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Spud Gun Goes Pew Pew!

September 11, 2017 by WhosNuker
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Right Click God

DotA2 Hero: Techies

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Early Game

Mid Game

Late Game

Ideal Final Build


Hero Skills

Proximity Mines

2 3 5 7

Stasis Trap

11 13 14 16

Blast Off!

1 4 6 8

Remote Mines

9 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+251 Attack Damage
+25 Mines Movement Speed
+60 Movement Speed
+150 Gold/Min
+300 Blast Off Damage
+4 Mana Regen
+30% XP Gain
-4s Proximity Mines Cooldown

Spud Gun Goes Pew Pew!

September 11, 2017


Hey guys it's me WhosNuker back with another guide. This time on one of my most favorite heroes (Yes I know it's sad) Techies. Techies is a very fun hero to play and I.M.O. can be played in many different ways. Without further ado, let's get started.

Pros and Cons


    -Very obnoxious
    -Very safe hero to play
    -Good in mostly every stage of the game
    -Good nuking potential
    -Great wave clear

    -Low armor and health
    -Pretty bad movement speed
    -Little hard to get going
    -Can give enemy lots of gold[/list


In this section, we will be discussing the skill set of Techies. Most of you probably already know them as you've been either destroyed or watch someone get destroyed by him but I'll still explain it for the new players or new Techies players.
    -Good Damage
    -Increases in Damage as you skill
    -Satisfying to get a kill with
    -Can be destroyed
    -If destroyed, gives enemy money
    -Semi Mana Expensive
    -Semi Long Cooldown
    -Revealed without True Sight
Usage: What you want to do with these mines is hide them in the secret shop tree lines and the tree lines on the other side of the secret shop. Do your best to hide them in tree areas where the enemy won't be able to see them but will still be close enough to trigger them. Note that as you level up this skill, already placed down mines will get their damage increased as well. Make sure you mine up everything in tree lines during lane even if the enemy knows they're there after a while. The reasoning behind this is towards the later stages, an unsuspecting enemy may run in there for a Town Portal Scroll or something if they are low and get blown up.
    -Hidden without True Sight
    -Decent root duration
    -Good root radius
    -Decent activation radius
    -Semi Mana Expensive
    -Long Cooldown
    -Destroys nearby
Stasis Trap when activated
-Gives gold to enemy if destroyed

Usage: For the Stasis Trap, you want to put them close to the middle of 3 Proximity Mine but not all the way in the middle. Note to put the Proximity Mine in a triangle formation. This keeps the enemy rooted and unable to destroy your mines and guarantees that your mines blow up unless there is another enemy around. You can also casually put a few of these in team fights or in base as a defense.
    -Decent Damage early
    -Can be used to deny
    -Silences enemies
    -Damages you 60% of your health
    -Can be interuppted
    -A little small bit mana costly
    -High chance of death if used incorrectly
Usage: For this skill, you should hide in the tree lines and watch the enemy. You are best paired with a harassing hero which I will discuss later, but you can find it here. If the enemy is low or your laning partner is doing good damage and you think this extra damage will help secure the kill, use it. Just keep in mind there is an activation delay. (Important Note: Do not only use this skill for kills. You can but it will start to piss off your teammate if they die. If you notice they might die, try to help them out a bit and attempt to save their lives.)
    -Hides mines from True Sight if you have an
Aghanim's Scepter

    -Absolutely 100% useless unless you have an
Aghanim's Scepter

Usage: Basically, unless you have an Aghanim's Scepter this is the is absolutely useless. You can use it to troll early on but doesn't do anything. When you do get your Aghanim's Scepter, if you go the magical build, put this on top of your Remote Mines to hide them from True Sight. Easy way to get Gem of True Sight if your enemy decides to buy one, which they most likely will.
    -Global Range
    -Low Cooldown
    -No mana cost
    -Useless without
Remote Mine in play
-Semi useless even with Remote Mine in play

Usage: This just blows up every Remote Mine in the given radius. The reason I said it's semi useless is because you can just drag click the mines you want to blow up and press Q to blow them up. That way, you don't accidentally blow up mines for no reason. If you are in a rush because you suddenly notice an enemy walk on your mines and you don't have time to drag click, this can come in handy.
    -Good Damage
    -Can kill in mass
    -Fun to mess around with
    -Hidden without True Sight
    -Low base cast range
    -Timer on mines
    -Grants enemy gold when destroyed
    -Can be predicted
Usage: For Remote Mines, you want to use them mainly as a defense. However, it is important you don't put them right in front of towers. Put them a couple hundred units in front of your towers. The reason is because most people expect these mines to be right in front of towers to defend and they'll ward and kill your mines. However, if you put them farther out, they will unexpectedly walk onto them thinking there won't be mines there and you will be golden.
Alright. That's about it for this section. Hope I didn't lose anyone here. I did my best to make it quick and simple.


