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Legion Mid

July 28, 2014 by Helmut
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Legion Mid

DotA2 Hero: Legion Commander

Hero Skills

Overwhelming Odds

1 3 13 14

Press the Attack

2 4 7 8

Moment of Courage

5 9 10 12


6 11 16


15 17 18


Hi, I'm Ludwig and I wanna share an interesting guide and items progression for Tresdin which is often played jungle whereas I really think she is really strong in mid lane.

Who is Tresdin?

Legion Commander is a strenght melee hero which has a really powerful ultimate Duel which can disable an enemy hero up to 5.5 sec and goes through Black King Bar.
She is also really sustainable in lane with the hp regen given from Press the Attack and Moment of Courage.
Tresdin, if not played as support, is a really snowbally hero, meaning that she needs kills and levels really badly in order to make impact in the late game, as long as items to make up for the low armor and mobility.

Skill Sequence

When playing Tresdin mid you want to put at least two skillpoint in Overwhelming Odds before lvl 6 in order to harrass the enemy hero and have a better time with lasthitting.
Moreover Press the Attack, combined with the speed given by Overwhelming Odds, gives you at lvl two 80 bonus attack speed and 40 hp regen per 5 sec, which means that you can be really aggressive in lane, by zoning the enemy out of it or by killing him.
A point in Moment of Courage before lvl 6 is facultative since it's very weak at lvl 1 with 20% lifesteal with a 16% chance, yet I really suggest you to have it, since is still a way of hp regen and it's really powerful with Duel.
After lvl 6, you want to max out, first, Press the Attack to have the maximum attack speed and hp regen and then Moment of Courage.
Always get your ultimate at 6/11/16 since it provides you 4/4.75/5.5 sec of duration along with 10/14/18 duel winner bonus damage.


Start game
As a start game items you only needs a set of Tango and some branches in order to be more sustainable until you buy a fast Bottle. This situation extend also to other heroes that rush Bottle such as Brewmaster for example.

Early game
To mantain the harrass given by your skills you should have rune countrol which is game-changing also in a pre-dagger situation where after lvl 6 you want to gank a lane with a lucky Rune of Haste Rune of Invisibility Rune of Double Damage. Do not upgrade your boots yet since you want to rush a 10m Blink Dagger first.

After dagger

In the after dagger scenario you should leave your mid lane to support that need experience and start to roam and gank. With a fast dagger and your ulti ganking shouldn't be easier.
If your gank has some success by 20m you'll have Maelstrom that gives you +24 damage and +25 attack speed and moreover allows to farm way faster with chain lightning. You can also upgrade your boots to have more stats.

Mid game
Armlet of Mordiggian is a core for Tresdin. Whether your ganking went well or not you can skip Maelstrom but not Morgiggian. When not activated it gives you damage armor
attack speed and life regen. When activated it gives you also +25 strenght.
Mordiggian fits perfectly with life regen given by Press the Attack and Moment of Courage. You should activate it along with Press the Attack before blink dagger initiation to set up Duel.
A weakness of Legion Commander is armor. At some point you'll have to buy Assault Cuirass that grants you not only with +10 armor but also with +35 attack speed.
An nice addition will be to upgrade your Maelstrom to gain more attack speed.

Late game and luxury
Boots of Travel to have a global presence.
Skull Basher and as a luxury its upgrade Abyssal Blade to stun or lock down an enemy improving your chasing abilies if Duel is on cooldown.
Satanic eventho does not stack with your ulti it's a great item for survivability since in team fight you will be most of the times in the front lines.


Tresdin can be played in different ways. With my items choice I really dig him as a ganker with a really high attack speed. But Legion Commander can be also an initiator, a tank or even a support.

Black King Bar pick it up when too many enemy stuns and disables make your ulti unuseful.

Blade Mail more armor and works great with Duel

Desolator an alternative to maelstorm if u wanna focus on damage rather than attack speed. Anyway remember that your ulti provides you with bonus damage if you win duels.

Heart of Tarrasque to be more tanky.

Heaven's Halberd to fit more of a support role

Helm of the Dominator an alternative to mordiggian

Sange and Yasha really optional

Shadow Blade an alternative to Blink Dagger

Hand of Midas if your laning stage when well and you wanna fill more of a farming role rather than an early ganker

blink dagger or shadow blade

To achieve the maximum effectiveness of Duel you need Shadow Blade or Blink Dagger. Which one is better?
Blink Dagger is, overall, the better item. You can cast Press the Attack before you blink to the enemy giving you extra attack speed and life regen. Moreover is not so easy counterable as Shadow Blade.
Indeed Shadow Blade allows your hero to move around the map unseen but has some weak points. First of all the cooldown nerf has weakened the item by a quite margin. Second before Duel you want to cast Press the Attack which remove the buff of being invisible giving the enemy a margin to react and avoid your ulti. Third 150g Dust of Appearance counter a 3000g item.


Legion is a fun hero to play but it's not so easy as it seems. Since is a singe target hero with no reliable escape she does not suits perfectly the role of a big teamfight carry.
So if there is a teamfight scenario, try to find the perfect time to engage and the perfect hero to Duel since you can't rely just on your ganking superiority.

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