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Sasha the Bounty Hunter

November 29, 2015 by Orphelan
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The fun Factor

DotA2 Hero: Bounty Hunter

Hero Skills

Shuriken Toss

2 5 7 8


3 9

Shadow Walk

1 4 10 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

About me

Hello my name is Sasha and I want to help those players who want to play. Bounty Hunter.

My experience:

More Information - Click HERE

Important things about Bounty Hunter

What kind of hero?
You can't really initiate with bounty because he is not a hard-carry. You can't hit the enemy 15 times like Sven. Bounty Hunter is an executioner. You need to play safe because Bounty Hunter is kinda squishy especially in early game.

When not to pick?
Lot of players say "Don't pick if there is a Slardar". His ulti Amplify Damage is not a real problem I will explain later. I would say don't pick if there are 3 strenght heroes in the enemy team. They can do crazy dmg and hard to kill them. If there is a Bloodseeker because very very hard to play against his passive! Zeus is also bad for bounty because his Lightning Bolt does true sight!

Solo or Team-based hero?
Both but definitely a Team-based hero! I always go with a carry to the same lane because bounty needs help in early game. You can soloing but I don't recommend it. Your ulti is rock and scouting with bounty is also important.


Skill Priority

> > >

Start with Shadow Walk on level 1. Usually I balance the build and put 2 points on Shadow Walk till mid game to make my job easier (it's about the invis time mostly).
Shuriken Toss is the most important skill in early and mid game because we have no items to exploit the Jinada's damage. Jinada is important but also an item based skill, so we focus on that later.
My build is 3-1-1-1 or 2-1-2-1 after level 6.

It does amazing damage and mini stun. That's why we need to max out ASAP. If the enemy want to escape by teleport scroll use this and kill him/her. I recommend to use this after the first hit.
This ability is the best after the first hit which is the Jinada.

Like I said it does critical dmg, attack and move slow for 3 sec. It has kinda low CD so you can use this fairly often. Always watch this passive ability. Usually I don't start to hit if this ability on CD.

Ohh yeah. Your main ability. That's why bounty is amazing. Almost instant fade and Bonus dmg.

His ulti is rock. It makes bounty a real team player. We won games several times because of this ulti. It gives bonus gold and speed bonus for your teammates. I use his ulti every time if I want to know where the enemy are or I want to kill. Always use this ability in team fight.

Pro Tip
Start the fight with hit which is trigger your Jinada then use Shuriken Toss immediately. Hit more 1 or 2 times and use Track then go to Shadow Walk. Go away a bit and wait for Cooldowns and start again.
Don't start the fight if your Shadow Walk on long CD

I don't really care the kill steals and I follow this rule even if I don't play with bounty.. Dota is about winning and if you kill the enemy he/she will be away for a while and lose gold. I know lot of players are gonna be mad because you steal but they are just stupid.
I understand everyone needs gold but I saw many times the enemy to escape because one of my teammate didn't want to steal the kill.

Early Items and Early Playstyle

- No need to explain. You start to build your first cheap item the Ring of Aquila.
- You can buy Slippers of Agility and Sage's Mask from the hidden shop.

- This is your next item because you need speed.
OPTIONAL - Buy this item if the enemy team has magic users for example Zeus, Crystal Maiden, Bristleback, Pugna Shadow Fiend etc. Always start with the Magic Stick but you can finish later if you want. You can buy from the hidden shop.

- Important in the whole game to counter their sentries. You can buy sentry as a starting item but usually the enemy don't buy sentry till you are not annoying.
- I prefer more stat instead of sentries in the very early game.

How to play in the Early game:

Like I said I try to go with a carry. I always play safe with bounty and this is important. Do last hits if you can but don't take risk just try to stay in EXP range! Pull if you need it.

If there is a jungling hero like Nature's Prophet Enigma Ursa you can harass and slow him down or maybe kill him but don't do this in the whole early game because he will ask gank and buy sentries.
Staying in invis (especially with Riki and stealing XP from the jungle hero is a funny thought but it just doesn't work. Both of you will lose XP but at least he will get gold and you won't. You will be underleveled without items.

Always check the enemy's inventory!

If the enemy buy sentry you need to wait for SAFE LAST HITS or kills. Just try to stay in EXP range!
Don't start dewarding war because if there is a support on the lane he/she will buy more sentries than you and you won't have money for the proper items.

Instead of dewarding war, try this!
on the hard lane to avoid enemy pull or 3 lane harass, buy sentry then push Shadow Walk. Go to the enemy's camp and place the sentry there. Now you blocked the camp.
Of course it's a basic thing and not just with bounty. Change lane (with TP only), gank mid after lvl 5. This is an easy gank in early game!

