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Split push keeper of the light.

June 25, 2013 by Islam is Faith in peace
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Split push.

DotA2 Hero: Keeper of the Light

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Blinding Light

10 12 13 14

Chakra Magic

2 4 8 9

Spirit Form

6 11 16


15 17 18

Split push keeper of the light.

Islam is Faith in peace
June 25, 2013


I did not see another guide that even mentioned this build, i find it very fun and pretty effective in most pubs. I would not suggest this in normal gameplay but it is quite enjoyable.

This guide focuses on split pushing as KotL.
I assume you know how to play KotL normally.


Starting items

get a Tango Healing Salve Ring of Protection and either an Animal Courier or Observer Ward. Spend any gold left on Iron Branch

Before 15 minutes

before 15 minutes you should have Tranquil Boots and Blink Dagger, buying Observer Ward if needed. This build is about split pushing and as such, i do not suggest buying Mekansm

After 15 minutes

The world is now your oyster and you are free to get whatever you feel like.
i suggest Necronomicon after Blink Dagger, followed by a Force Staff and/or Shadow Blade. Focus on items to escape.

How to play.

During laning you should play as a normal support; harass, pull creeps, farm easy camp with Illuminate,gank, whatever.

The magic happens when you get Blink Dagger. Immediately go to an empty lane and blink into the trees. From here you use Illuminate to secretly push the lane. The enemy won't suspect anything because you won't be visible on mini map. use recal for more tower destroying power.

The enemy team will see creeps attacking the tower and usually send a single player to defend it. This can be used for an easy gank with a good Recall

When to use.

This build works great with certain other heroes.

Leshrac this guy flattens towers in seconds, works perfectly with this build.

Nature's Prophet you can 3 man push towers with no warning.

Troll Warlord + Tiny has a lot of building damage while Troll Warlord has a global attack speed increase. Recall Tiny while pushing and you can insta crush towers.

Venomancer's Plague Wards are great tower pushers.

Shadow Shaman's serpent wards on towers will destroy them.

A lot of heroes are useful in killing the solo TPer, so this build can be "viable" without any other good pushers.

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