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Ogre Magi - FIREWALKER's Luck

January 12, 2017 by FireWalkerAWE
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Lane Support Ogre Magi

DotA2 Hero: Ogre Magi

Hero Skills


3 13 14 15


1 4 7 9


2 5 8 11


6 12 18



Hero Talents

+240 Fireblast Damage
+17% Fireblast chance
+25 Bloodlust Attack Speed
+30 Strength
+250 Health
+80 Damage
-1s Fireblast Cooldown
+16 Ignite DPS

We Outsmarted Them

FIREWALKER reporting for duty. Again??? Wow, I’m on fire! Or maybe it’s just the same kind of Dumb Luck experienced by Ogre Magi? But let’s get on with it, shall we?

Aggron Stonebreak the Ogre Magi

Ogre Magi is a melee intelligence hero( though he...they? is not that intelligent him...them?self) with a very strong lane presence. Aggron Stonebreak’s lore reads as follows...

The ordinary ogre is the creature for whom the phrase 'As dumb as a bag of rock hammers' was coined. In his natural state, an ogre is supremely incapable of doing or deciding anything. Clothed in dirt, he sometimes finds himself accidentally draped in animal skins after eating lanekill. Not an especially social creature, he is most often found affectionately consorting with the boulders or tree-stumps he has mistaken for kin (a factor that may explain the ogre's low rate of reproduction). However, once every generation or so, the ogre race is blessed with the birth of a two-headed Ogre Magi, who is immediately given the traditional name of Aggron Stonebreak, the name of the first and perhaps only wise ogre in their line's history. With two heads, Ogre Magi finds it possible to function at a level most other creatures manage with one. And while the Ogre Magi will win no debates (even with itself), it is graced with a divine quality known as Dumb Luck--a propensity for serendipitous strokes of fortune which have allowed the ogre race to flourish in spite of enemies, harsh weather, and an inability to feed itself. It's as if the Goddess of Luck, filled with pity for the sadly inept species, has taken Ogre Magi under her wing. And who could blame her? Poor things.


Strength: 23 + 3.2 per lvl
Agility: 14 + 1.55 per lvl
Intelligence: 17 + 2.4 per lvl

Health at lvl 25: 2180
Mana at lvl 25: 938

Base Damage: 41 - 47
Armor at level 1: 8
Movementspeed: 290
Base Attack Time: 1.7
Turn Rate: 0.6

Official Roles: Support, Nuker, Disabler, Durable, Initiator

Initial Thoughts

Ogre Magi’s high armor and early damage allows him to dominate lanes. Not scaling very well sees the hero condemned to the support role, though this can be a blessing in disguise. His laning presence allows his carries to farm freely and safely behind him.

Later into the game, while falling off, Ogre Magi can continue to buff his team’s carries with Bloodlust and disrupting enemies with his disables.

As a support, Ogre Magi won’t have much money. Luckily, he is able to function without items and, with what little gold he has, he can buy team orientated items.

Pros and Cons


  • Strong lane presence
  • Kill potential in lane if paired with an aggressive hero
  • Can buff up carries
  • Talent Tree grants bonus GPM
  • High armor
  • More durable than most supports


Ability Descriptions


Fireblast is a single target nuke that also stuns the target for 1.5 seconds. When Multicast, Fireblast hits the same target multiple times, increasing the damage and refreshing the stun duration each time.

The Ogre Magi is easily amused, entertained for hours by playing with fire.


Ignite is a single target spell, slowing the affected unit and causing damage over time. If Multicast, enemies near the target also get Ignited.
Damage per second
Move Slow


Batter up!


Bloodlust buffs an ally for 30 second, increasing their attack- and movement speed. If Multicast, multiple allies near the target are also buffed. Bloodlust can be set to auto-cast, causing it to be automatically cast on nearby allies. It affects heroes and creeps.
Bonus Movespeed
Attack Speed
Affected by Talents: Ogre Magi's Talent Tree gives an option at level 25 to increase the attack speed given by Bloodlust by 40.

Running’s not as fun as hitting... Not one bit fun.