This section will be about the talents for going right click Techies. If you want the talents for the magical Techies, click here. Now, let's get started.

Level 10 Talents
+20 Movement Speed
+2 Mana Regen

For your level 10 talent, you should always pick the +2 mana regen. The +20 movement speed is just so insignificant. You really don't even need that much movement speed when you are playing Techies anyway. The basic Boots of Speed and when you upgrade into Tranquil Boots and eventually Boots of Travel and Boots of Travel 2 are enough. However, the +2 Mana Regen doesn't seem like a lot but it turns out to be very helpful. That small mana regen can save an allies life because you might just be short a bit of mana for Blast Off! if you chose to go with the +20 Movement Speed.
Level 15 Talents
+30% Experience Gain
+200 Cast Range
As a right click Techies, you always want to go the +30% experience gain no matter what. The reason behind this is you want to reach that level 25 as soon as possible to get that extra damage. That's what makes you viable, which I'll talk about in the level 25 section. The +200 Cast Range just isn't really necessary since you aren't going to be doing much mining towards the later stages and you already have an Aether Lens.
Level 20 Talents
120 Gold/Min
+400 Blast Off! Damage
This is the easiest talent choice for Techies. You always go the +120 Gold/Min. By the time you reach level 20, you shouldn't even be using Blast Off! as much. It was an early game spell that you don't use late game as it does too much damage to you and you will just feed. The +120 Gold/Min helps keep you up and running.
Level 25 Talents
+250 Damage
-20% Cooldown Reduction
As you are building into a right click Techies, you obviously want the +250 damage. This increases your damage output greatly, which is the reason this right click Techies stuff is possible. Without it, you just don't do that much damage. If you are 6 slotted, you will be able to dish out a lot of damage just by right clicking. The -20% cooldown reduction isn't good here since your plan is to right click not cast spells.
Alright. That's it for the right click Techies talent guide. Once again, if you want to read the magical Techies talent guide, [click here.


This section will be an explanation of why I decided to choose the items I chose. Note that this is my opinion and what I've found to work but doesn't mean it will work for every game and should be adjusted accordingly.

Starting Items
Wind Lace- To be built into Tranquil Boots later.
Tango- To keep you healthy after you use Blast Off!.
Enchanted Mango- To be built into Soul Ring.

Reasoning- So for the Wind Lace and Enchanted Mango, I grab them just so I can finish my Soul Ring and later Tranquil Boots without needing the fountain shop. It's just a convenience and I've noticed that it helps a lot with laning with that extra movement speed saving my life and the extra +1 health regen comes in handy every now and then. And Tango to keep your health up. Give these to your laning partner if they need it.
Early Game Items
Soul Ring- Built with Enchanted Mango and helps with mana.
Arcane Boots- Helps with mana. Gives needed movement speed.
Aether Lens- Built with Energy Booster from disassembled Arcane Boots. Increases cast range.
Tranquil Boots- Gives health regen for Soul Ring uses and movement speed.

Reasoning- Alright so of course, you want to start out with a Soul Ring. It helps with mana problems and stuff. After that, get Arcane Boots to give you more mana and mana to allies. (Note: If you drop your Arcane Boots before you use your Soul Ring, than pick up the Arcane Boots again, you get more mana out of it. This works for anything that gives you mana from straight up mana items like a Energy Booster to any item that gives intelligence, such as a Mystic Staff.) After that, get the Void Stone and Aether Lens Recepie. After you have acquired both of those, disassemble your Arcane Boots and unlock combining for your Energy Booster to create your Aether Lens. After that, get a Ring of Regen to finish your Tranquil Boots.
Mid Game Items
Dragon Lance- Improves your already long attack range.
Maelstrom- Gives a bit of attack speed, damage, and A.O.E. magical damage.
Desolator- Reduce armor so you do more damage, especially before you reach level 25.
Boots of Travel- Gives you more mobility around the map.
Orchid of Malevolence- Silence and does extra magic damage at the end.
Reasoning- Ok, so the first thing you want is a Dragon Lance because it gives you a bit of armor, attack speed, health, and health regen along with the attack range. As a Techies, you have a long attack range but this makes it even better. The Maelstrom helps you do more damage and gives you more attack speed along with good wave clear. The Desolator helps you do more damage, especially early on as you don't have that damage buff. The Boots of Travel is just nice to get around faster to help your teammate or to clear waves for easy experience and the better movement speed is nice. Finally, the Orchid Malevolence is really good to prevent enemies from disabling you and your team. It also does 30% of the damage you've done to them as magic damage, which can finish off the enemy if you fail to secure the kill before.
Late Game

