DotA 2 Item: Arcane Rune

Passive Effect

Item Details

Arcane Rune

Reduces cooldowns by 30% and mana costs by 40%.

Cooldown Reduction: 30%
Mana Cost Reduction: 40%
Duration: 50

Additional Information


  • Reduces the cooldown/replenish time of all spells and items.
  • Affects cooldowns of active and passive abilities.
  • Visually reduces the cooldown of Tranquil Boots (Active), but does not affect it.
  • Does not affect Cloak and Dagger‚Äč and Drunken Brawler's certain critical/evasion timers.
  • The cooldown reduction is not updated dynamically. Only abilities cast while having the buff get their cooldowns reduced.
  • Besides the mana cost reduction on items, all reductions are reflected in the ability tooltips.
  • Only affects the activation cost of spells. Mana cost over time is not reduced.
  • Stacks multiplicatively with the cooldown reduction of Octarine Core.
  • The buff is applied to invulnerable and hidden units.
  • The buff of multiple Arcane Runes does not stack, but refreshes the duration instead.

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