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Nuker | Pusher - Kardel Sharpeye [7.25b]

April 7, 2020 by Draenji
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Revitalization Gauge (Safe)

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Nuker | Pusher - Kardel Sharpeye [7.25b]

April 7, 2020



Early.The high ammount of health regeneration of the Tranquil Bootsallows you to freely harass both of the opponent heroes in the Safe-Lane. The movement speed combined with a 2ndWind Laceare enough to both, chase (an opponent hero when is trying to escape) and retreat (as well as maintaining a safe distance to prevent attacks that disable the boots). This is particularly good if either of the opponent heroes relies on long distance spells, such as Arcane Bolt, Brain Sap & Ignite.

Mid.Don't join the team fights, this build in general is terrible in team fights and lacks of area of damage, it can solo kill 99% of the heroes of the game, but in a team fight you'll easily be disabled, focused, etc. It's just a terrible idea, push the lanes instead, theWind Lace's movement speed,Town Portal Scroll's teleport plus the level 10 Sniper's talent,Meteor Hammer,Eul's Scepter of Divinity. In case a team fight pops-up you'll be able to wipe an entire lane, and if the enemy team makes the silly decision of ignoring you while pushing. You'll win the game (this doesn't happen so often because one or two heroes will teleport to defend the towers, specially in the third tower.) With this being said, is easy to understand that even if you can't join a team fight, you can disperse it.

Late.The strong disables of Assassinate (upgraded with theAghanim's Blessing) & theSchyte of Vysecombined with the huge ammount of damage dealt by theManta Styleillusions with the attack speed and damage of theButterflyand the critical damage ofDaedalus, including the Shrapneland Headshot, takes down most of the heroes (specially agressive ones and supports). If used propperly, it can also take down any tank in the late game.

  • High movement speed.
  • Great pusher and farmer.
  • Powerful slows and magic damage.
  • Excels in interceptions or ambushes.
  • Powerful mid/late game disables.
  • Item dependent.
  • Mana intensive abilities.
  • Extremely mana dependent.
  • Easily countered by spell immunity.

Skills and Talent Tree

Abilities Order:


Hero Talents:
+6Shrapnel Charges
+125 Attack Range
+30Shrapnel DPS
+35 Knockback DistanceHeadshot
+20%Shrapnel Slow
+40 Attack Speed
+20 Damage
25% Cooldown Reduction


Tips & Tactics

Item Catalog:

Ring of Regen:Necessary to exchange hits in the early-game.

Tranquil Boots:Use it to tank the damage of the wave creeps and the enemy tower. The creeps in your team will have more life points when they reach the enemy tower, helping a lot while pushing a lane.

Staff of Wizardry:The intelligence slightly increases the magical damage dealt with the Shrapneland Assassinatesince both do a great amount of damage in the early-game.

Sage's Mask:At this point, the mana regen starts to become more important to spam Assassinate. I usually buy a couple ofClarityafter this item.

Meteor Hammer:Improves the farming. Cast it on any non-Ancient Camp when you can't use it on the opponent's tower, additionally attack 4 times the biggest creep and let the neutral camp burn.

Eul's Scepter of Divinity:Grants a decent amount of mana regen. For some odd reason synergizes well with theTranquil Boots(movement speed) & with theMeteor Hammer(cyclone to cast it). Making it the best option as a second mid-game item.

Scythe of Vyse:As the mana cost scales with the level of Assassinate, the mana pool and the mana regen are something important at the late-game in this item build. The hex is basically a 3.5 seconds instant ranged stun (that can be usefull saving dying allies / yourself or initiating against dangerous heroes).

Manta Style:Gives movement speed replacing the thirdWind Lacein the late-game. Unlike theEul's Scepter of Divinitydispel,Manta Styleallows you to remove debuffs almost instantly upon cast. The illusions are important for the other two items that will turn the Sniper into a late-game carry.

Butterfly:The agility increases the illusion's attack damage and attack speed

Daedalus:Most of the items and strategy of this build rely on the magical damage, heroes with aBlack King Barcan easily dodge this build. So, when the opponent player activates the magic immunity, they will receive a huge ammount of physical damage.


Bad against...
  • Blade Fury, grants immunity to Sniper's items and can dispel some debuffs as well.
  • Omnislash renders Juggernaut invulnerable to Sniper's items and can easily take Sniper down.
  • Rage dispels most of Sniper's items, allowing Lifestealer to pass through Shrapnel.
  • Borrowed Time makes Abaddon nearly impossible to kill, and often replenishes much of his health because Sniper cannot manually stop the magic damage during Shrapnel.
Good against...
Spirit Breaker
Phantom Assassin
  • Phantom Assassin's lack of a true disable makes her a relatively vulnerable target for Sniper.
  • Tinker's low mobility and health pool allows Sniper to destroy him in the early game.
  • Shrapnel can find Tinker easily while he is pushing or blinking into trees.
Works well with...
  • Alacrity benefits Sniper greatly while attacking a tower.
  • Thirst reveals enemies at low health across the entire map, making it easy for Sniper to cast Assassinate.
  • The continuous spam of Assassinate increases Blood Seeker's attack and movement speed by Thirst.
Crystal Maiden
  • Arcane Aura helps significantly with Sniper's pitiful starting mana regeneration, allowing him to more freely useMeteor Hammerand Assassinate in lane, and well into the middle and later game.

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