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Outworld Destroyer Spotlight Guide by GamingwithDean

March 19, 2012 by GamingwithDean
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

Mid Lane

DotA2 Hero: Outworld Destroyer

Hero Skills

Ominous Discernment (Innate)

Arcane Orb

1 5 8 10

Astral Imprisonment

3 12 13 14

Essence Flux

2 4 7 9

Sanity's Eclipse

6 11 16


15 17 18

Outworld Destroyer Spotlight Guide by GamingwithDean

March 19, 2012


Welcome to the Gaming with Dean Outworld Destroyer Carry Guide. Outworld Destroyer is unique in his ability to laugh at mana costs, and makes for a interesting carry with his own charms. Here is the whole guide in full 1080p, but I'll also be adding it all in text here.

You Can also find the Jakiro here.

and the Ursa here.

HEY! I know this guy, this isn't what I've seen other people do!

After this short video for people who have looked into Outworld Destroyer before and are hesitant of the differences between other media and my guide. Your worries about upvoting and thus reccomending to other people have been heard. I've made a short showcase video all from one game. If you are new and coming at this with an open mind feel free to skip the video, or you've just watched the showcase and have nodded to yourself sagely at the viability of the build, on with the Guide!


Arcane Orb

Outworld Destroyer's first ability in order of apearance is Arcane Orb. It adds to and has the same cooldown as your regular attacks and deals 'true' type damage equal to a portion of your mana remaining. The mana cost to cast the spell does not increase, per rank so there is no need to hesitate in ranking it up.

Special Mentions:

Pugna's Nether Ward does count Arcane orb as a spell at all times in order to zap you!
(Thank you PureVapes for the note idea! :) )

Silencer's Curse of the silent doesn't count Arcane Orb as a spell in order to dispel it!

Omni-Knight's Repel (like all Magic Immunity) shuts you down in regards to Arcane Orb

Lifestealer's Rage (like all Magic Immunity) shuts you down in regards to Arcane Orb

In Build 1 & 2

We're maxing this before we consider maxing Astral Imprisonment for this build. We are doing this In order to have a damage nuke to retaliate in bursts in both harrasment and to secure kills. The mana cost is lower than Astral Imprisonment so you'll have alot more chances to proc Essence Aura which if you get lucky from those you can get even more Essemce Aura Procs. This is where you will be underestimated. With Astral Imprisonment you really only get very few tries at it. But remember you are also dealing damage depending on what mana you do have left. Your defences can be considered weaker with only 1 second of early banish/self banish. But if you like to be able to defend yourself with a nuke then this is the way to do it. Try not to use this too often to last hit in the early levels, save it for hero damage!

In Build 3

By the time we take this in build three you can, even with the most basic of farm turn this onto Auto Attack mode, Make sure you are using it to effectly last hit!

Astral Imprisonment

Outworld Destroyer's second ability is Astral Imprisonment, this is a crowd control spell that removes a enemy or ally from the game for a few seconds. If the target was a enemy, you steal some of their intelegence stat for 60 seconds.

Strategically, Astral Imprisonment has many pros and cons. You can drain enemies mana when you take away their intelligence but you can cause allies ground based attacks to miss such as windrunner's Powershot and Venomancer's Venomous Gale. In addition some targets may actually benefit from the time you give them as low cooldown spells such svens stun might leave you worse off than a regular damage trade off.

The last note abot Astral Imprisonment is that at high levels of the spell you have to take care to make sure the extra time will allow more allies than enemies to arrive at the battle.

Special Mentions:

Pudge's Meat Hook Can Be made almost a sure thing with this!

Mirana's Arrow Can Be made almost a sure thing with this!

Clockwerk's Power Cogs This is one of my favorites, this will Help him land the skill which has the double effect of helping you and hindering your enemies!

Leshrac's Split Earth Can Be made almost a sure thing with this!

And many many more..

In Build 1 & 2

We're taking a quick rank in this at level 3, you can use this to dodge projectiles that are both targetable like Sven's Storm Hammer and non targeted such as Pudge's Meat Hook and Mirana's Arrow You'll only be able to steal small amounts of int with this, which while worth it in order to dodge something or to crowd control someone in order to get a kill, isnt too useful to spam until alot later into the game when you have better mana regeneration through higher level essence aura

In Build 3

In build three you are going all in with Astral Imprisonment, you are going to constantly use it to buff up your Int starting from as early as level 1 if you can shut down their ability to do something deadly for a second or even a first time Sven's Storm Hammer Lina's Light Strike Array Sand King's Burrowstrike just to name a few!

Situation depending its more likely you'll want to wait for level 3 or 4 before attempting to spam this this as things like the Int gain efficiency per mana spent go up drastically with levels and ofcourse you have more ranks of Essence Aura. Mana costs on this spell may be greater than going Arcane Orb early but the range is greater meaning you can stay just that little bit safer. Your lack of a burst damage spell is traded for the more natural mana regen, mana pool and sustained damage that Int brings to your auto attack. But be warned when calculating the damage that this build gives you compared with Build 1&2 remember to factor in enemy armor!

Essence AuraEssence AuraEssence Aura

His third ability is essence Aura, this is a team buff that gives a chance for nearby heroes effected to replenish their own mana by casting spells.

Sanity's Eclipse

Outworld Destroyer's Ultimate ability is Sanity's Eclipse, its a large area of effect spell that checks your intelligence against every enemy hit by the spell. If yours is higher, then you deal magic damage depending on how much higher it is, if it isnt much higher the enemy lose 75% of their mana. Aghanim's Scepter upgrades the spells range and damage as if you had one more rank.

