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My skin isnt Blue!!!!!

October 4, 2014 by The amazing A.K.A stupid
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Build 1
Build 2

Hard Carry Build

DotA2 Hero: Sven

Hero Skills

Storm Hammer

1 3 5 7

Great Cleave

10 12 13 14


2 4 8 9

God's Strength

6 11 16


15 17 18


Sven is a very strong hard carry.
With God's Strength and Great Cleave, you have to power to kill the entier team in less than 5 seconds.

Sven is a late game monster and with Hotd(not mask of madness) and Warcry+Your natural tankiness you can ignore almost every physical damage in the battle field.

As a hard carry your power will come out in the late game (30-45 min.)
In the early game try to get as much farm as you can,the only thing you can for now is use Storm Hammer as your right click damage is still low.
Stack ancients with Helm of the Dominator and try to be present at most ganks for that assist gold.

Pros and Cons

Every hero has its own Pros and Cons and Sven is not excluded.


2.Great Lane survivability due to Warcry
3.HOLY **** damage
4.Great teamfight hero


1.Very mana intensive
2.Hard to recover form bad start
3.Easy to kite
4.Turtle speed even with Warcry

When To Pick Sven

When to Pick Sven

-If you like to play Sven
-If you like farming and not snowballing early
-If team has no stun
-If the team has no Hard carry

When not to Pick Sven

-If you like to snowball
-Team has already alot of carries
-If you keep forgetting to spam Warcry in teamfights/ganks/pushes
-If you Do not want Play Sven


Storm Hammer

Storm Hammer is an aoe stun which deals alot of damage in early-mid game.
This ability is great for initiating and chasing off flee enemies,but remember it cost alot of mana so use it wisely.

Great Cleave

Great Cleave is simply a cleave.This skill is great since you can use it to farm and push with ease.This skill synergises with Storm Hammer because after the aoe stun,you can cleave to everyone affected by the stun without it sven is kinda ****py.


Warcry is a really amazing ability which grants you 16 armour and 12% movements speed when activated.This skill is great for pushing and farming and 16 armour is huge so dont underestimate it.

God's Strength

God's Strength is Svens ultimate which grants him 200% bonus damage for 25 seconds OMG.This is what makes Sven so strong with a cooldown of only 80 seconds,this skill can wreck everyone especially with with Great Cleave, this thing is a bit op.Not to mention that it turns your armour red it is awesome indeed.


Starting Items

Starting Items #1

Simple regen some branches and a stout shield for better lane survivality.

Starting Items #2

Simple Regen build + Gauntlets of Strength for more last hitting power and a little health,the gauntlet can be turned into a bracer if desired.

Early Game

Early game,Power treads is your boots of choice since you already have alot of damage from God's Strength.A Bracer and Ogre Club for tankiness and stats then a Morbid Mask for ez farming.

Mid Game

helm of dominator helm of dominator maelstorm

At this point of the game the choices start getting open.
You can turn your Ogre Club into a Black King Bar and your Bracer into a Drum of Endurance.Armlet is an Awesome Item for Sven because of the attack speed and damage it gives.And lastly a Blink Dagger for mobility and maelstorm for attackspeed. Crystalys is self explanatory.

Late game

The late game items are mostly upgrades from your mid game items.
Daedalus makes you hit harder and make you monster crit.
Abysall blade gives a stun and makes you hit harder.
Assault Cuirass gives you moar armour and attackspeed
Heart of tarasquemakes you more tanky and make you hit harder
Satanic offers god mode for 3 seconds
Mjollnir gives you attackspeed and makes you hit harder.
Well basically now all you need is attackspeed and some moar damage and you will be fine.



These are items you should get sometimes but not all of the time.
Get battlefury if you have someone who can clump up the enemy team e.g Magnus Enigma
Get midas if you are getting freefarm only get before 10 min.
Monkey bar is sometimes required if against a Phantom assasin or Butterfly users.
Shadow Blade is an alternative to blink
Divine raipier=self explanatory

Friends and Foes

Coming soon....

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Boots sold Seperately

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