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The All-New Rikimaru!

September 1, 2013 by Yasutsuna
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Dagon-Based Rikimaru

DotA2 Hero: Riki

Hero Skills

Smoke Screen

7 9 13 14

Blink Strike

2 4 10 12

Tricks of the Trade

1 3 5 8

Cloak and Dagger

6 11 16


15 17 18

The All-New Rikimaru!

September 1, 2013


This guide is a troll. Do not really consider using it, unless you're trying to be funny.

Because I am feeling rather bored of typing constructive guides, I decided to make a troll guide on Rikimaru, prolly one of the few most used heroes. Now, this guides starts with using Dagon!


Although I not a big fan of Dagon but I find it amusing to give to Rikimaru. I will explains the items as I go.

Starting Items



Why Blades of Attack? Originally I wanted to use Quelling Blade, but I realize it would not be cost-efficient if I were to rush Dagon and Diffusal Blade at the same time. So, I decided to get Blades of Attack so I can finish up my Armlet of Mordiggian in time.

Picking Your Lane

As usual, go to the sidelane. You will need to a supporter, preferably a melee one who will get Vladmir's Offering. Why? Because using Armlet of Mordiggian uses hit points, as we know and we don't want to walk around the place HP-naked.

It is not vital to lane with a melee supporter. But, it is vital that someone holds Vladmir's Offering in a teamfight, be it Anti-Mage or Naga Siren.

Boots of Preference


Originally, I wanted to opt for Arcane Boots since Dagon takes up a ****load of mana. Then, as I play, I realize the INT bonus provided by Staff of Wizardry and Null Talisman is enough to cover up the cost. So, I chose Power Treads, the regular pair of boots for Rikimaru. Because you are generally squishy, especially in this build, I would suggest you micro the boots. STR when your hit points are orange, AGI when you want to last hit/gank.

Core Items




Why Dagon, anyway? It gives a 400 red lightning damage. Apart from the fact that red lightning looks cool, it allows you to last-hit on a hero during the early games, making you a KS-er. Anyway, if you are killing someone and that someone happens to get out of your attack range and your Blink Strike is on cooldown, just ZAP him!

Armlet of Mordiggian is taken to make up for his horrible attack speed. If you want to take Maelstrom, it's fine too. But, Armlet of Mordiggian is most cost-effective if you're gonna get Manta Style later on...

Diffusal Blade is a must. Don't opt for an Mask of Madness is this build. You're squishy enough and already lack AGI, so getting Diffusal Blade is the only way you can make up for this. Not to mention you are PURGE someone from exiting your smoke...




A pretty standard Manta Style. Remember to activate le Armlet of Mordiggian before using since it will give the STR bonus to your illusions. Butterfly is also a standard item for Rikimaru, so go for it!

You can go for a Heart of Terrasque or even a Divine Rapier, but I suggest you rising your amount of AGI to the highest point possible.

It is possible to get Ethereal Blade so you can ZAP your target extra hard. Also, get the supporter to get Veil of Discord if possible, we want to amplify your Dagon's amazing damage output.

Once you're settled, get a Boots of Travel to finish up, although there's a high chance you will not get this far.


Because you have an awesome Dagon with you, you can choose to support your teammates or KS their kills. Just remember to make that 1 shot count. Preferably have a supporter that takes up Arcane Boots, too so you can cast Dagon as frequently.

After that, you will assume your regular role as a Carry. Thanks to the boost ol' Dagon gives in the early game, you should be fairly rich and loaded with golden bling.

Just play Rikimaru like you would play any Rikimaru. Don't die, obviously, or this build will backfire to you.

Good part is, if you really feed so badly to the point of no return, you can always be the Support Riki and walk around scouting ambushes. (This part is meant to be a joke and should happen. I mean, never.)


It's time I end this troll guide. The last match I did using this was in a DotA Vanilla game with a K/D of 33-5-5 and my second match got 26-2-10. Do know that this will only work in low level pubs and will never work against pros. Reason?

They will take advantage of your squishness is the later part of the early game and literally butt rape you alive.

: Witness the power of Dagon on me!!
-Riki Martin

If in one way or another, you find a better way to use this guide, do tell me. It's fun when trollers help each other. XD

- Yasutsuna

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