In combination

Stealing int from enemies works amazingly well for making sure you have more (and beyond) int than your enemies for Sanity's Eclipse. Be sure to banish often, you can even cast it on the same hero over and over, you aren't limited to one steal on one character!

Essence Aura is so integral for repeatedly using Arcane Orb and Astral Imprisonment I really have to recommend always maxing this atleast second

A good question is when should Outworld Destroyer right click Arcane Orb to use it as an auto attack, I find it best to wait until you have 1400 mana and level 4 essense aura. With 100 mana cost and a 40% chance to get back 350 mana at that point. You would have fail essence aura four times in a row to be at a loss.


Buy your starting items, I prefer two Mantle of Intelligence, two Tangos and two Iron Branches. This will give you a great mana pool and alot of offensive damage for last hits, while giving you enough consumables to last until your first regenaration item.

Once you run out of consumables, you usually don't buy any more and if you are mid you get a rechargable Bottle that also helps you take the rune,s or if you are in a side lane you take a Ring of Health from the outpost or Secret Shop that you later build into a Refresher Orb

Now save 500 gold and get your Boots of Speed from either the outpost or ferry it on the courier from the base if you are in the middle lane, having boots will allow you to keep at range against people with equal speed or harrass and run against melee opponents that haven't got theirs yet.

Next buy all the remaining components for Magic Wand at the base and ferry them out with the courier once you have them all. this will take your conjested item capacity from 6 back down to 5

Now that we have the room, Buy the two remaining items for Power Treads, belt of strength and gloves of haste. Keep the finished power treads on strength mode until a point where you can have over 1000 health with them on intelegence mode as you will need the survivability early on.

Continue to finish both of your Null Talismans. The reason we've filled out our inventory with cheap combined items is twofold, it will give us a combat advantage over anyone saving for something big and gives us great last hitting power to save for something big ourselves.

Save up for Force Staff and a scroll of town portal you can either use the courier to ferry yourself the Staff of Wizardry or the completed item, and also exchange one of your null talismans for a scroll of town portal but don't sell the null talisman, ferry it back to your storage.

The force staff item has in addition to stats an activatable that can be used defensively to move yourself and allies away from enemies, but also agressively to move a single enemy towards you or to put yourself in range to astral imprison them, Remember even if your enemies are naturally faster than you this burst of speed can be the edge you need for any circumstance.

Next we are buying Refresher Orb. The item is very straightfoward in addition to stats it gives a 2 minute cooldown activatable that resets the cooldown of any item or ability other than itself. For us that is: Sanities Eclipse, Astral Prison, Force Staff and Scythe of Vyse. This item usually has a bad reputaion as you need an extremely large amount of base mana and mana regeneration, but thats what outworld destroyer is all about. The Null Talisman I mentioned not to sell will fit back in your inventory, unless you have a teleport scroll again (They are always handy!)

Refresher Orb is a little more expensive than Aghanims scepter but for both damage through two ultimates and in combination with other items and spell with a cooldown is a far better choice, Completely dominating a team fight with double Sanity's Eclipse every two minutes will have a really big impact on the game and the enemy team's moral!

At this point the game may be over or in a state where you only want to save for buy-back money, but don't worry if it isnt.

If the game is still going on for longer, we're going to complete Scythe of Vyse but we won't be able to fit it in our inventory. Finally its time to sell one of our Null Talisman and try to time it so that you can buy the Mystic Staff with the refund, do the same with the ultimate orb.

Scythe of Vyse's activatable abillity is a long range hex that works exactly the same as a stun, except the target can attempt to crawl away. It lasts 3.5 seconds and can grant yourself or your entire team a very good amount of time to damage or escape from a hero, with refresher orb that can even be extended to 7 seconds!

Finish things up with an Aghanim's Scepter just to really hammer those ultimates home. You are getting twice as much use out of it now after all! (Refresher Orb again it just keeps on giving!)

Pros / Cons


  • Excellent team buff, Unusual on a Carry and for Mana of all things! people will Love you for it when they realise.
  • Excellent Crowd Controls, Unusual on a Carry!
  • At the end of the game your Int nuke actually scales up!


  • Magic Immunity shuts you down, thats: Towers, Ancient Creeps, Omni-Knight and Black King Bar.
  • You can be a burden on your team if you misstime or get some unfortunate Astral Prisons
  • You don't really have a comparable nuke to other Int Heros at the start of the game

Creeping / Jungling

I'd rather you didn't! But if you must, do it late game, have atleast 1400 mana and Arcane Orb on auto-attack, and aim to kill the one with the highest health, your mana is dispensable but you have to kill the one with most damage in order to keep your health up. Atleast Outworld Destroyer gets some armor!

Team Work

Always let your initiator do his job first. You are no good to anyone dead, one of your best attributes is your range. Your ultimate, Scythe of Vyse and Astral Imprisonment can be used from quite a distance.

4 Seconds is a long time in a Team Fight, If you can find an enemy with a long lasting Crowd Control or other ability such as Tidehunters ravage and he has not used it yet, Astral Imprison him. Sure you can't damage him, but the fight may end in your favor before he even gets out. That way you can use your Scythe of Vyse on someone you really want to kill AND needs to be unable to retaliate.

Public Play

They may make you buy wards and a courier, its unfortunate as it isnt really something you should be doing, but its better to soak up the cost than be playing blind and out of the well.

You may get the occasional Astral Imprisonment that doesnt work out too well, because you missplaced it, or even because of information you didn't have at the time of casting it. You are playing with people who don't know you, they are going to get a little upset and start complaining, but just apologize and try to smooth things over, you'll probably only ever play with them once for just this game, its better to try and work things out for 20-50 minutes than to maintain a war in the chat over who's fault it was and why. Sometimes even apologizing won't work with people. You can't win them all.

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