Multicast is Ogre Magi’s passive ultimate. It grants a chance to cast an ability multiple times and brings some changes to his other abilities.
2x Cast Chance
3x Cast Chance
4x Cast Chance

Changes to Fireblast:
Mana Cost Increase
Cooldown Reduction

Changes to Ignite
Ignite affects enemies in an AoE. around the target.
Cast Range Increase

Changes to Bloodlust:
Cooldown Reduction

Despite being largely incapacitated by his IQ, the Ogre Magi’s success in battle is attributed to pure skill

Unrefined Fireblast

Unrefined Fireblast is an extra ability granted by Aghanim’s Scepter. It stuns a single target for 1.5 seconds, dealing 275 magical damage. It has a cooldown of 6 seconds, and costs 60% of Ogre Magi’s current mana.

Once Aghanim’s Scepter has been bought, it cannot be sold, dropped or moved to a backpack.

The ‘who-casts-spell-first’ argument between himself is solved simply by both casting at once.

Ability Usage

Fireblast is used mainly as a disable to set up kills or to counter initiate. It provides some hard lockdown. The stun duration doesn’t scale and, as a support, you won’t be your team’s main damage dealer, therefor one value point early in this ability should be enough. Later into the game, paired with Multicast, Fireblast can be a decent nuke, though it doesn’t pierce spell immunity.

Ignite is a very strong zoning ability, dealing tons of damage and slowing, allowing you to get some free rightclicks onto the enemy for extra harass. Zoning out enemy laners allows your carry to farm more freely, and with the slow you might even land a kill.

Ignite can be used to clear creep waves in the later stages of the game, helping to stop enemy pushes and to push in lanes. The slow can be a real pain for enemies during teamfights, and the damage over time stops any Blink Dagger users.

An early point in Bloodlust allows you to use the movement speed to play even more aggressively. The attack speed allows carries to last hit more easily, while the movement speed can help them escape from incoming ganks. Use the attack speed on yourself to get a few extra right clicks on an enemy, zoning them or creating a kill opportunity for your team.

Later into the game, Bloodlust becomes your main ability. Continuously use this on allies, making sure that your carries deal the maximum damage possible. It can also be used on creeps, helping to push lanes and towers. Bloodlust can also be used on your own towers, increasing their attack speed and helping to defend against incoming onslaughts.

Putting Bloodlust on auto-cast isn’t worth it, as the ability has a good chance to target the wrong hero, maybe buffing up another support instead of your carry.

Multicast, as a RNG-orientated passive, doesn’t require a certain usage or skill. It buffs up your other abilities, helping you to get more use out of them.

Talent Tree

Level 10

+100 Cast Range vs +60 GPM

Having no real clutch abilities, Ogre Magi doesn’t really need the extra cast range to land them.
As supports doesn’t get much farm but are under a lot of pressure to buy Observer Wards etc., the GPM will give enough boost to get the supporting items and save up for a few solid items for yourself.

Level 15

+8% Magic Resistance vs +40 Damage

8% Magic resistance is not much, but can be just the defence you need against a strong magical damage lineup if they burst you down constantly.
Though Ogre Magi is not a carry, after all his abilities are spent he has nothing left to do in fights than to get some right clicks off. Some bonus damage will certainly help in fights like this, especially with the Bloodlust buff.

Level 20

+25 Movement Speed vs +250 HP

250 HP is a decent chunk, but at this stage of the game the carries are probably doing that much damage in one hit.
Movement speed allows for better positioning to help your team and to stun crucial targets with Fireblast.

Level 25

+40 Bloodlust Attack Speed vs +15% Spell Amplification

Spell amplification will squeeze a bit more damage out of your spells, but that’s not the reason why you’re here, is it?
At this late stage of the game, Ogre Magi is a purely utilitarian addition to the team, and what will help the team more than a bit of extra attack speed for your carry?

Item Build

Starting Items

A standard early game consumable, Tangoes can also be shared with your midlaner or anther core in need.

A Clarity or two will provide some mana regen to get off a couple more Ignites for some early harass.

A Wind Lace will provide some movementspeed and gives good bang for your buck, allowing you to stick to enemies to get off a few extra right clicks.

Some more shareable regeneration, Healing Salves regenerate a good chunk of HP throughout the early game.

A very cost-efficient stat item, upgradeable into Magic Wand.

Early Game Items

Providing a slow, Orb of Venom synergizes well with Wind Lace, allowing you to bully almost anyone out of lane

A very efficient item, Magic Wand provides stats and regeneration for a very good price. As a support, every gold coin should be made to count.

