations through endless undersea skirmishes. In the fragile treaties between the Mer and Men, we can glimpse the extent of the drowned empires, but their politics appear complex and opaque. It would seem that Leviathan tired of such petty strife, and set off on his own, loyal only to his abyssal god, Maelrawn the Tentacular. He stalks the shallows now in search of men or meranths who stray into his path, and with a particular loathing for Admiral Kunkka, who has long been his nemesis for reasons lost in the deepest trenches of the sea.


Summons a gush of water to damage an enemy unit, reducing their movement speed and armor. Lasts 4 seconds.

Kraken Shell
Creates a thick armor shell that reduces physical damage and removes negative buffs when damage received reaches a critical threshold. Kraken Shell does not stack with items that provide Damage Block.
Anchor Smash Anchor
Tidehunter swings his mighty anchor to damage nearby enemies and reduce their attack damage.
Slams the ground, causing tentacles to erupt in all directions, damaging and stunning all nearby enemy units.


Blink Dagger probably the best item on Tidehunter gives you the chance to initiate and start a fight or to escape.

Arcane Boots or Power Treads: Always go for Arcane Boots helps you and your team to have mana so you can keep cast spells without problem. You can go for Power Treads only if things going bad and you can't farm for Arcane Boots.

Pipe of Insight: This item give you 30% magic resistance witch is very good against magic damage spells and also its active gives to all allies in 500 AoE a shield that blocks 400 spell damage

Scythe of Vyse is very usefull to disabble an enemy hero and preventing him from casting spells.

Sentry Wards or or useful to detect stealthers.

Assault Cuirass is an item wich make you more tanky and its very helpfull to the team

Blade Mail is good for your survive ability cause it active reutrns any dmg back to the attacker

Black King Bar possible the best item against spell caster and magic damage dealers because of its active gives magic immunity.

Veil of Discord is a team fight item because of its debuff

This item is very good to silence and take disable a hero from using spells

Drum of Endurance is good team play item cause of it AoE aura and also because of its active witch gives attack & movement speed

Vladmir's is useful because it gives 4 AoE auras 1) +16% Lifesteal 2) +15% damage 3) +5armor 4)+0,8 mana regeneration

Smoke of Deceit is good to make you invisible and make a gang or initiation but also is good to make with you invisible your team so a gang can be more successful.

Gameplay Early/Middle/Late game


Early game your focus should be harassing. You want to keep the pressure on the opposing team members in your lane, if they give a window for you and your ally to take advantage of, go for it. The reason that I cannot express how important lane control is with Tidehunter is because of how much damage a simply Gush and Anchor Smash can do in combination. While it can be taxing on his mana, this is what a Magic Wand is for and if you decide to heavily roam, a Bottle can be of use for Tidehunter if you want to get it. Preference are just that: Each person's individual preference.

If anyone has a problem with this, you might want to have thought about that before. While it is possible to do well without getting the early farm, you will slow down a good 5 to 10 minutes without it. Pull whenever possible, get the last hits and repeat this constantly. If your lane partner has a good disable or a blink, go for a kill whenever they are ready and open the fight with Gush. It will most likely have more range and the armor reduction works really well as an opening attack. The combination from being able to take harassment and open up for a really easy kill or fast gank, makes Levithan a really good lane partner for heroes like Drow Ranger, Dazzle or Razor.

Hopefully a member of your team bought the courier at the start, so now you can buy Observer Ward as soon as possible and let, whoever is your Middle or a Ganker/Roamer works good too, place them as they check the runes or roam the map. If nobody wants to do this, when you go to pull place a ward then. Hopefully someone gets the hint that you are buying them, the least they can do is place them.

Your Goals Early Game:
Stacking Creeps and Pulling on Double Stacks
Start Lane Fights
Buy Wards

Things to Avoid Early Game:


During middle game your entire role is to force team fights by pushing lanes which gives you farm as well to keep purchasing Observer Ward, followed by the teamfight actually happening when enemies come to stop you and you all know when through the map control that you yourself are establishing. The only thing that you expect from your teammates is to be there when you use Ravage and get free kills. Who on Earth wouldn't want that? While you are roaming around, make sure to utilize the active effect of Power Treads and regenerate some mana on the Intelligence setting, the same goes for anytime you need just a little more mana.

Your Goals Middle Game:
Finishing Core
Baiting Team Fights
Buy/Place Wards
Roaming/Farming safely while Ravage is down

Things to Avoid Middle Game:
Having Ignorant Teammates
Having Ravage and your enemy team up at the same time


You want to constantly avoid being killed by your enemies because if you have not used Ravage yet, they will want to kill you before that happens. That is what Kraken Shell is good for as they shouldn't be able to just disable you down and kill you easily, they will have to work towards it. If you can salvage this situation by using Ravage and reversing a good initiation or gank by your opponents, by all means, do so. Just make sure that you do not waste it.

In the later courses of the game, you cannot afford to leave any survivors. Before you perform Ravage make sure that a greater majority of both teams are there for the best effect. If you do not, that could cost you the entire game. Just one bad ultimate. However, one good ultimate, can win you the game right then, right there. Playing Tidehunter brings this kind of gamble into the match, but if played correctly and left unchecked, you can be one hell of a problem for the opposing team.

Your greenGoals[/color] Late Game:
Avoid Death
Buy/Place Wards
Avoid Death
Buy/Place Counter Wards
Farming safely while Ravage is down
Avoid Death

Things to Avoid Late Game:
Having Ravage and your enemy team up at the same time


Observer ward. It costs 200 gold, and you get 2 stacks with one purchase. The shop will start off with 2 in stock, and that is the max. If the shop has less than 2, it will take 6 minutes for it to gain another stock.

Why do you get wards?

-1600 range vision around it to see important areas

-Block neutral camps from spawning

Keep in mind important areas change depending on how your game plays out. Are you going for a pushing/ganking/turtling strategy? How far in to the game is it? Which towers are down?

The 1600 range vision might not mean much to newbies, so I can also phrase it like this: most heroes have 1800 range vision during daytime. Whatever the ward will see is slightly less than whatever your hero will see from that same spot. And yes, that means wards also can't look through trees or uphill.

The support hero should be getting the wards, but someone better get it if they're not. It can help you gank or prevent ganks, decide when to push and back out safely, and gain overall map control.

RED - Rune Wards
Yellow - Upercliffs Wards
Pink - Lane/aggresive/defensive Wards
Green - Jungle Wards
Blure - Push Wards
White - Very Situational
Purple Lines - Block the pointed nutral camp from spawing


Removed Quelling Blade from core items also removed Vanguard from situational items cause doesn't stack with passive Kraken shell . Also added to situational items Perseverance which will help if you have mana problems and later you can upgrade it to Refresher Orb

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