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Sven stands ready...

December 13, 2018 by NapoleanBornToParty
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Feel my blade!

DotA2 Hero: Sven

Hero Skills

Storm Hammer

2 5 8 14

Great Cleave

1 4 7 13


3 9 11 16

God's Strength

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+1s Storm Hammer Stun Duration
+50% God's Strength Damage
-5s Storm Hammer Cooldown
+25 Movement Speed
Storm Hammer Dispels Enemies
+15% Lifesteal
+2.5 Mana Regen
+7 Strength


Welcome to my third Guide-I'm NapoleanBornToParty.Please post a comment on how you feel about this guide.So let's get started

Sven-A very strong hero for me , can screw up a bunch of heroes solo if used correctly.
His cleave is better than any other hero or any other item.
He can kill off an entire team if used correctly.Extremely good at team fights.

Start & Laning

Recommend your team to pick a good a support who can harass people in the lane.You need as much as last hits as possible.
Even a hero like Magnus could do.His Empower can add to your cleave damage.

You will also need a Quelling Blade to increase your cleave damage on creeps.

Sven's mana pool is very weak.You need good mana regen before anything else.Start by building your Oblivion Staff.This will be built into Echo Sabre later on.

Get your Power Treads next.Keep switching from str to intel when you go low on mana for regen.Gives you decent attack speed too.

Sven is very much farm dependent.He needs really costly items and also good survivability in the jungle to farm fast.So i go for Morbid Mask next.

I usually start farming at this stage but also keep an eye on your lane.You can farm there too.If a creep wave is about to push on the tower,defend it.You can clear them off quickly with your cleave.

Mid Game & Farming

The first major item Sven needs to deal with his mana problems is Echo Sabre.In addition to solving your mana problems it also gives good amount of damage and attack speed.

Get a Clarity too.Pop your Warcry often to farm with the extra attack shield.

I know Blink Dagger is core on Sven in many guides.But I feel it's situational. Sven does really good burst damage and i feel he would benefit more from an item which gives him more attack speed.So i get a Shadow Blade. People say his skills and low mana pool can't deal with SB but i really haven't faced such problems.Just read my guide completely and you'll know how and why.

The next item is core on Sven.It is very important and useful in teamfights.The Black King Bar.There ain't no better BKB carry than Sven.

Items so far:
1) Echo Sabre
2) Power Treads
3) Morbid Mask
4) Shadow Blade
5) Black King Bar

Late Game

This is the part of the game where Sven shows his dominance.Late Games usually have teamfights and Sven can snowball people(well only if he gets good damage on his cleave).

Start building your Crystalys.It's crit is hugely beneficial to Sven not just to kill but also to farm and clear out creep waves in 2-3 hits.

Now previously i mentioned to read my guide properly while talking about Shadow Blade and Sven's mana problems.The next item i will build will totally solve his mana problems.The Bloodthorn.Not only will it solve your mana problems but will also give you good attack speed,something which Sven really needs.You can even silence someone and beat the **** out of him.The silence also gives you true strike.People usually go for Daedalus and even i used to before,but i feel Bloodthorn is better on Sven.

Sven needs to survive in teamfights to use his full potential.So i get a Satanic.Use this carefully.Don't pop it at the start of any fight.Use it when you're below 50% HP.

The reason why i build Shadow Blade is because i updgrade it to Silver Edge.It really gives good stats and Sven benefits from these stats a lot.Another reason I can give why i feel Blink Dagger is situational is,Suppose you're facing Bristleback, you blink and initiate..but what then? you can't stop his spray and he will just turn around and take damage on his back and spray even more.With Silver Edge hit him once,stun him and then silence him with Bloodthorn and he's dead!!

Get Boots of Travel so you can rat a bit.Also people just run when they see Sven and you need that extra movement speed to chase them.

Again,attack speed is most important on Sven.Now since you're 6 slotted the last item you get is Moon Shard and consume it.

Situational Items

Sven is not very much versatile and his "Luxury" or "Situational" item options are limited.

Before anyone lays hate on me,I'll mention Blink Dagger.Get it if you still prefer it over Shadow Blade.

Next item, Daedalus.Get this if you prefer it over Bloodthorn as both are upgraded from Crystalys.

If you face heroes who can bash you and limit your damage,make Heaven's Halberd.It gives you a bit of evasion too.It's good.Although you have to sacrifice 1 item from the original build.So choose wisely.

Bloodthorn deals with Sven's mana problems and with Boots of Travel you can always TP back to replenish mana.So you can consider sellng your Echo Sabre or keeping it in your backpack and getting an Assault Cuirass.The attack speed and armor it gives is really good.Also in teamfights the armor aura stacking with Sven's Warcry is a massive boost to the team.

Good combo with..

The first and best hero Sven can have a massive wombo combo is Magnus
A well timed Reverse Polarity with all enemy heroes and your cleave is a dream...a dream...
I did get a rampage once with this combo.

Second i would say Enigma
A well timed Black Hole and your cleave and "They're all dead"!!!!!

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