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Mangix The Brew

December 25, 2012 by CNP9
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Build 1
Build 2


DotA2 Hero: Brewmaster

Hero Skills

Thunder Clap

1 3 5 7

Cinder Brew

10 12 13 14

Drunken Brawler

2 4 8 9

Primal Split

6 11 16


17 18


Hey I'm CNP9 and Brewmaster Is my favourite hero and my best, he's a Carry Tank Durable Initiator Hero. So I've been playing brewmaster since dota 1 and I really had some hard time trying to figure it out which items were the best so i tested a lot of items untill i finally found the best which i put in the 1st build. At first you might think that it sucks or it won't work but try it and you'll see, I've done a lot of games which i always get a good score and rarely lost a game and i'll put in here some matches ;) Enjoy :)


Basically Brewmaster is a difficult hero to play and can trick a lot of heroes. He's countered by disablers such as Drow Ranger , Silencer and others... Multiples Stuns also don't help specially Bane but he kind of rapes any hero if not stopped. He is not known by a lot of people specially newbies so pro players with him can benefit a lot from it, specially with Soul Ring.


So you might be asking why soul ring recipe at the beggining for lane?And Soul Ring on Panda? Because Soul Ring helps tricking some players who think they can kill you but actually you surprise then (explanation on skills chapter). So you get the recipe for the lane and then it's the first thing to finish in the lane because in mid you don't have a shop So assure that if u go mid you will need a courier.

Helps receiving less damage specially in lanes. Might be upgraded into a vanguard but i don't recommend.

Tangos And Salve just for healing.

So - Active which i explain the technique in the skills chapter, gives some pretty good hp regen which combined with Armlet will grant you close to 14 per second. It's the first core to do and after it Go For Boots First and then other 2. Why treads? 24+ Damage and some Speed? More AS and 8 Strenght or even 8 intelligence sometimes is better. After Treads Go for a item which by testing i found that works incredibilly on Panda Active is just amazing gives more Hp and AS and might help escaping if you're wise. Hp regen and Stats are Very Good. 3 Core Done. After that, Post core items, which are defined by how the game is rolling. For example in a game i did this afternoon i was doing saving gold for reaver but the game was highly disputated so i've done a Aganhim's Scepter first to help on team fights. But If your Dominating and Owning go for Tarrasque first and you will be further more. Assault is just for Kill even faster and making you a feared killing Machine. In final Build I put 7 items because and are kind of situational. Dagger is great on panda but don't do it unless you have aghanis because of your mana hunger. Go for Dagger in late if there's still someone who escapes. Helps doing rampage. SnY just for faster kills and Destroying towers quickly.


and - I used to do HoD before Armlet but then i realised it is just not needed and it takes some time. But If u like lifesteal go for it, It's not bad and helps if you go jungle :)

I tested Battle Fury, It's good on panda in some way but it wastes a lot of time so it's not a item which compensates, altough it might gives great stats on panda. Damage too give more crit, mana and hp regen, more hp regen and mana which is needed altough if you have aghanis you will have a large mana pool. And Cleave to farm better and faster, helping farming other items. So if you're going for Bfury do it after treads and then go for Armlet...

I don't do Blade Mail even if there are some Faceless Void or Phantom Assassin late game because u have Drunken Haze, so use it gank him and take him down.

It's an item which is usually made on competitive but i don't do it on panda because you already have ult, but it might be a good choice if the game has a lot of stunners and disablers!!

Just do it on Initiator Guide, it's more for team fights and to combine with your ult.


- Thunder Clap is a very good ability, at early, mid and even late game. At early game, a good clap combined with your partner might assure you some good kills. But a bad clap might let them escape or you might not escape. With an amazing slow of 55% AS and MS you can kill easily or intercept from killing and letting your friend or even you to escape. Normally against single targets, it's followed with Primal Split.

Drunken Haze - This Ability is amazing but it's kind of a waste in early game that's why i only put it at level 10. So basically at late game with this ability at level 4 you can disable a single hero putting them to slow by 26% and making them to be with 75% of Missing chance which plus to your Drunken Brawler will make you have 100% evasion against that hero so you should use this ability to disable and to gank a hard carry such as Faceless Void

- One of the most OP passive's of all world of Dota. Just think 25% of doing critical damage already is something great although it's only 200% which comparing to Phantom Assassin and Chaos Knight is kind of low, but it also gives a 25% of evasion!! So it makes you a scary hero!

- His Ultimate, The Ability that characterizes him. It Transforms Brew into 3 mighty Pandas, Earth, Air and Fire. It can turn team fights over and it's one of the most feared ultimates especially in competitive game. For newbies is hard to master this ultimate and some only use the ability of Earth which stuns for 2 secs (great ability). So, rule number 1, your panda respawns at Earth Location so if u want to escape just send earth back and then block with wind and fire, you can cyclone someone, Cyclone ability of Wind Panda is Just like Eul Scepter's Active. If u want to kill just Stun with earth and attack with others (average combination). I don't recommend using cyclone till u have ultimate at level 2, because at level 1 it's only 15 secs. Then Wind has Shadow Blade, Wind Walk and then Fire has mini radience. Beware a Rubick which can steal your primal split. In team fights cycloning someone who troubles you a lot might be a good idea then focus someone. In early game you should clap and then Split and A single kill is easy to make. That's the combination of Soul Ring which i make. Go For a hero with half mana then clap and the enemy will think you're out of mana to ult then soul ring and ult and wooooow kill granted ! Special Mention that there's only one spell that can put Split Pandas Down which is , For example i usually counter Naga Siren with brew because if u ambush her, Clap, and then really fast Split, if your already at Split, her ult won't stop you and most of naga players don't know that!

Pros / Cons

[*] Tanky, Not squishy
[*] Really Good in lanes and Can easily Mid
[*] Good on teamfights ( Feared Ult)
[*] Good Escape
[*] Thrown Beer

[*] Mana Dependent(Mana Hunger without Arcane)
[*] Item dependent
[*] Hard to master
[*] Countered By Silences

Creeping / Jungling

Brewmaster is a hero which as a good animation move and he can easily farm. He ain't got a high damage in the beggining but it's not low either.
If you go for lifesteal you can easily go jungle but if you don't go only if you need like 400 gold, in middle game you can farm 1 or 2 times the ancients kind of fast due to criticals.

Friends and Foes

* Crystal Maiden
* Juggernaut Special Mention because Brew Jugger and another in a triple lane can easily get a kill (first blood)
* Storm Spirit
* Dazzle and Other Babysitters

* Drow Ranger
* Silencer
* Bane
* Rubick

End and Some Matches

Here it is hope you guys enjoy and hopefully will use it and be sucessful :)

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