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Support Enigma - A sophisticated vacuum machine

February 24, 2013 by nobleteam1337
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Support >:)

DotA2 Hero: Enigma

Hero Skills

Gravity Well (Innate)


2 4 7 8

Demonic Summoning

1 5 9 10

Midnight Pulse

3 12 13 14

Black Hole

6 11 16


15 17 18

Support Enigma - A sophisticated vacuum machine

February 24, 2013

Introduction :)

This is my first guide for a support-based enigma, in fact, for any hero. And I am determined to keep it simple. How I fell in love with this hero is totally by chance. Since this is my first time, please leave constructive criticism and nothing too hurting. Thanks.

Enigma is not your average nuker-type intelligence hero, he is more of a disabler, initiator and slow AOE dmg dealing hero. Not only is he a sophisticated vacuum cleaner but when used in the right moments, he can turn the tide of battle and serious piss your opponents off. In my honest opinion, I prefer to look at enigma as a support-based pain the ****ing ***, for the opponents of course.

When to pick Enigma (SYNERGY):

Three of my favourite allies:

This guy is Enigma's best friend, and it is probably because of his ultimate, Chronosphere that makes it much easier for Enigma to land Black Hole.

Raigor's Fissure will stop the enemy from escaping Black Hole. His ultimate, Echo Slam is also useful for team fights, assuming the opponents are close together, which gives you a chance to use Engima's ultimate at the same time.

Dazzle's Shallow Grave can buy you enough time (if the enemy is focusing on taking you out) to cast your ultimate. Weaver Armor is helpful too, as it adds survivability.

To list a few others:

Outworld Devourer
Crystal Maiden
Shadow Fiend
Ancient Apparition
Dark Seer Repositioning helps alot! Vacuum is Black Hole's younger brother.
Zeus Static Field spam. Cast more spells!
Jakiro Your friendly neighborhood spammer.
Alchemist Acid Spray + Midnight Pulse + Black Hole = Game Over BRO.

Pick Enigma when there are heroes who can deal massive AOE damage, as Black Hole can reposition enemies and buy enough time for:

1. Your teammates to rape the black holed heroes.
2. AOE Nukes preferably or nukes in general.

When not to pick Enigma:

I'm just going to list heroes that are counters against Enigma, in my personal experience these heroes rips apart Enigma's Black Hole, which is his bread and butter or signature move. Heroes with long stuns/slows are a big no-no. Without your ultimate, Enigma is an ant waiting to be squished.

In order of ****:

Drow Ranger
Batrider His lasso will **** you up so bad. Be careful.
Naga Siren's Ensnare
Doom Bringer's Doom. Annoying for any hero.
Slardar Watch out for his stuns.
Treant Protector

Some weird exceptions:

Pudge Assuming he is skilled with his hook.
Timbersaw Although rarely seen, he can use his Chakram in positions where he thinks you will Black Hole.

And any other heroes who loves separating you from your lovely team and stunning/slowing you for longer than average.

However, you can still pick Enigma as long as your team knows which hero to focus on. But it would be wise to pick another hero if the enemy team has two or more of the heroes listed above. Unless your team REALLY knows their ****.

Enigma in a nutshell.

Notable Mentions:

Galaxis*ALL* For being a self-replicating rapist ( Phantom Lancer)
F/S/First For being the BEST Dazzle, except that he died towards the end of the team fight.


Foxoj*ALL* For being the best AFK Drow Ranger, had some personal business to attend to.

Confused Players:

That Riki in my team (forgot his username), I'm not sure if he's trolling us or purposely feeding. He silences the wrong heroes, attempts to initiate with a 100 hp left and a host of other confusing tactics. He must be a very good troll.


I normally play it safe with Enigma, especially his early minutes of the game. I pick up a Ring of Protection for more survivability and later it can be built into a Ring of Basilius. Animal Courier because we are playing support, unless someone already got it. 3 Iron Branch for some basic attributes, which is helpful early on, can be built into a Magic Wand if needed; insta-heals help sometimes. And 2 Clarity for Enigma's initial mana usage (fairly inefficient). We continue with Power Treads and Blink Dagger first if there are constant team ganks or Mekansm for increased team survivability in team fights. Getting both is highly recommended, not only can you blink into their faces and use your ultimate but you can be a semi-tank with Mekansm. Close to the end, if it lasts that far anyway, you can build a Refresher Orb. Nothing says f*** you like 2 back to back Black Holes. And just for the LOL, Heart of Tarrasque can be built to make you into the ultimate tank vacuum machine hybrid. Black King Bar is helpful for heroes who spam magic, please note that Bane, Vengeful Spirit and Beastmaster all have skills which can disrupt Black Hole even with Black King Bar present. Also look out for opponents using Skull Basher, it might have a chance of disrupting team synergy.


