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MeePwn's - A basic guide to Meepo/s

August 24, 2012 by Blitxxen
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DotA2 Hero: Meepo

Hero Skills


1 4 8 9


2 3 5 7


12 13 14 15

Divided We Stand

6 11 16


10 17 18

MeePwn's - A basic guide to Meepo/s

August 24, 2012


First of all, im not used to play alot Meepo in Dota 1, but I know the basics out of him and I wanted to try luck with creating this mini-guide.

Note: My native language is not english, and this is my second guide on Dotafire. Constructive comments welcomed.

Item Build

Early Game

- Ring of Basilius will buff your other Meepo's when you have them at lvl 6 with more armor and mana regen.

-Buy Headdress and Buckler to start preparing Mekansm, they will grant you HP regen for your Mep's and more armor.

-I wouldn't suggest other boots over Power Treads than Boots of Travel. PT will empower the main and all the other Meepos, has it gives good attack speed and normal movement speed. But the best thing is that the clones are benefited by the stats it gives, so it should never be over looked.

Mid Game

- Mekansm, the one and the only one, super core for Meeps, it will instantly heal for 250 to all your nearby Meepos and grant them with +2 armor. Remember to advise your team you are getting this item, has if they do too your Meepos cant get healed twice...

- Bracer and Robe of the Magi to prepare for Drum of Endurance.

Late Game

- Drum of Endurance is the only late game core item that Meepo haves, it will boost all of the clones with 5% attack speed and 5% movement speed and when active will give them double of tap. Good for chasing/escaping.

Situational Items

- Boots of Travel is just an amazing late game item for Meepo, as not only you can use it, but all your clones are able to use it, wich you may be thinking in alot of things right now, like pusshing 2 lanes at the same time, or while you are fighting a Meepo is happily farming in forest (Lol). But yeah, this item will give you global presence along with your poof and let you push lanes faster than Tinker or Nature's Prophet.

- Blink Dagger, chinise players that love Meeps have a throne adoring this item. Why? ufff, with this, your main Meepo will blink next to a fresh meat to earthbind him and then poof on his face with 3 clones ready to SURPRISE BUTTSEX the taret.

- Medallion of Courage will boost your and Yours DPS by alot, the armor decrease is good and the plus armor for your main Meps is also good.

- Manta Style? some would think about how this works on Meepo, while others already know. An earthbinded target X4 (8 second disable) is more than fresh meat for physical attackers, manta will empower that by bringing 3 more meepos (a total of 8 freaking Meepos across the battlefield), like all Meepos look the same, they will never truly know that its an ilution or not, so baiting with it its just super easy (and funny sometimes :D)

- Vladmir's Offering its another cool buff item on Meepo, grants him and his Meepos lifesteal, bonus damage, 5 armor and mana regen. With the lifesteal aura, you and your clones will be able do roshan fast. The aegis will not only revive you, but all of your Meepos also (Divided we stand is a passive from the main Mep, while he is alive, they will be alive)

- Pipe of Insight, im not truly in accord if this does or not stack with Mekansm, but most people dont take it along with it. Althought that, this is a good item for all of the Meepos, in case of fighting against strong AoE nukers that will blow the health of all your Meepos (In most cases, Earthshaker), this will reduce the magic damage done to all your clones and increase the probability of surviving.

- Assault Cuirass, well, easy to explain, grants armor for your Meepos, gives them a really high +20 attack speed and also decreases enemies armor by -5 in a large AoE. Good item for Meepo, BUT remember it doesnt stack with basilus, vladmir or aquilas ring auras, and obviously with itself.

Skill Build

Skills Order

1- Earthbind
2- Poof
3- Poof
4- Earthbind
5- Poof
6- Divided we stand
7- Poof
8- Earthbind
9- Earthbind
10- Stats
11- Divided we stand
12- Geostrike
13- Geostrike
14- Geostrike
15- Geostrike
16- Divided we stand
17-25- Stats


First is first, we take Earthbind on lvl 1 for first blood attempts, after that you want to max Poof by lvl 7 as it is your main dmg source at early - mid stages of the game.
Earthbind is maxed secondly because of the simple reason of having a ridicolous amount of range and also because of the cooldown. Max Geostrike last after you have the second level of Divided We Stand. The ultimate is taken whenever its able (Usual lvl 6,11 and 16).