Mjollnir- Increased attack speed and static charge.
Hurricane Pike- Creates distance between you and enemies.
Bloodthorn- This increases your damage output greatly and gives you true strike.
Moon Shard- Gives you a bit more vision and some more attack speed.
Monkey King Bar- With decent attack speed, the mini bash is nice along with extra damage and true strike.
Boots of Travel 2- Just to finish your Boots of Travel.
Reasoning- The Mjollnir is an upgrade to your Maelstrom and it gives you more attack speed, which is very nice. The static charge active helps clear waves, deal with illusions, and can save your allies if used on them. Hurricane Pike is used to get allies out of danger as well as help you keep your distance so you don't get destroyed. Bloodthorn guarantees any attacks (including towers and allies) on the enemy will be a critical strike. This also works with enemies with evasion as it grants true strike and the bonus 30% magical damage at the end also helps out. Moon Shard just gives a bit of night vision and extra attack speed to dish out more damage. Monkey King Bar is really nice since it gives you a lot of damage as well as true strike if you Bloodthorn is on cooldown as well as an annoying mini bash that will proc semi often with your nice attack speed. The Boots of Travel 2 are just for upgrading your boots.
Important: You want to make sure you get the Tome of Knowledge whenever you can. Try to tell your allies that you need them so they don't take it away from you. This greatly increases your experience and helps your each level 25 much faster, especially with the +30% experience gain at level 15.

Play Style

This section is going to be very very blank. Note: Techies is always best played in the offlane. When the game begins, you just want to hide in the tree line and get the experience. If the enemy is low or you want to help your ally get a kill, use your Blast Off! to kill or assist the death of an enemy. After you get your Proximity Mines, mine the side shop and the area next to the enemy jungle. This ensures the safety of you and your laning partner. What you want to do after the laning stage is over is pretty much solo farm lanes and grind grind grind. You want to stay in lane even if your partner leaves and just nuke down lanes with your Proximity Mines and get that solo experience. If an enemy comes, just run into the side shop since it should be mined if you laned properly. If an ally comes by and isn't a support, let them have the lane and just go to another lane. Continue doing this until you have a few items in order to do a bit in fights. Don't run into fights if you don't have stuff as this will just lead to decreased farm. I recommend not fighting until you finish the Desolator. After you finish your items and everything, just go with your team. If the enemy is ahead and pushing your base, clear waves but also mine your base with a few Stasis Trap and Remote Mines.


Once again, I love to add runes for the sake of knowledge.

Bounty Rune- You can grab this since it gives you extra gold and experience to read level 25 faster. If your hard carry is behind, let them have this.
Rune of Invisibility- You don't need this. You'll be mining a lot so it will be a waste. Leave this rune for your teammate.
Rune of Illusion- You can grab this if your allies have no use for it. It can bait the enemy really well.
Rune of Double Damage- Don't take this unless you're level 25. Leave this for your allies. The only exception is if no allies are nearby and you don't want the enemy to take it.
Rune of Haste- Go ahead and grab this since it gives you more mobility. It helps you move around the map to clear lanes without needing a [[Town Portal Scroll].
Rune of Regeneration- Grab this, especially if you are low on mana. It helps keep you going and mining lanes.
Arcane Rune- Always grab this. It decreases your mana needs and cooldown timers, making nuking lanes faster and more affordable.

Allies and Enemies

Allies- Anyone who can make the game last long enough for you to reach level 25 is a great ally. It helps you reach your full potential. Death prevention heroes also help a lot as they keep you alive. You might have great damage output but you have no survivability. Finally, and most importantly, any player who is willing to cooperate with you as a right click Techies and won't purposely try to screw you over because you want to play him like that.

Enemies- Anyone who can end the game early is not good. It denies you the chance to become useful. Along with that, any nukers are bad since you don't have very great survivability. And of course, anyone who can gank you a lot and prevent you from getting enough farm since you are easy to kill and it gives the enemy easy gold and experience.


Well, that's the end for this guide. I hope you guys have fun trying this out. It's mainly some fun play style for relaxing and just having a good laugh, especially with friends. Note that if you don't believe this right click Techies thing is viable, it can be viable. I have 1v1'd a 6 slotted Lifestealer and won so, yes it's viable if you do it properly. That's it for now. My current plan is probably a Luna guide next but I'm not sure. If you want any specific hero, let me know in the comments or send me a message and I'll respond when I can. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, leave them in the comment section and I'll get back to you A.S.A.P. Once again, I'm WhosNuker and have a nice day. Ciao!

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