First off, we put 1 point into Demonic Conversion for increased farming and a higher chance of first blood, if your opponent is stupid enough to waltz into your Eidolons. Continuously. We then continue with Malefice for some basic stunning, and 1 point into Midnight Pulse for Tower defense. It helps keep away melee heroes who attempts to push early game. It can also stop certain heroes from advancing, especially ones who have already taken quite a bit of damage. We then proceed to max Malefice ASAP. For the rage inducing stun intervals, 3 instances when maxed. And then Demonic Conversion for an even higher farm and push rate. Jungling is a viable option to farm gold until you get your core items (mid game items). And like the majority of heroes, put a point in Black Hole whenever possible. It is your bread and butter skill (mentioned it before) and it is one of the most rage-inducing ultimates ever. Remember that when casting Black Hole, casting Midnight Pulse before that can increase the damage heroes take when stuck in the hole of doom.

Team Work

Okay guys, this Enigma guide is for a support Enigma. I mean, REALLY. What else can he do? He can't really be a nuker, his cast times are so ****ing slow, so team work is crucial when playing Enigma. If done right, your team will be unstoppable. Playing Enigma requires players to think ahead, or have some type of foresight. Remember, when casting his Black Hole, there is quite a bit of delay, especially with the channeling and whatnot. So instead of casting it where the enemy is, cast it where you think the enemy will go next, or move next. It doesn't have to be 10 miles away it can be slightly to the right, left or bottom... You get the idea. :) This way, you can stop them from reorganizing their attacks and give enough time for your team to finish the opponent(s). When your opponents attempt to run, Malefice can finish them off (sometimes considered ksing) or give your allies enough time to do so. All in all, be in every team fight, your teammates need you, you will be the hero that will change the tide of the game.



Oh sh*t! A SINGLE (I REPEAT, SINGLE) enemy hero has managed to creep up to you when you are farming/jungling or doing 'something'. And the worst part is, there is no one close to you to help deviate the problem. One tactic I created when dying many, many times during farming/jungling periods is to stay close to creeps so you can cast Demonic Conversion. This increases your chance of running away if the opponent carelessly left his auto-attack unattended, this can also increase your chance of killing him. However, before attempting to kill the hero make sure he has low hp (preferably not a strength hero) or does not have unique attack modifiers that **** up your chance of killing him, Viper. After casting Demonic Conversion, cast Midnight Pulse if the opponent is intent on killing you, then try to stun him with Malefice. The attacks of your Eidolons and Enigma itself has a chance of actually killing that specific hero. However, in most cases, Enigma dies. Which is why it is extremely important that he is close to allied heroes, which transmutes to a lower chance of being raped.

Pushing Lanes:

Spawn your Eidolons when close to enemy creeps (do not attack with the 3 basic Eidolons unless there are creeps nearby) this causes them to multiply which will increase the speed of downing towers and other creeps. Simple Logic.

Saving Teammates from the jaws of death:

Malefice can help stop an enemy hero pursuing an ally, this is extremely crucial if the ally running away is your team's carry. Even more so if it is early game, you want to make sure your team's carry is well fed. Midnight Pulse might help 'alleviate' pursuers too.


Enigma is a great support hero. His goal is not to ks but to give carries and other heroes opportunities in which they will lack if not for your AMAZING Black Hole. If you utilize foresight and Enigma's skills well, you stand a chance of making the opponent writhe in anger and confusion and hopefully lowering their level of rational thinking. In which will aid your battle, your fight and ensuring your team's win. Expect to get little kills, and many assists, you are a support anyways.

If you didn't find my guide up to par, you might want to check out Reed's Guide. It is extremely SMEXY.

Good Luck and Have Fun.

Be more than a vacuum machine. Be Enigma.

Notes :D

I will continue to make this guide more and more complex. And hopefully better in the process. I look forward to the community's constructive criticism.

Thanks for reading the guide.

<3 you all!

If you want to use parts of my guide leave a comment and remember to include me in the citations. :)


4/2/2013 - BKB immune skills added. More Anti-Enigma Heroes. And Synergy Heroes. Youtube Demo added, played by me. Thanks for the suggestions.

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