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Spectre. - Updated -

November 3, 2012 by OneHalf
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DotA2 Hero: Spectre

Hero Skills

Spectral Dagger

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Spectre. - Updated -

November 3, 2012


Spectre is an asexual rapist. Walking down that alleyway in the dark that breathing you feel on your neck, as the hairs on your spine prickle with fear. that's Spectre.
-"Unknown Source"

Spectre is an AGI hard carry that shows little effectiveness early game, but becomes a star killer in the mid - late game. She is naturally tanky due to her above average STR gain and her passive skill which negates 22% of damage at max level as well as reflecting the damage on the perpetrator.

What makes her a hunter more dangerous than the likes of Gondar is her ultimate; Haunt
Haunt goes from being a mild inconvenience early game, to a fear inflicting situation for any enemy hero that stands alone, wearily farming the jungle. Even Nightstalker will look twice around corners in the late game because of this.

Unfortunately Spectre can become vunerable to heros that are more DPS orientated, alternatively if you find yourself being focused, you can call forth multiplicities, swarming the enemy with their own personal illusion, hellbent on chasing them down. Although you cannot control these Haunts, you can use them tactically to confuse and control the battlefield.


The starting items include plenty of regen to assist you on your long and tedious journey to the Relic. Only rush the relic if you expect to have it before 18 minutes. This requires solid farm so I suggest you lane with a support. Boots of speed are not needed; Depending on the situation, but farming creeps does not exactly require movespeed. Make sure you always have a teleport scroll in your bag, If you feel unsafe or there is a ganking party coming for you, fling Spectral Dagger into the bushes, and teleport home.

Once you have radiance and treads, around the 25 minute mark you should be aiming for a Diffusal Blade Not only does this give good stats that you need, the active 'purge' is used to slow the enemy to a ridiculous level, allowing you and any companions to lay the beating to the enemy. The slow stacks with the slow/buff from Spectral Dagger so this makes you a worthy opponent in any 2v2 Skirmish aswell as in any allied ganks.

Heart of Tarrasque comes next, you will now start to be focused down in teamfights and ganks, rather than the disablers. The Heart allows you to become the heart of the team, taking all the physical (and emotional) damage, the enemy may try to dish out.

Depending on how the game is going:
Manta Style A great DPS/Escape item, turns the tides of ganks, teamfights and disables aimed at you, use it wisely, out of range of huge AOE nukers. Get the Manta if you are doing well in farming/carrying and you are wanting to come out on top of team fights (This can also be swapped in order with Heart of Tarrasque depending on the enemy line up (Physical DPS or Nukers)) Daedalus works well increasing your damage by a massive chunk, get this if the game is going well.

If the game isn't going so well, I.E a ******edly fat Phantom Assassin/Drow Ranger etc.Blademail is a great choice, this turns the game of "Lets see who does more damage" into "Lets see who has more HP" ; and that being you have Heart of Tarrasque you're more than likely to come out on top of that one. Abyssal Blade can turn you into a sort of Anti-carry of sorts, made purposely for the enemy carry's life to suck hard. Use the active to disable the carry while your team drops the beat down, the bash effect is very handy for fighting too, lets not forget.

You should get the Aegis of the Immortal if you are carrying well.
If is extremely late game, consider being a massive douchebag and picking up and Eye of Skadi Not only does this give you a ****load of stats, you also get the orb stacking ontop of your Haunt Illusions, A seriously fun item.

The fun thing about Spectre is she does well with nearly every item that provides AGI/STR stats.

Skill choice

Basically, you want to stay out of focus in small skirmishes while dealing mass damage through Desolate So try maxing this aswell as Spectral Dagger taking Haunt At 6/11/16, whenever available.
Alternatively, maxing Dispersion first in a difficult lane, achieves below average results, making you less effective without that early damage boost from Desolate.

Build whatever feels right but always max Spectral Dagger before anything else because that's really the only nuke you have, good at scoring kills, escaping and slowing enemies.

It is not uncommon to take stats at levels 2 and 4 while maxing spectral dagger.

Special build - Hardened Hunter.

This is when Spectre is played as a big bad wolf, focusing on items increasing her movement speed while decreasing her enemies movement speed. I like to play this build when my intention is to anti-carry. Personally shutting down the enemy carry before they become to hard for you to fight later on. As a hunter, you're going to have trouble finding food while grabbing items so make sure you do your fair bit of farming before you leave lane. I like to gank, not so much by myself but with another hard ganker. Bounty Hunter, Vengeful Spirit, Spirit Breaker, Storm Spirit, Chaos Knight; To name a few.

Whats common between all gankers is the ability to slow the opponent or completely disable them for a few sweet seconds. As a hardened hunter your job is to slow with dagger, often through the trees - forcing the enemy into an awkward position. Advance on them, making sure you are always aware of enemies missing or tower range, and slow them while destroying them with your full (50 + 24 + ~80) damage.

Around now you're thinking about survivability problems. Thats the best thing about ganking, when you're on the offence, you are mostly doing the chasing rather than the tanking, so survivability is not our #1 priority here.


Spectre needs solid income early game to deal out huge damage late game, I like to think of her as an investment, I love playing her as she isn't usually expected to be picked in pubs/inhouses so she is rarely banned.
Basically just focus on grabbing that early relic, once you have that before 18 minutes or so, do whatever you want; buy whatever you want. Just make sure you're farming well and getting suitable items. Jumping in teamfights and ganks with her Haunt is Spectres specialty, use it well.

Feedback encouraged

I'll keep working on this guide depending on the sort of feedback I get, I'd love to hear your item suggestions and positive/negative/constructive feedback.
Don't H8

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