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Old School Bottle Jugg

June 30, 2013 by Adovid
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Old School Bottle Jugg

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

Purchase Order

Title Items

Boots of Travel
Sange and Yasha
Aghanim's Scepter
Aegis of the Immortal



Mid Game

Boots of Travel
Observer Ward


Sange and Yasha
Point Booster
Blade of Alacrity
Aghanim's Scepter

Sell Bottle And/Or 6th Slot For

Battle Fury
Vladmir's Offering
Assault Cuirass
Hood of Defiance

Hero Skills

Blade Fury

1 3 5 7

Healing Ward

17 18

Blade Dance

10 12 13 14


6 11 16


2 4 8 9 15

Old School Bottle Jugg

June 30, 2013


The strategy of this old build from allstars was to use Blade Fury for early game dominance by using bottle to gain mana and health rapidly between engagements so Yonero could constantly punish the enemy. If your bottle ran out you would check and see if there was a rune every few minutes and maybe put a ward so you can see ganks as well.

Getting boots of travel would allow Yunero to gank and return to his lane and keep enemies in blade fury as long as possible.

This was basically one of the better hit and run builds. The freedom to roam and escape from unfavorable situations had a lot of advantages in certain team comps.

It used to be that he could teleport with blade fury active and no one could stop him from escaping but this was so effective it had to be nerfed long ago. This build is still fun though.


This was the key to Juggernauts early game dominance with blade fury. Blade Furry costs too much mana for Yunero to cast it multiple times but this item is the only one that can be purchased at the beginning of the game that can give Yunero the mana to control the lane from level 1 with wise use.

If you can capture a rune by clicking on it while the bottle is empty you can refill the bottle and have a rune inside of it for 2 minutes.

This is a rather expensive item for a first back but on Yunero it makes up for the cost because he gains so much from mobility with a kit that is especially effective at catching enemies and avoiding bad situations. The ability to teleport back from base is also good.

The cooldown for teleport is shared with scroll of town portal, after you have this item it is basically impractical to buy scrolls.

Note: You only really get Observer Wards so you can control runes to save time going back to base by restacking Bottle. The added vision for river ganks is a bonus. You should only really spend money on one or two at most unless you are really ahead.

Yonero has mostly everything he needs with Boots of Travel and Bottle for quite a while in the game but having some extra health and having the chance to slow enemies when attacking them adds a really nice touch. This is why this item is preferred over Yasha.

From patch 6.72 Sange's Maim passive was no longer an attack modifier so it currently stacks with Desolator.

Sanga and Yasha give more stats in the same item and increase Juggernauts damage and move speed even more.

This item gives Yonero much needed additional stats, reduces the cooldown of his ultimate by 20 seconds and is basically like an extra level for his omnislash adding 3 more attacks for a total of 12 which is a long time to spend untargetable while attacking people.

This is pretty much the best item you can get if you want to deal damage but you can't critically strike, basically the best thing for omnislash.


These items all work well for certain situations. Butterfly is good if the primary threats rely on auto attacks to deal damage. Assault Cuirass is good for enemies who stack armor and to help allies who rely on auto attacks. Vladamir's Offering adds good sustain without conflicting with Desolator's passive. Battle Fury allows Yonero to deal aoe damage with his auto attacks and also while ulting. Hood of Defiance helps Yonero survive devastating magic attacks.


Blade Fury
This is Yonero's bread and butter skill for most of the game. It deals nice damage early game, especially with allies who can hold enemies in place so they can't run to the tower.

It's also good for pushing but more importantly it's an escape mechanism for the entire game. When you are outnumbered or can't win an engagement it's one of the best ways to get out of a fight.

Don't rely on this skill to win late game duels, auto attacks will out-dps the flat damage when late game items come into play. Just use it to escape and this skill will stay one of your most useful assets in the game.

Getting stats seems like the best thing to do about Yunero's Mana Issues. It is very important that Yunero is able to omnislash into an enemy team and then have the ability to blade fury out.

Spending points in stats instead of healing ward allows Yunero to make the most of his early game without having to buy intelligence stat items that wont contribute to his build progression. If you want to play with healing ward early game you may have to get some intelligence asap.

Healing Ward
This skill is great for your whole team, its like a healing fountain that keeps you and your allies going back for more. The only thing wrong with it is that it doesn't deal damage.

The ward can actually move on command to wherever you want it and can follow allies too. Watch out though, if an enemy attacks it you loose it. I find it's best to use this skill when regrouping after a fight so your team can go and push some more in other places when the enemy has to go back to heal.

I decided that healing ward early game has uses, its really good for early game pushing if your allies get ahead but due to Yonero's mana issues it's probably better to spend points in stats for mana to blade fury more often for a safer and more effective early game.

Blade Dance
This is a good ability for dueling late game because it gives Yunero the critical strike that he doesn't have for items because all the items are to make his ultimate stronger and his ultimate cannot critically strike.

This ability is not good for early game because Yunero won't have enough health or attackspeed to proc the critical hits. Yunero's starting stats are terrible for dueling this way, his blade storm is much stronger early on.

Not only does it deal lots of damage to multiple targets but it makes Yunero Invulnerable. The damage that's dealt also scales with Yunero's attack damage but does not critically strike. It's still a very devastating ganking and dueling ability because of all the damage it does and the fact that it scales so hard.

This ultimate is devastating against groups of enemies and lone individuals but there are a few ways to counter it that you should know.

If you use this ability on enemies in creep waves some or even most of your attacks may hit creeps instead of enemey heroes.

If you are targeting lone individuals who can go invisible or untargetable it will cause your ult to end after it cannot find a target. Enemies who have items like Force Staff, Eul's Scepter of Divinity, or Ghost Scepter make sure to use good judgement.

In practice its best to use this ability in team fights to deal the most damage to the most enemy champions or for cleaning up fleeing enemies with the gap closing portion of the ability.


Thanks for considering this guide.

I wish I could remember who invented this build so they could get proper credit.

Please feel free to comment and hope you have fun playing Jugg with a Bottle.

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