Playing against 3 lane is bad and they always have sentries. Don't focus on last hits because they will kill you. Get XP and play safe, stay in EXP range don't focus on last hits like a crazy player!
You lose gold and XP if you die.

Try to earn lvl 6 but ALWAYS BE CAREFUL

Mid-Late playstyle

Your job starts!

Time to start ganking! If you don't gank, you farm!

So, you can't use Phase Boots and Shadow Walk at the same time because you are not Riki. Use Phase Boots if you want to reach the enemy or escape.

Carry a TP scroll and be ready to teleport and help to kill enemies.
Make sure they have no gem or sentries everywhere or they will kill you.

I always play like this;

I search lone players and try to kill him if I can.
I always join and go with team if I don't farm.
I try to keep distance but not too far because I need to kill!
Remember bounty is an executioner not initiator!

How to use Eul's Scepter of Divinity?

If the enemy has Dust of Appearance hit him but don't use shadow walk after hitting him. Let him use the Dust of Appearance and then use Eul's Scepter of Divinity on yourself and go to Shadow Walk.
Don't start fight if your Shadow Walk in long CD unless you can kill the enemy easily.

ALWAYS USE Track especially in team fight!

Items and Builds

Critical Build

Extra Critical chance, dodge/parry penetration. Not cheap but gold is not a problem for bounty hunter. :)
We don't need BKB because they fight against us with dust but the EUL is our counter.
Sentry is always important.

Silencer Build


I made this build if you want dagon and have fun.
Desolator + 30% dmg boost + silence + dagon are enough to destroy your opponent or help your team.

How to play with this build.

More Information - Click HERE

Now Explain the Items:

You don't really find this item on low level nor even higher. I need to explain why you need this item. This item gives you movement speed, lot of mana but the main reason is the PURGE. Eul's Scepter of Divinity is your defender.
I know it's not common for bounty but it works and saved my life uncountable times.
I use this mainly against Dust of Appearance but EUL can purge multiple debuffs at the same time. Also good against Sniper's ulti, Slardar's ulti Amplify Damage, Gyro's ulti, etc.
I don't have mana problem at all and I don't really care if someone has dust or pick Slardar because I have EUL. :)

Why not Diffusal Blade ? Because it's more expansive and has limited charges only.

You think this item is bad for bounty because it doesn't stack with the Jinada ? Actually the crit on Daedalus is still works if the Jinada is on CD. We need to kill with 1 - 2 hits and we need that crit. It does crit more often than we would expect. That's why this item is important! We need damage because that's how bounty works.
If you don't believe me, try it! Create a Lobby, use cheat, buy Daedalus and you will see it :)

What about Battle Fury ?
If you want it go ahead but I would not do that! Desolator is cheaper and better because of the armor reduction. Clave + Jinada works on paper but in real games the enemies won't stay and wait for you to exploit this combo. Like I mentioned before Bounty is not a face to face carry. The default Dota 2 guide recommend this item for Bounty but it's just so bad and not up to date. Bounty has an ability for farming and it's just the Track.
Lot of items work on paper and not in real games.

Crucial things!

in mid game or late game be prepared for this item. Focus on that enemy who carry the gem and make sure you have a free space in your inventory. Always use Track on him.

This is better than gem and makes you cry. They can't lose it but has long CD. Experienced players will buy it.

With any hero! Please don't die for it when the game starts. Omg it's just a freakin' rune and you won't be so strong if you pick the first one. It's a good rune but not worth to die for it!


Radiance is bad for bounty because the enemy will know you are there. The invisibility is your core ability so, you don't want to reveal yourself. That's all I don't need to explain more.

It gives you Attack speed and nothing else! Bounty is not a dps hero so this item will give you nothing but farming speed. Bounty = damage and not attack speed!

Bad Scenario

You have DC, or you are just way too underleveled. This way you have to change the plan and play very differently. Until you can't catch up the team with XP and items you have to be a semi-support. Buy Observer and Sentry Wards + Quelling Blade.
Deward with Quelling Blade and use non-common spots for observers to avoid dewarding.
USE Track ALL THE TIME! Stick with the team but stay away from the danger zone. Trust me! you will help your team even if you don't die and you just use track on the whole enemy team.


2014.11.03 - More information about Late Items
2014.11.04 - Added Jinada at level 2
2014.11.07 - Added bigger icons and changed formatting.
2014.12.16 - Changed the FORMAT and reworked the build. also added Priority to the build.
2015.01.18 - Added not recommended items and some formatting changes
2015.07.10 - Additional information about the build items, dagon, playstyle.
Fixed some grammatical errors.
Changed item prioritizing because Desolator is so much cheaper now.
Skill prioritizing instead of fixed skill build (I think this is more effective).
Added bad scenario playstyle.
2015.11.29 - Formatting change and added Silencer build + information. Also added 1 point on Shadow Walk before lvl 6.

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