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Sasha's Carry Prophet (ReWorked)

June 23, 2015 by Orphelan
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Orchid Carry

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

Hero Skills


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Nature's Call

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Wrath of Nature

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Sasha's Carry Prophet (ReWorked)

June 23, 2015

About me

Hello my name is Sasha and I want to share my playstyle as Nature's Prophet.

My experience:
I've been playing Dota 2 since 2011.
I was playing support for awhile but I tired of losing because of bad carries.
That's why I started to play carry.
I saw lot of replays and tried to learn what good and bad players do. I learned from my and their mistakes, learned how good players play and what items they use and why. I spent lot of times to adopt their playstyle.

When I play Nature's Prophet I push and kill heroes. Playing as Nature is not hard but very very fun.

Why did I write this guide?
I started to write this guide because I saw lot of Nature's Prophet in my team with bad items or bad playstyle. Nature is my favorite and my best hero ever. I tried many build but this is the best for my playstyle so I want to share it.

Sorry for the accidental grammatical errors but english is not my first language!

About Nature

What kind of hero?
His short name is "Nature", "np" or the most common is "Furion".
Nature is a pusher, ganker, support, jungler annoying hero :D Annoying because he can teleport almost everywhere on the map and push. You can teleport from lane to lane and push or kill players and teleport away again. Very fun to play with him but hard to push when the enemy is defending.


This Ability is very good to kill or defend heroes. You can Defend yourself, block the enemy to run away or call Treants. This ability is very annoying for the enemy BUT counterable with Quelling Blade. If I play against Nature's Prophet I always buy Quelling Blade. If you cast it on yourself or on your teammate, the enemy will lose vision of the target but won't save against AOE or point target attacks.

My favorite spell ever. This ability is super-mega-double-awesome.
You can teleport almost everywhere on the map and do what you want. Very important to always carry at least 1 Town Portal Scroll because this ability has cooldown. Very often you need to teleport somewhere and use the teleport again but you can die if you can't use it. That's why you always need TP scroll.
This ability works very well with Shadow Blade because it doesn't break the invisibility. If I need something from the fountain HP, Mana or Item I use TP scroll instead of Teleportation this way you can teleport back without waiting for the Cooldown. In late game you can buy Boots of Travel so you won't need TP scroll anymore.

This is your main pushing ability. You can use on trees or on your Sprout. These trees are amazing jungling creatures in early or mid game. Use your treants to push or make vision, pulling enemy creeps while you pushing towers. You can also use them to defend yourself against Meat Hook or Sacred Arrow etc or just block the enemy to run away. Sometimes I still block myself too if I have bad days :D

You can farm or kill with this ability. It's a global ability and hit every creep and enemy heroes in vision. It triggers Linken's Sphere also. I use this ability on every CD till late game. In late game I use this in team fight or if I need it to kill someone. Notice if you have Observer Ward somewhere and you can see the enemy and you use your ulti they will know about the observer ward because this ability hit enemies only in vision. Best to use this ability if you can see creeps in every lane.


Why we need to play in the jungle?
Nature has no harass abilities in early game. Nature and Treants are easy target on lanes. Nature has no escape ability in early game. Teleportation is breakable by many other abilities.
Jungling is easy and you can focus on your items, take runes and gank when you need it.

How to play in the jungle?
When the game starts call Treants and go to the pulling camp because they are weak.
Treants are not too strong in the first stage because you have only 2 of them. When you finished 1 camp go and kill other camps. So easy! Control low HP treants and force creeps to focus on FULL HP treants.

Always watch the minimap and lanes because you can kill heroes and help your team.
in every 2 minutes check the runes.

Watch out!
Sometimes they will gank you and you need to be careful. Always watch the minimap and missing calls. They can block camps with wards and this way will see you. If there are invis heroes and they want to gank you buy sentry and go away if you see them. Very annoying if they slow you down but don't worry. You can farm anywhere. Go to safe camps buy observer or sentry wards and be careful!

Early Items

Don't pick Nature if your team has no support at all. They will expect from you to buy courier, wards, upgrade courier and etc. If you buy those stuffs, you can't build midas in time and you can't play as a carry. You can buy wards and I recommend to buy wards if you can farm well but not in early game.
They won't understand you are not support! They will cry, report you, blame you, etc.

This is your first item yes!
Look guys, I tried it many times with and without it but I can say you need the midas!
This is the situation where you need this item. If you are fat enough you can sell this item and buy other item or buyback if you need it. You are gonna be super fast attacker!

This Item is for damage and escape. Use this one with the "Damage build" to maximize the damage output.

