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Supah's Guide to the Omniscience

October 3, 2013 by [deleted]
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Brugriff | October 17, 2014 6:03pm
You can't max Purification by level 5, I'm afraid.
[deleted] | December 18, 2013 8:51pm
Alrighty, Ive tested some stuff, ill remake the guide. Ive realized that some ((most)) of my info is wrong, and I'll fix it. Thanks for everyones feedback!
Catkillerfive | October 7, 2013 3:10pm
I don't like this guide, at all.

First of, Repel is a much better lvl 1 skill than Purification. Why? Because it protect against magic damage and effects like stuns and slows. A 90 heal/damage spell is not worth it (Unless your going for lvl 1 first blood, but that require a lot of team-work).

There is also a big flaw to your item build as well, WARDS. Omniknight can be played as a #5 farm priority (AKA: Hard Support) due to his high survivability and powerful spells. Buying wards is a chore for heroes like Omni. Not a option.
The Radiance is "Fine" (But I DO NOT AT ALL recommend it). But I don't like the Mjollnir pickup because your damage is pretty **** to begin with (Omni actually have a surprisingly low str gain for a tank like him). If your going to buy a Attackspeed item, I'd go for a Assault Cuirassunless you already have a AC or it's better for someone else to pick it up (Like Alchemist or Huskar).

I'd also like to put up a list of Fiends and Foes:

Huskar, It increase his already high survivability against nukers.

Spirit Breaker, this will make him almost impossible to stop his charge and will already make a already dangerous hero impossible to kill.

Ursa, he is a bit squishy early game, Repeling him will make him able to do a full combo, wiping the floor with there guts.

Any fast BKB builders like: Phantom Assassin, Shadow Fiend, Troll Warlord and Luna + more.

Any hero with a powerful channeling spell like: Enigma, Witch Doctor, Crystal Maiden, Bane and Pudge (Repeling Pudge will make him immune against self damage from Rot as well).

Centaur Warrunner , this will make it easier to land Stomp and allow him to cast Double Edge with no self damage. Will also make a perfect Stampede initiation (If he go first).

Enchantress, She is very prone to nuke damage due to her low str gain. She is already tanky against right-clicks. But making her immune to magic damage can make her reach havoc on the battlefield.

Bloodseeker, Why is he foe when you say he is friend. Reason is because his Ult goes through Magic Immunity (It's HP Removal, not magic damage). His silence is also really good on you since you normally are a very ****ty right-clicker.

Spirit Breaker, SB and Omni is in a love/hate relationship. SB Bash goes right through Magic Immunity. Effectually locking down whoever SB is focusing.

Any hero with Silence: Silencer, Drow Ranger, Death Prophet, Skywrath Mage, Night Stalker, Doom Bringer, Orchid, etc..

Beastmaster, his ult goes right through Magic Immunity, and his Boar's right click goes through Magic Immunity as well.

Diffusal Blade, If you didn't know; Diffusal blade active effect remove Repel.

Necrolyte, His Hearthstopper auro is HP Removal, and his ult stun effect goes through Repel (Not damage however).

I'd look into my guide on Omni on Steam for a more detailed info on Items and skillbuild:


Witch Doctors ultimate is physical damage, not magical.
GotYou | October 7, 2013 9:09am
I dont agree with leveling the heal and degen aura first. Usually if you are supporting your carry you either face a contested lane (tri vs tri or even in duo vs duo) in which you desperately need the repel. Furthermore, since you wont be getting much levels, even if you get the pulls off, you will be running around in midgame w/o repel, which is horrible.
The only reason I see to get purification and degen aura is to get kills early on, which against smart people one will still not get and wherefore there are by far better heroes.
soyacan (1) | October 6, 2013 5:09pm
Your skill build is messed up. You can't max Purification by level 5 and you have no upgrades for level 7
Tikru8 (4) | October 3, 2013 11:35pm
Agree with miishin. The level 1 Repel is such a lifesaver when getting ganked / just about to die. Level 1 Purification heals less than 1 HP per mana spent (90 HP for 100 mana). Given your tiny mana pool it is a baaad tradeoff and IMHO shold only be used in case of emergency before Purification is level 2.

I highly recommend going Repel- Purification- Purification then Repel or Degen Aura .

The item build is nice but it is a (utility) support item build, not a carry item build ;)
[deleted] | October 3, 2013 7:57pm
Why are you leaving Repel until level 10??? It's a lot more useful as a save at level 1 than Purification.
Trust me when I tell you this. Whoever lanes with Omniknight are going to be relying on you for heals. Not much for magic invuln until the battle heats up later in game. I'm going to post a game play example as to why Purification is best leveled first later.
miishin (2) | October 3, 2013 7:37pm
Why are you leaving Repel until level 10??? It's a lot more useful as a save at level 1 than Purification.
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