Why is Geostrike not taken at lvl 10 and instead take stats?

You still dont have 3 Meepo's and your attack speed/DPS is not big enough for a single level of Geostrike. Remember that the clones of Mep's are benefited alot by stats, so getting them when Geostrike is not needed is a no-brainer.

Pro's and Con's


- 2 second disable with a 1250 casting range that prevent units from doing ANYTHING!
- Super farming capability with Poof and Divided We Stand
- Great base armor.
- 2 Highly spammable spells with 8 sec CD and really low mana usage.
- Abusive DPS with right click.
- Letal if mastered (even more lethal than Invoker and Kunkka togheter)


- He is a head-ache for new players with him.
- Microing Meepo makes him and destroys him, making the difference between life and death of all of his Mini-Mep's.
- Below average stats gain.
- Can't afford dying early game.
- You know you are in problems if you have 5 wins and randomed him.

Short story

Meepo is simply one of the most unique heroes in Dota world, side by side with Invoker. His potential is understimated by almost everyone and he is one of the characters less comonly used in pubs. People dislike of him because they see him like "a ****ty char that can multiply himself in order to die more easily to enemies", whoever says that, hopefully one day he will mess with the right Meepo, and will suffer like no other.

Mini-Microing Guide for Meepo

This is the basic thing to know about Meepo, like I stated before, microing him makes him AND destroys him, seriously, when talking about his style of game, its all about learning how to move your fingers fast as hell.


Ctrl + 1 ----> Bind your main Meepo and your other ones to control 1, this will let you keep them under your control at all times by the press of one button.

(Note: for people using the default hotkeys - QWER 123456 - this will eat 1 inventory slot, but there is absolutely no problem, like all of your items wont be activable)

Learning how to use TAB:

With TAB, you will be able to switch beetween the units in your group, this will let you spam all your little Mep`s spells and make good use of him. Practising with this will let you select your units faster, as well increase your swiftness at spaming Earthbind and Poof.

Making your Meepo`s survive:

This is the most important thing to learn about him, and also the biggest Con on him.
With so, you need to know how to see if a Mep is in danger and how to make him survive successfuly.

Shift + Click ----> With this, you will exclude the selected Mep (Clicking on his portrait, on the unit model, on in the mini portrait of the group) and you will be able to move him without moving the full group.
This may sound really hard to do, but you can get used really fast after you played Meepo a 100 times and died like 20000 times.

You have to learn how to use this quick and swiftly, your fingers have to be your mind, and your mind must be in the game, the game, is Meepo.

Creeping / Jungling

Like most possible is that you have already heard that Meepo is the fastest creep/neutral killing hero in the game, im now going to tell you why.

Why is Meepo considered to be the fastest farmer in the game?

Actually, Mep haves no last hitting potential, and he cant afford much harrassing, he just likes standing back and wait till he grows to lvl 6, because dying with him early game is just crushing. When he haves his 6, Divided We Stand, he will have one extra Mep, wich means he can Poof between himself x2, allowing him to deal extreme damage to neutral creeps.

2 Poofs = 1 Creep wave cleared/1 Medium or large creep camp
1 Poof = 1 Medium or small creep camp.
3 Poof + Infinity = Insta-kill to all neutral creeps or enemy creeps.

Poof, at lvl 4, haves an 8 sec cooldown and 80 mana usage, also, its spammable itself with the clones, wich means you can deal more than 300 damage with each poof to all creeps/neutrals around, and thats the reason why Meepo haves always gold. :D

How to farm fast with Meepo?

Believe it or not, farming with Mep does not needs last hitting neither a Hand of Midas or a Battle Fury. All Mep's need for hard farming, is clones + Poof.

Order= Survive til lvl 6, get clones, go into jungle and kill every single neutral creep until you have the gold for your Mekansm or if you are out of mana. Simple has that.

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