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IO[under construction]

June 1, 2014 by bonbb
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TI4 Build

DotA2 Hero: Io

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IO[under construction]

June 1, 2014


IO one of the most versatile support in game. People who play smite might know Io as Aphrodite(Smite), the support with loving and caring characteristics. She is so game changing, DK decides to put her in their lineup after TI3,and~ many Chinese teams adore her more than their EU nemesis in post ti3 era. However, playing her well requires the player to see the game differently. Map awareness and team coordination is key to play her decently.


I'm not going to put skill description here. You can look it up yourself.
Into dissection:there are 2 ways to level wisp up, but one thing is certain, Spirits must be maxed first. It is your only nuke and zoning ability early game, possibly the best burst ability if time correction. To maximize the burst of spirit, precast Spirits before the dive, let your teammate initiate and tether to that teammate. After the first spirit burst, cast spirit again and proceed to pub stomp the enemy team.
The pre TI3 and post TI 3 builds are different due to a change in the Tether ability. Because Tether becomes a slow rather than a stun, it is more important to reserve skill points into Overcharge.
Overcharge is possibly the best skill in the game. It scales so nicely, it seems to break the balance of the game. Remember one thing, if IO has full health and mana,the tethered ally will not gain extra health and mana. That is where Overcharge comes in. You can tether your ally, cast overcharge and heal yourself such that your ally will not die in battle. In a crash, try to learn how to do the following: Tether your ally, toggle Overchargeand heal with Urn of Shadows.
Into her ultimate: relocate is what makes global gank strat so deadly. When your teammates are ganking the enemy, you can Relocate in with a carry to make the gank more successful. It can also turn around a gank from the enemy team and save the hard carry. If timed correctly, io and kotl combo become so broken, your enemy just cry in the corner.


There are two item builds available for Io. One is the Tranquil Boots+ Soul Ring build and the other is Arcane Boots+ Urn of Shadows build. In the end, you will have to build Mekansm and magic wand. Bottle is situation, and should only be picked up when doing a dual mid lane with ck or tiny.
Personally, the second build is more suitable for the current meta. As more and more people learn Io's skills, you will have to face the fact that people will target you at the beginning of the fight. Urn of Shadows+ Overcharge lets you survive the first crash and heal you up, along with your ally. It also lets your partner negate any incoming damage as long as the urn charge does not get dispelled.
The first build works best in the laning phase, it gives Io and her partner unlimited health and mana. Remember to cast Soul Ring first.
Late game luxuries are leaned towards survivability, and what makes wisp more tanky than Pipe of Insight and Heart of Tarrasque. Do keep in mind you will not have enough time to farm them so try to grab one at least. Due to the change in Pipe of Insight(+4 health aura), I recommend going Pipe of Insight instead of Heart.

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