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Invoker Reborns (6.86)

January 4, 2016 by gutio2
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3
Build 4
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Build 6

Quas Exort Typical (4-1-4)

DotA2 Hero: Invoker

Hero Skills

Mastermind (Innate)


3 4 5 9




1 6 7 8




Invoker : Pusher , Team battle , Nuker , Escape , Disabler , Carrier ......

All you need is to combine Quas , Wex and Exort at the correct time , nothing that practice can't improve. Whatever how many games you played , you will be for ever a novice.

Lean to PLay invoker is like learn to drive, the first time you take 10 seconds to do each command, after training you do everything automatically

6.86 Invoker ultimate

In this att , invoker starts the game with invoke , so you can at level 1 use cold snap to battle for the rune. Before invoker , at level 1 , just could plus exort and hit his enemies.
This change makes invoker a viable support and a possible offlaner , because invoker can now gank early and team battle early

Quas-Exort x Quas-wex

Ok. When I gonna use Quas-Exort or Quas-Wex?
You wil almost all games play with Q-E , just playing Q-W when there are heros who really need mana like :

But why almost games i gonna play Q-E?
Quas-Exort can easily take more exp and gold for mid/late game , because with Forge Spirit invoker can farm jungle very fast at early/mid game and can take some kills with Sun Strike(remember that killing with sun strike invoker gets xp too).The other differences I will explain after


Quas Exort upgrading levels & lane strategy

The objective of this chapter is: which , when and why upgrade Quas , Wex and Exort; and what is the behavior of a Quas-Exort Invoker in mid

Situation 1: When your enemy has rune control

Specially when these heroes take Bottle , its very hard to keep the lane control , because taking runes in the bottle they can use their skills day and night dealing lots of damage or even taking all the creep wave.
First of all , try to use advance the lane to take the rune. If you cast Chaos Meteour on the creep wave , your enemy will need to stay in the lane while you take the rune.
Sometimes it will not be effective , because the enemy supports will keep a secure rune. So , the best option is use Forge Spirit , send him to deny the rune.

Situation 2 : When your enemy is a hard nuker

Against these heroes , you have to upgrade especially Quas(The progression is: Exort>Quas>Quas>Wex>Quas>... ). The bonus regen allows to stay lane , but only this bonus is not enoght to win the lane .My suggest is to buy a Magic Stick and sometimes a Magic Wand[/url].
Dont forget to use Forge Spirit and Alacrity

Situation 3: When your enemy is noob or naturally weak against invoker Q-E ("EZ Mid")

In this cases , you can upgrade more exort (Exort>Wex>Quas>Exort>Exort>...) choosing Wex at lvl 2 for earlier alacrity , taking more farm.

What I do in the lane, when I play InvokerQ-E?
Dont leave mid to gank , only if there is great chance of success or to farming jungle.

2)Look the other lanes while farming to use Sun Strike
Even if you dont gank early game , you can help the team causing a great amount of damage with sun strike. You can also tell your team to notify when they need sun strike.

3)Dont forget to use Forge Spirit
Forge Spirit provides lane control, rune control, push potential and more farms. Laning against Viper or Outworld Devour, Forge spirit can nuke while you get farms(Dont let he farms the Forge spirt!). Beside laning against a ganker , when he gonna gank you can hardly push using alacrity and Forge Spirit.

4)Ask the supports to gank mid
The Invoker with high levels is the winner Invoker.

Quas Exort items build

Firs of all , Dendi makes Phase boots with QE invoker , and I not
Any invoker player will do a different build(I even saw bottle for invoker.BOTTLE?!WHY GOD??). I will show my build and why i think mine is the best.

Starting items

Healing Save allows you to play agressively at early game , tango gives you more hp regen , and a null talisman gives you some damage and stats.

I saw a pro-player buying instead null talisman
Null talisman and blades od attack gives you de same damage. The main diference is : null talisman add stats , and blades of attack allows you make phase boots faster . I dont make phase boots so...



