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Storm Spirit, Rolling on Plebs...

November 11, 2012 by mitchapalooza
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Storm Spirit


n. A vulgar or coarse person.

I present to you a guide to the way I play Storm Spirit. My main motivation to making this guide was that most guides on this website are designed to build a Bloodstone first. I don't really agree with building that item first, and the fact that your killing potential is much higher with Orchid Malevolence. I enjoy rolling on plebs that are stupid enough to isolate themselves from their team. I hold Storm Spirit dearly to my heart because of how much respect he demands when this hero is on the map. The style I like playing Storm Spirit that is able to carry though out the game. Storm Spirit is an item dependent hero, but if you are able to keep up farm and reach your main item at the twenty minute mark you can reach Storm Spirit's potential of a killing machine.

Though this hero is not recommended to new players because of the Positioning and awareness this hero requires to use at full potential, this guide is designed for players that have games on their belt, but aren't exactly sure how to play Storm Spirit.


Redundant Pros/Cons

  • Highly Gankable before level 6
  • Requires mana awareness
  • Must have positioning skills to use at full potential through out the game
  • Silence duration's will be your enemy
  • Item Dependent

Them Abilites

Pre 10:00 Laning

Starting Items
Starting with three Iron Branch give you plus three stats and conveniently builds nicely into a Magic Wand later into the game. The Tango will give you some hp regeneration, and the Mantle of Intelligence can be optional since it is only purchased to give you a bit more last hitting power. With 200 Gold to spare, you are 400 Gold closer to rush a Bottle at 2:00.

5:00 into the game
Having your Bottle and at least Boots of Speed you can control your runes, and keep on farming. You don't really want to start ganking until you are level six with Ball Lightning.

7:00 into the game
You should have your Power Treads and start looking for opportunities to start ganking. Ganking a lane with a teammate that has a stun likely guarantees a kill unless you or your teammate ****s up.

Let's do some math to show your damage output assuming you are at least level 6.

You role onto your target with Ball Lightning, then you auto attack the target once which gives you 65 base damage plus 30 magical damage from Overload. Then you use Electric Vortex and proceed to auto-attack again with 65 base damage plus 30 magical damage from Overload. Finally you use Static Remnant for 140 magic damage follow by one more auto-attack with 65 base damage plus 30 magical damage from Overload. That is a 425 damage output and for the sake of armor and magic resist, we will subtract 100 from this. You still are producing 325 damage from you a lone. This hero uses extreme positioning to use him at his full potential.

20:00 into the Game

Hoping that you are scoring a few kills while still farming consistently, you need to have Orchid Malevolence . This item raises your kill potential through the ****ing roof. THE ****ING ROOF . This item let's you easily pick off supports that dare stray away from their team, chain disables with your team and your Electric Vortex, and gives you 150% Mana regeneration with 30 attack speed and 55 attack damage. If you are able to get this item even before 18:00 minutes you are a killing machine well on your way to snowballing, with no semen included. Soul Burn silence and amplifies the damage by 30%, let's you nuke down plebs with your combo. Though don't fall into the trap of "Derp, I have my item and now I can just roll on to any pleb, derp.". You still need awareness of where the enemy team is on your map or you will find yourself in awkward positions.

Picking off stranglers that are ******ed enough to just stand around even with vision of you deserve to ****ing die like the plebeians they are. At this point of the game, showing your dominance to the enemy team will make them play super passively. Picking off heroes is all about experience of the player. Knowing when to jump on to someone and when not too can only be learnt through playing a lot of games.

How well you do beyond this point is really up to you.

BKB or Linken's Sphere or Scythe ????

Tough decisions are to be made in this game. So what do you get after you get your main item Orchid Malevolence??? I will try to help.

Black King Bar
This item is ****ing great, no matter what game magic immunity is ****ing awesome. The cost of this is 1275 Gold cheaper of Linken's Sphere and 1775 Gold cheaper of Scythe of Vyse. The item gives you immunity of all magic other than a few I can name on the top of my head: Hellfire Blast, Berserkers Call , Ensnare , Entangling Claws , Fiend's Grip. Okay back to if you should buy this item. I would purchase this if you had bought Orchid Malevolence after 23:00 into the game and are still having a hard time keeping up with farm. This item will ensure that you are able to stay alive during team confrontations. It's relatively cheap for what it provides to you.

Linken's Sphere
If you are well off and have been rolling face onto to the enemy team, this is a giant luxury item. You are given stats with the ability to block many single target abilities. I buy this if I feel my team has enough disables and I am not being focused down in team fight.

Scythe of Vyse
If you need one more disable, this is arguably the best item in the game. Disables the target for 3.5 seconds and let's your team focus down onto the target.

Final Thoughts

This was meant to help newer Storm Spirit players build an item that is able to help kill your targets. The guide wasn't built for player knowing what they are doing. I wanted to target the newer players so I hope they will take a look at this guide instead of trying to build a thirty minute Bloodstone.


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