Providing mana regeneration for you and your team, Arcane Boots is a very solid pickup.

If your team is fine with mana, having enough regeneration from other sources, Tranquil Boots’ armor and HP regeneration can be quite valuable, and a good substitute for Arcane Boots.

Mid Game Items

A solid supporting item, Force Staff aids you in your own positioning, allows you to save allies and gives you the chance to manipulate enemies’ positioning.

Glimmer Cape is another solid support item, providing a defense against magical damage for you and your allies. It also provides a degree of mobility through the invisibility.

Eul's Scepter of Divinity, also known as a poor man’s Sheepstick, provides a degree of disable and kiting utility. The ability to purge yourself should also never be overlooked.

Pipe of Insight is a strong item against heavy magic damage line-ups, usually picked up by a core to get it early in the game. Ogre Magi needs little in the way of items himself, so might be able to pick one up if needed.

A valuable aura, Vladmir's Offering can also be grabbed by Ogre Magi for a bit of 5-man.

Urn of Shadows provides some decent stats, although the real reason to pick this up is for the sustain, something Ogre Magi lacks by himself.

A strong counter against enemy right clickers, but be weary of incoming nukes!

Pair Solar Crest with Bloodlust to supercharge your carry, or put the active on an enemy to bring them down.

Luxury Items

Lotus Orb can deter enemies from casting their single target spells on your teammates, or dispel negative buffs from your carry.

Turn enemies into pigs and pigs into bacon!


Early Game

Take a good look at the lane matchups and decide with your team which lane needs you most. After heading there, begin dishing out harass through right clicks and Ignite damage. Your high armor allows you to soak up damage, acting as a front liner and allowing your carry to safely farm behind you.

Bloodlust can provide a bit of damage when going for a kill, or give your carry an edge at last hitting. Keep him buffed as long as you have mana. If the opportunity arises, be ready with a Fireblast stun to help secure a kill.

Act as a wall between the creep wave and the enemy, giving easy farm to your carry and preventing the enemies’ farm. Deal out as much harass as possible through right clicks and Ignite damage to force them out of lane. Be careful to not overdo it and give up a kill when the enemies turn on you.

Mid Game

For any squishy hero, positioning is a key factor. Though tanky by support standards, as an Ogre Mag you will still have a lack of items, making you an easy kill. Hang back during the mid game team fights, just close enough to get off all your spells.

Ensure that your team is constantly Bloodlusted and ready to fight. Use Ignite and Fireblast to cause confusion in teamfights by hampering their movements.

As a support you should keep your carries alive, but Ogre Magi doesn’t have any abilities serving this purpose. Unfortunately, to save your carries, you have to give up your own life sometimes to buy them time to get away. Just make sure you don’t do this in vain and that your carry won’t die regardless, giving away two kills instead of one.

Late Game

Ogre Magi doesn’t feel a difference between mid and late game. Your spells might fall off a bit, but they are to be used in the same way, buffing your allies and hampering your opponents.

At this stage you might have one or two items, providing some extra utility to your team. Continue to play sacrificial, keeping your cores alive and on top.

Ignite will be more relevant out of teamfights at this stage, helping to clear creep waves to splitpush or to defend your own base.

Friends, Foes and Food


Most right click carries benefit a lot from Bloodlust, providing attack speed for more damage and some anti-kite with the movement speed bonus.

Cronosphere is useless without damage to back it up. Bloodlust can give Faceless Void the boost he needs.

Carries with weak lane presence can benefit immensely from the security Ogre Magi provides during the laning stage.


Ogre Magi usually gets picked up to secure the laning stage for your team, but strong enemy laners can cost you this advantage. Against such heroes rotations can still win you the lanes. If needed, focus can be shifted towards the later stages of the game where Bloodlust shines the most.


Weak laners benefit from Ogre Magi’s help, but can also fall prey if laning against him.

Once is not enough, it's just as high as we can count

A strong pick to increase your team’s laning prowess, Ogre Magi powers your carries onward, securing their farm. Tanking through the early game allows you to bully most enemies, freeing up your lane.

Ogre Magi doesn’t need any items, preferring to put all your eggs into that Bloodlusted-carry-basket. Furthermore, the hero doesn’t require much skill to play, relying on dumb luck!

Feel free to leave a comment with any criticism, suggestions or questions.

Good Luck and Have Fun

**Updated for 7.01**

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