Dendi thinking: Phase boots allows best rune control , more damage , and chasing potential. Its a viable choice although I dont use

Power treads thinkink: Treads allows best pusher potential , and surviving potential.

Arcane boots thinking: Arcane boots gives mana. Allows not to make items for mana regen like Euls scepter, and provides soul booster to make at late game a Octarine

My thinking: Invoker Quas-Exort actually doesnt need more damage , lane control or pusher potential.He needs mana, surviving potential, and chasing potential , but instead of make phase boots , prefer make , for example, Force Staff if I need chasing and survivability . Allmost all games I keep the boots(brown boots) and buy a early travel , but sometimes I get arcane boots(explained in next chapter*)


Mid game(choose one , and sometimes two)

Items that give mobility , and at mid game there is no need to make more than one of them. Depending of the situation try:

Dagger provides you better mobility at all: longer , easier , faster , and cheaper.If you wanna kill a support , you can simplelly blink near him + Forge Spirit + cold snap, its enough to deal lots of damage. But when get hit , have cooldown. This makes blink not the best choice to escape from Pudge , for example, but the best choice to positioning.

Force staff provides you good scape mechanism(can be used even after hit) and good positioning(not as good as Blink).

Euls scepter gives the lower mobility , but can be used to the famous "Combo Euls+ Sun strike..." , to avoid stuns , to purge silences , to disable some channeling spells , movespeed,...
InvokerQ-E in high levels games will be focused ,and this is the cause of Euls scepter works very well(when use Cyclone yourself , you become imune.)

My think: almost all games I make Euls Scepter and if I need faster positioning for team battles I gonna go for Blink dagger. If I need survivability and scape I goona go for Force staff

*When I play against heroes without good scape mechanism(Crystal Maiden, Ancient Aparition, Rubick,...) I prefer make first Blink Dagger. Blink beside him , Forge Spirit+Cold Snap +Ice Wall = kill. In this build I Make Arcane boots to have enough mana


Mid Game Situationals

Make these items when you choose to be a PUSHER. Its works very well(Necro+Forge Spirits+alacrity)

Its a core item when you play against heroes that decreases armor like Shadow Fiend and Templar Assassin. Invoker has very low armor in Quas-Exort build(Wex gives more agi , and more armor) , and decrease his armor makes so easy to kill.

Its a good option when you need more team battle potential , because decrease to 2 seconds the ultimate cooldown.

Other items I never tried, but some pro-players make


Late Game Items

Its the best disable at late game because when Hex, the enemy hero cannot use": Black King Bar, Eul's Scepter of Divinity, or Manta Style to purge the negative effect. Make it against heroes with strong scapes(like Weaver, Storm Spirit, Timbersaw, Queen of Pain, Slark, Faceless Void,...)

I think a good to substitute , at late game ,of Euls scepter. BKB gives you magic immunit

Finally, the item that divide Kids from Mens. Its the best item for invoker ,but ONLY MAKE REFRESHER AS LAST ITEM! To use this , you need lots of mana, practice with invoker , and there is best options before.


Late game Core

Octarine Core is a core.
It decreases the cooldown of all spells and gives lifesteal. With it you can pressure the lanes and waste your skill frequently to kill the supports.Talking about a hero with 11 skills with cooldown, octarine is really a core.

Obviouslly a core at late game.

Quas Wex Upgrading Levels & Lane Strategy

The objective of this chapter is: which , when and why upgrade Quas , Wex and Exort; and what is the behavior of a Quas-Wex Invoker in mid.Here, i will repeat the same situations of the Q-E build , but with the changes necessaries.

Situation 1: When your enemy has rune control

Specially when these heroes take Bottle , its very hard to keep the lane control , because taking runes in the bottle they can use their skills day and night dealing lots of damage or even taking all the creep wave.
First of all, try to nuke with EMP. This will deal some damage , and reduce their mana restoring yours. Maybe you will have to buy Clarity

Examples of choosing QE or QW



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