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December 10, 2014 by GGnet.Ace
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

Hero Skills

Stifling Dagger

1 3 5 7

Phantom Strike

2 14 15 17


4 10 12 13

Coup de Grace

6 11 16


8 9 18


Pa is a right click hero famous for highest critical in the game named Coup de Grace.

Stifling Dagger is a slow and your main ability to gain cs (after level 3) .It does pure damage and it builds into high damage potential later on with synergy of Coup de Grace

Phantom Strike is your main ability to engage a hero and blast him to oblivion.It gives you 130 attack speed on this particular target to blink in.Furthermore into some utility usage you can blink on allied targets to get yourself out of danger zone.

Blur is the highest evasion in the game (considering only hits because Backtrack works on all damage sources) what makes you survivable skillwise. Its also your form of concealment in terms of hiding from the enemy minimap awareness.

Coup de Grace is the highest critical in the game as mentioned above.It upgrades the potential of Stifling Dagger as your dagger can crit as well

Best allies

All Sort of nukers can provide a weakening factor for the enemy heroes and setup an easy kill for you.
Lion, Lina, Queen of Pain, Tinker, Mirana, Earthshaker, Leshrac and I can keep going.
Some Special mentions
#1 Magnus is a free Battle Fury for Phantom Assassin and with the right Reverse Polarity he can provide the ground to chop everyone down in terms of seconds with 2 crits.
#2 Io is a fine lane sustainance ,a fine ganking partner and an easy way to kill someone with Tether slow via Phantom Strike, Stifling Dagger, Spirits and right click to death.
#3 Skywrath Mage oh the poor bastard that will lane against those 2. Arcane Bolt till he is low enough and then he is yours to finish.FINISH HIM

Worst enemies

Tanky Heroes,supports that can keep other heroes alive,lockdown AND KITE.
Heroes like Ogre Magi, Dark Seer during laning phase
Heroes like Dazzle, Oracle are a pain to deal with.
Heroes like Viper, Necrophos, Venomancer, Huskar that destroy your farm.
Items like Eul's Scepter of Divinity , Force Staff, Ghost Scepter/ Ethereal Blade.
In terms of aggression you need to fear Monkey King Bar carriers.

Special mention to Legion Commander with a well timed Blade Mail and Duel

Special mention to Sniper this so annoying hero trespasses your Blur with his Headshot ability and if you airball your Phantom Strike or use it on any other hero with a few seconds of lockdown he can make short work of you.


easy last hitting with Stifling Dagger
high survivability against right click
high mobility due to Phantom Strike
Very high mid-late game potential
Perfect Burst Ability for a carry
2nd higher agility (+3.15) after terrorblade

Low mana early on for Stifling Dagger spam
Low hit points
Highly RNG based
Kiteable (as most melee carries)

Why so many cost effective items ?

So its perfectly questionable why go for so many mediocre items ?
Because as most people do not understand Pa isnt a super late game carry,Pa is a mid-late game hero but in Super late game you lose to most carries.
Drum of Endurance since you fearlessly launch yourself into the enemy team via Phantom Strike,you need to be more survivable and furthermore more mobile.

Poor Man's Shield probably the biggest friend of melee agility carries it synergizes perfect with Blur and makes you nearly impossible to kill without magic damage.

Ring of Aquila since your pushing potential is nearly 0 you can open it and destroy towers easier.You can profit from Ring of Basilus earlier which can allow you to massively use Stifling Dagger for those last hits that are out of your melee reach.
Furthermore the +15 damage are always welcome as well as the ability to make your enemy miss some creep stats (toggling the aquila aura)

Magic Wand since you dive into some enemy heroes you could always use some healing on yourself.

Phase Boots is the choice since you dont really need the AS from Power Treads early (because you are based on Phantom Strike) furthermore that +24 damage will be significant upon Coup de Grace

Bottom line
The concept of this whole build is being solid,highly survivable and lethal around level 11.You can choose to go for easy support kills.
Remember however even with the most survivable build you need to Phantom Strike Suceptible targets and first finish off the easy kills.
You have 30% evasion
You have -20 damage on each hit via Poor Man's Shield
You have the ability to push Towers with Ring of Aquila
You have enough mana to use all your skills at least 5 times due to Drum of Endurance + Ring of Aquila
You have the movement speed of 410 and the Drum of Endurance active equals 451
Your Coup de Grace in terms of hit is 511-504 damage and your Stifling Dagger one is 630 damage.
You have 16 armor which means 49% reduction.

The total cost is 5260
Also its required of you to be active in contrast with Battle Fury build which requires tons of farm

What next ?

Your next item should be JUST DAMAGE.
Picking among the
Monkey King Bar Not a bad item choice but unless you have to deal evasion you shouldn't pick it up.
Daedalus No ,You already have Coup de Grace that would be redundant.
Abyssal Blade Builds slowly from small items (same momentum as the core mentioned above) and you can profit from Skull Basher with Phantom Strike.
100 extra damage and plus bash to imobilize your enemy is more than enough to render you superior.

Into what then ?
Helm of the Dominator is quite good for the lifesteal and probably the only lifesteal choice if you choose to go that build .( Vladmir's Offering is a mediocre item should be picked by someone else and unless you build Desolator on Pa I suggest you dont build vlads).
Butterfly Cant touch this.Up to 80% evasion which can make you sit pretty comfortable in the enemy fountain.Oh did I mention the agility the attack speed and the damage?
Satanic if you need to quickly sustain yourself after some enemy bursts no 2nd thoughts just pick it up.
Black King Bar although you usually opt to survive via capacity through this build,sometimes the enemy magic burst damage is too much to handle,then you have to build BKB.

Some timings and tips

Your core should be read at maximum 14 minute mark which means roughly 370 GPM (wihtout buybacks,tps,kills and going back)
Furthermore Abyssal should be up until 24 minute mark which means you should have a gpm of 675.Since its killing and tower time that shouldnt be too hard,also if you accelerate your earlier core you should have more time building it.
Tip:Its preferable between Skull Basher and Abyssal Blade to build a Morbid Mask so you will be able to rosh and claim aegis for yourself.
Post Abyssal Blade and Helm of the Dominator you should build yourself a Butterfly or Black King Bar or Monkey King Bar and if you get chipped away easily consider Satanic.
Those stuff should be build within the next 6-9 minutes considering your hero is at its prime.

The biggest tip you can get for playing a great Phantom Assassin is ALWAYS STRIKE AT WEAKNESS.That will end up as a fast kill and will render your team superior in teamfight.But remember in order for weakness to exist in an even game you need someone to use aoe spell on enemy heroes or burst him down fast.


Remember the stuff mentioned above may look a bit too shabby in your eyes and spoil the icon of the SUPERCARRY you had in mind about Phantom Assassin but its those shabby items that make you shine earlier before the enemy carry that allow you to join the front line and become active and hence win the game.

Also NEVER FORGET PA isnt a super late game hero and he kneels to most Monkey King Bar carriers and Scythe of Vyse carriers as well.

Here is a highligh of mine when I had early core in 11 minute mark

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