This is important because you need dmg, attack speed or extra HP.
In early game use Intell setup but after your first core item leave it in Strength setup. You have low hp so you need the extra HP!

Armor: +1
Attack Speed: +8
Damage: +8
Mana: +104
Extra mana regen
HP: +152
Extra Hp regen


1. Damage build


> > > > > = > SELL MIDAS = > > >

This build is a raw damage build. Your HP is still LOW but your damage is awesome. You don't have Shadow Blade, so you need to be careful and pay attention. The attack speed is not the best but the damage and Crit can fill it. Sell the Hand of Midas if you are ready to buy Black King Bar.
Use this build if you prefer the high amount of damage.

2. Balanced build


> > > > > = > SELL MIDAS = > > >

This build is balanced between attack speed and damage. I prefer this one because I really like the attack speed. You lost damage but you gain more attack speed and you are still strong. Sell the Hand of Midas if you are ready to buy Black King Bar.

Damage Build

Attack Speed: +125
Damage: +296
Strength: +10
Balanced Build

Attack Speed: +185
Damage: +213
Strength: +10

Compared Items


With the Desolator you get a 42% increased damage on an enemy with 7 armor and only 20% on one with 25+ armor, while the Daedalus always gives an average of 35% and its effect increases while increasing your damage (critics bigger) and your attack speed (more chances of critics).
If there are many supports or squishy heroes with few armor is definitely the best item but in this case because we build Orchid Malevolence we don't have problem to kill squishy heroes.

More info:

Let's talk the numbers!

Orchid Malevolence
Attack Speed: 30
Damage: 55

Price: 4125
Active Time: 5 sec
Cooldown: 18

Scythe of Vyse
Attack Speed: 20
Damage: 35

Price: 5675
Active time: 3,5 sec
Cooldown: 35

Gameplay as a carry

This is important! Even if you are a carry you can lose the game without push.

How to push?
Teleport from lane to lane or push with your team.
Very easy but you need to learn how to push properly. Always focus on TIER 1 towers first. If you think the enemy will try to gank you teleport to other lane and push.
You need creeps to destroy towers because you don't have crazy damage and backdoor protection is annoying. Use your ulti Wrath of Nature to defend lanes or improve lane pushing.

How I play as a carry?
Not so hard to play as a carry but because you have LOW HP, be careful! Always check the minimap and the team and make sure your teleport is ready to join into team fight.
Try to find easy targets, squishy heroes and supports but don't go and attack hard carries alone if you are not fat enough!
If you need to run away just use the Shadow Blade + Teleportation combo (in "Damage" build). You can also use shadow blade to boost a little bit your damage if you need it.

Alays check the minimap and your team and use Teleportation + Sprout + Orchid Malevolence combo and finish with Wrath of Nature if you need it.
My team barely say "good job nature" or "thanks for winning the game" but it's ok just have fun!

Pro TIP:
Using Sprout on yourself is great but the enemy will know you are behind the trees. I use this very often:
- If the enemy has no vision on you use Sprout on empty location then walk away a bit and use Teleportation. This way you can avoid to the enemy break your teleport.

- Don't attack enemy with dodge ability if you have no Monkey King Bar. You can't kill them with orchid.
- Pudge has lot of HP and magic resistance, so you can't kill him alone if you are not fat enough.
- If the enemy has Linken's Sphere use your Ulti first then Sprout or/and Orchid Malevolence.



Spirit Breaker I hate to play against bara because he can block my farm and the pushing. His Charge of Darkness is very good counter against nature. Blade Mail works very well against him but you need to be fat and your Blade Mail won't save your life if you are not fat enough.
I would say DON'T PICK NATURE IF THERE IS A Spirit Breaker !

Tinker If you pick Nature's Prophet first, you will see Tinker in the enemy team very often. Hard to push against tinker because his March of the Machines can Destroy the treants. Tinker is faster and stronger than Nature's Prophet and can defend better. Tinker is nto a real problem with this build.

Huskar He has huge amount of magic resistance, so very hard to kill him.

Medusa She has Mana Shield and Linken's Sphere and 5 sec silence is not enough to kill her because she will use her ulti after the silence and kill you.

Don't pick if:
  • There is Spirit Breaker in the enemy team.
  • If the enemy team has lot of disablers.
  • There is Huskar in the enemy team.
  • If there is Medusa in the enemy team.
  • You team has no support


2014.11.30 - Added more info to Carry gameplay
2014.12.02 - Added Situational Items in the Description and Alternate build
2014.12.13 - Completely Reworked the FORMAT, builds and added important information to everywhere

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