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My Healing Girl

September 6, 2013 by Arart7
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Support (In Lane Mostly)

DotA2 Hero: Enchantress

Hero Skills


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Nature's Attendants

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Hello, this is my first build guide so please comment.
Enchantress is by far one of my favorite characters to play, in all honesty I tune off her voice cause I cannot stand the tone they picked for her, but once I got over that she's a fun character.

I know what everyone is going to say....."She should be jungling!"
Yes, I agree but usually when I end up playing Enchantress I end up being the support of the entire team. Here is my build that I usually use for a "mostly" support character.

Disclaimer: If you are a player you know that every game is different and you should use wisdom and logic to choose the correct skills/items for your character....THESE ARE GUIDELINES NOT RULES.

Pros / Cons

Pros - For Support

    -Healing Ability is Sexy
    -Range is good and does more damage the farther away opponents are
    -Decent Speed for escaping

Cons - For Support

    -Healing ability depends on proximity to team mate
    -Healing ability Mana dependant (Not much bang for your buck at early levels)
    -Not many "Save at the last moment" options

Creeping / Jungling

To be brief, in this build I usually use Enchant for one thing and one thing only......Annoy your opponents.

Now if you are in the jungle trying to increase your gold for your Aghamin's Scepter or other items, there are certain things you should know.

1) There are some creeps you CAN NOT Enchant. Those creeps are Ancient Creeps like the Golems and Dragons. SO don't even try. This includes Roshan by the way.

2) Enchanting has a timelimit. Watch the clock. Once the Enchant is gone the Creep is gone.

3) The larger creeps have powers of their own. My favorite is the Satyrs. They have abilities like Shockwave and Purge.

4) You can use these creeps to Gank. This takes coordination and tons of micromanaging which is what I don't like to do but Oh Well. Also, certain creep abilities have nice Synergy but for this to work you need to know your creeps.

Below is a link that shows creep types and abilities for your use:

How one Should Jungle

Step 1: Enchant the Largest Creep in the group and have him fight the others.
Step 2: If you are done getting your gold you may still be able to take the creep to the next camp
Step 3: Repeat process until you have a nice Piped Piper Parade going on or are satisfied with the gold you plundered.

Game Play - Items/Skills

On Skills

I am not going to go into too much detail on the skill build....Obviously max out your healing and get one point on enchant for lane harassment and occasional jungling. However, if you are playing against someone who uses creeps (of any kind) against you and they happen to be in your lane start pumping points into Untouchable. Once, I was against a Beastmaster and had a creep war in our lane. He would bring in creeps, I would steal them. Loads of fun!!!!

Again, use you judgment.

On Items

Also, since you are playing support you will probably be expected to buy Courier and/or Observer Wards.
Be sure to place one on each Rune location and if you can Roshan (mostly towards the middle of the game for ganking purposes). Or on Roshan if the other team picked an Ursa-Skeleton king combo (level 1 tanking roshan duo). By the way ladies that is now way over done.

When your are in lane, ideally your are paired up with a harder pusher/tank-ish character. My best games were when I was paired with Axe, Doom, or Tiny. Drow Ranger works too. But rule number one as a support- LET THEM FARM. Just get the money you need, they need larger more costly items. You will mostly stick with Urn of Shadows, Drum of Endurance, etc. If you find yourself in a comfortable position in the lane, warn your partner and go jungling for a bit to get some dough (PUN!).


You should be pestering and annoying the hell out of your opponents at a distance. AT A DISTANCE. Remember your are Squishy.
No tower chasing.
No "just one more" tactics.
If you are getting "F***K you Enchantress" you are doing it right. Another sign is if your opponents keep having to return to their tower to heal or for protection. You want them not to get money or exp. You are building for the Urn of Shadows and the Ring of Basilius. You need mana. If you are paired up with someone who needs mana better get the Ring first and stock up on Clarity. This is why the courier will be essential for you, especially if you are not paired with a tank. You will have to be healing them left and right.

Once I was paired up with a noob Zeus - talk about a bad combo. Had ten Tango, ten Clarity and a bloody Magic Wand until I hit level 11. Saved his butt at least, not exactly sure, twelve times.


You should be scrambling to get your Aghamin's Scepter - that is the only personal item I am going to say "YOU MUST GET THIS!" Enchantress is practically useless in team fights and ganks without it.

Team fights should be happening. The Urn should be extremely useful now.
You should NOWHERE be near the front line. You should be in the back, throwing your lance, Urn of Shadow,healing, anywhere you can.
NOW THIS IS THE TRICKY PART. If you are really good and notice the your team is low on health, pop your Nature's Attendants and get closer to help them out. You will have to avoid most of the big hitters but I have been healing in the middle of team fights and come out unscathed. Now, if a team fight went sour....RUN!....Try keeping whatever team mate you have left alive buy using your Attendants and Urn. Hell if you have a Healing Salve or Magic Wand, USE IT!


Okay. Time to party. You should be hanging out mostly with the group now. Either at team fights or pushing. If your Team is rocking it.
If they are NOT!
Start thinking strategy.
If your team needs to push. Pick the team mate that can push the farthest. Have everyone else distract the other team and help the solo guy push all the way to their barracks as best as you can. Wards everywhere to warn you if someone is going to gank. If so, tell your teammate and both of you split. Carry TP scrolls for quick escapes. You are going to need to seriously help your team. You can help the solo pusher but you can also help your distraction team last longer. Up to you!

Support role shines, unfortunately, when you are losing.

I have been a game where we are taking Mega creeps on both mid and bot. Paired up with Axe and pushed all the way in mid lane while the other party was busy distracting the opponents in bot. Then ran for the hills when we saw a Spirit Breaker rampaging toward us. Repeated process in top. Won the game with the other team conquering in kills by a 30 some difference. Tactics.....make all the difference.

In another game, that we were losing, not as badly. Io got me (Enchantress) and Bane back to base when they were attacking our Ancient. Held them off until we could destroy their Ancient. Talk about cutting it close.


One great thing about Enchantress is her flexibility.
I mean just look at her roles.....everything but nuke and tank.
Now I don't know about you but that is neat!

You can basically start with any type of build and if you decide, or the situation dictates, to change to a semi-carry or even a ganker, it would take a quick change of items and voila!

For semi-carry move you should still get the Scepter but also get some armor- The Veil of Discord or the Assault Cuirass do a nice job. The Force Staff is awesome for its distance which allows you to do MORE DAMAGE!

For Ganker - Vlad is nice. I prefer the Oblivion Staff though. I have seen some people slap on a Helm of the Dominator with DEVASTATING RESULTS especially if they get a strong creep like a Giant Wolf. That with crazy Enchanted other creeps giving you the previously mentioned Pided Piper Parade on CRACK. Just imagine the face of your foes when they see that show. OUCHIE!


Enchantress, I find to be, one of the most flexible characters in Dota.
Her role as a support is often not played but I believe with a little practice you will learn to like her.

Again, these are just guidelines born from experience. NOT RULES.

I always remind everyone to just have fun. Its a game that I truly enjoy. Don't ruin it by being rude.

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