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November 16, 2012 by Mr Game and Watch
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Roamer Knight

DotA2 Hero: Chaos Knight

Hero Skills

Chaos Bolt

1 3 5 7

Reality Rift

2 4 6 8

Chaos Strike

9 12 13 14


10 11 16


15 17 18

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Mr Game and Watch
November 16, 2012


This is my first guide and english is not my mother language but i hope you like it anyways.

Pros / Cons

CK's pros:

-Really versatile hero, can fit almost any role.
-Very strong hero at all stages of the game.
-One of the fastest heroes (only bested by Luna).
-Can carry a match (at least a pub match).
-Ridiculous base damage.
-Tank hero, great survivability.
-Low cooldown spells.
-Funny responses and cool voice.

CK's cons:

-Early caster and mana depending while having horrible mana pool.
-Lack of AoE skills.
-CK spells are based on random values so you'll need some luck.


Your first skill is Chaos Bolt, a single unit targeted spell that stuns the target for a random time between
1-2/1-3/1-4/2-4 seconds
and deal some random magical damage between 1-200/50-225/75-250/100-275.

Your second skill, Reality Rift, teleports you and all your illusions (from Phantasm, Manta Style and illusion rune) and the targeted unit to a random point between the two of you and gives 25/50/75/100 bonus damage to your next autoattack (autoattack will be triggered automaticaly).

You need to max Chaos Bolt and Reality Rift first because it will improve min/max random effects and drastically decrease cooldown from Reality Rift. These two spells will be your roaming tools on early game.

Your third skill, Chaos Strike, is just a passive 150%/200%/250%/300% critical damage chance skill. At 4th lvl of this hability, you'll deal almost same critical damage as Phantom Assassin's lvl 3 Coup de Grce and that's serious business. This skill is pretty useless on early stages of the game because of the low crit chance (only 10%). It won't help you on farming or roaming, so forget about this skill until lvl 9.
On late game, this passive synergies with your ultimate, for your illusions will also deal these crits and when you are getting pwned by 4 Chaos Knights, its really likely to get at least 1 crit from one of them.

Your ultimate, Phantasm, summons 1/2/3 illusions who deal full damage from you and get double damage from enemies. Since CK is a low mana pool hero, you won't be able to cast this skill without running out of mana on early. When roaming you'll preffer to have a realiable stun and a teleport skill than just 2 Chaos Knights. Forget about this ultimate until lvl 10, trust me, you won't really need it at lvl 1.


Chaos Knight is a hero who benefits from lots of different items. I've chosen my favourite items, but there are a lot more options fitting for CK.

As starting items, i recommend you to take some health regen items (1 Tango and 1 Healing Salve shoould do), Gauntlets of Strength and a Circlet (for Bracer). Maybe you preffer to get 3 Iron Branch instead of the Circlet and Gauntlets of Strength to build a wand when expecting a harassing lane, that's also good.

If you are lasthitting decently, you should soon have your boots, your Bracer/ Magic Wand and your Bottle. Now its time to start roaming and use that bottle, wich will be your best friend since your mana pool isnt. If you are taking almost all runes, you will be able to roam all early game without filling your bottle on fountain.

Now you should turn your boots on Power Treads, and that bracer on Drum of Endurance. Now its time to rush your loved Armlet of Mordiggian. Armlet is a must buy core item for almost any rightclicking strenght hero. It will give you more survivability and some extra attack speed and damage. Funny thing is when you cast Phantasm when armlet is activated, your illusions will spawn with armlet also activated (this works also with illusion rune and Manta Style).

After this, you should buy whatever you consider necesary, if you are getting hard countered with constant disables, get a Black King Bar. If you are getting killed even when armlet is on, get a Helm of the Dominator. As i said before, CK can benefit from lot of items. My favourite luxury item for CK is Manta Style, because, along with the awesome stats, attack speed and movement speed (you will run freakin' fast) Manta gives, when used with your ultimate will give you your own Chaos Army, and The Chaos Army will crush any enemy one by one. Heart of Tarrasque or Assault Cuirass are also great choices for obvious reasons. A Monkey King Bar should be considered when dealing with any enemy butterfly or evasion skill. A Heaven's Halberd is a good item to get when countering a hard rightclicker carry.

Also, if you are owning on a pub match, a Blink Dagger is a really fun item to use on CK.

Friends / Foes

CK's friends:

- Ancient Apparition and his Cold Feet spell are good lane partners to get easy first blood.
- Crystal Maiden and her Arcane Aura global passive will help you a lot when roaming.
- Venomancer can also give you an easy firstblood with Venomous Gale.
-Since Chaos Knight has a strong team-fight presence without being a good initiator, CK will love any hero able to initiate the teamfight for you.
-Any good disabler can help you to get easy kills on lane.

CK's foes:

- Earthshaker with his Echo Slam (illusions count as heroes).
- Anti-Mage with his Mana Break.
- Sand King can easily dodge CK's stun with Sand Storm and cant be targeted with any of CK's spells when channeling Sand Storm. Also, his Epicenter will easily destroy all CK's illusions.
-Hard disablers who can prevent CK from getting early kills on roaming stage.
-CK's oldest foe is Keeper of the Light. He does not have any special counter spell for CK, but Nessaj just hates him.


CK loves runes when roaming, that's why you should buy a bottle.

Double Damage:
Almost any hero can get an easy early kill when ganking with Double Damage, CK is not an exception. Double Chaos ftw.

Always useful but not the best rune for CK since he is already a very fast hero. Can be used for tower diving.

Best CK rune for late game. Use this rune with Phantasm and Manta Style and you'll have 8 Chaos Knights who will teleport at once when casting Reality Rift. Can be also used for tower diving on early game.

Nothing to say here, just use it for hp/mana regen between ganks.

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