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Illidan - Guide to Terrorblade (Or whatever his new name is)

January 3, 2014 by Yasutsuna
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Traditional Terrorblade Build

DotA2 Hero: Terrorblade

Hero Skills


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Conjure Image

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Illidan - Guide to Terrorblade (Or whatever his new name is)

January 3, 2014

Introduction to the Guide

I has been half a year since I last wrote a guide, mainly because there are many good guides out there. Recently, I played with my friend on DotA Vanilla, he pointed out that there are no up-to-date Terrorblade guides. Mostly still contain his Zeal ability which is long gone, being replaced by the current Conjure Image.

Credits go to the owner of this picture!

- High movement speed
- Have a ranged attack
- Massive agility gain of 3.2/level
- A good timed Sunder can be game-breaking
- Item-Dependant
- Relatively low STR gain
- Pathetic damage without Metamorphosis (early/mid)
- No stun/AoE spells
- Bad usage of ulti can kill yourself.

Skill Build

I always like an early point of Reflection. Since Terrorblade have a horrible early game and no escape mechanism, an early point is good for you to escape or secure a First Blood with your support. However, since it deals percentage-based attack on the target, it will be pointless to max this first. Although it requires only 50 mana, this is not a harrassment tool. Let your support do the harassing instead.

Late game, this is a good skill which slows attack speed and movement speed. And it deals damage based on percentage, which is good against carries who have a bizarre attack damage.

Same reason as Reflection, because you have a sad attack damage early game, I don't plan to max this. The reason why I added a point early is because you can succeed in a First Blood attempt with this and Metamorphosis. Late game, you have a load of damage, which makes this a very good skill. Keep in mind that this is no a good skill for escape mechanism since it makes only an extra you. Also know that the image takes 300% damage so smart players will easily know which is real and fake.

The second issue with Conjure Image is it does not makes you invulnerable when you cast it so you can't dodge projectiles like Manta Style or Naga Siren's Mirror Image.

The reason this skill is maxed first because it gives you bonus damage and a ranged attack. Know that this have a bizzarely long cooldown, so do not use this for pushing or anything. Only activate when you're entering a combat. It can be used for a quick First Blood if you have a stunner and coupled with your early point of Reflection. It gives you 500 range so its also good for last-hitting on runners since you have a fairly high movement speed.

The main point is you deal Chaos attack (I don't know whether this is retained in DotA 2), allowing you to maximized your output of damage.

Sunder is a relatively good skill that allows you to swap your hit points with another. The only problem is if you are stun or silenced, you're pretty much dead since you can't use this. Because of this, Black King Bar becomes like a core item on Terrorblade. When your life drops to a quarter, it is a good sign to use it since you might get stunned or silenced.

Also Sunder have a mini-stun.



Like all melee carries, you need Quelling Blade. Although you are semi-melee, it doesn't matter much as you won't be using your ranged form unless you're ganking which then Quelling Blade will be useless. Iron Branches are for the Magic Wand and the early stats can provide some good survival and damage.

Early Items:

Only get Ring of Aquila if your support is not planing on getting Ring of Basilius. If that happens, a casual Wraith Band should suffice. A Magic Wand is no joke as you can regain 150 health and mana at full charge and it gives stats. Ring of Aquila gives you agility which boosts your damage and armor, which you dearly need. Boots of Speed is pretty much self-explained.

Core Items:

Orb of Venom is actually a more situational item as you have fairly high movement speed. But, if you're against those who can actually run faster or somehow keep escaping, just get it. Yasha is good for all agility carries and it gives extra movement speed. Good for chasing. Although Black King Bar is a core, it is not really a must to rush it until you get at least one of your luxuries. Unless your enemies are loaded with stunning skills then you better rush it after Yasha. Remember Sunder doesn't work if you're stunned or silenced.


Manta Style is probably the first luxury you should opt for as it gives you 2 extra illusions, allowing you more damage. Let alone the agility which gives you a massive boost. Eye of Skadi is also a good pickup for Terrorblade. It gives stats and it slows, which works very well with your Reflection. Satanic is also a variable choice, especially if you're up against a handful of hard hitters. You can also hit pretty hard so you can also regenerate your hit points.

Monkey King Bar is normally only picked up if you're up against Evasion hereoes or heroes which have Butterfly as one of their core items, like Phantom Assassin, Faceless Void and Anti-Mage. Daedalus allows you to finish off your targets faster, which doesn't require any extra explanation. Butterfly is a standard luxury for agility carries which includes Terrorblade too.

Later on, you can't rely too much on Sunder to get your health, so getting a heart will always be good. Not to mention, your illusions can be slightly more tanky.


Necronomicon is good if you were to assume a pushing role with your Manta Style. Blade Mail is also good against right-clickers as you can be fairly tanky once you're fatten up. Armlet of Mordiggian is probably one of the most cost-efficient item in the game for Terrorblade. You can take this instead of Yasha. During ganks, you can turn this on, pop your images and turn it off again to make them more tankier. Orchid Malevolence is good against those who have Blink like Queen of Pain and Anti-Mage. Same goes for Scythe of Vyse as you really lack disables.

Shadow Blade i really very situational as it is easily countered in the higher bracket as a escape mechanism. It works as a ganking tool, where you enter after the initiator initiates. This item is very situational and should not be taken if you have Rikimaru, Bounty Hunter and Clinkz on your team as the enemies will detect you as a bonus.

Roles of Terrorblade

Carry - The role that is the best for Terrorblade. Since he gets relatively strong and packs a punch, he should always be played as a carry. He is, probably one of the best carries around with a minor disable, both a melee and a ranged attack and a chance to regain back a proportion of his health.

Pusher - Although he can be a pusher with his high damage and mirror images, he doesn't fit this role very well since he needs more images or AoE spells to be truly effective. If you're assuming this role, it is better to get a Necromonicon and Manta Style and if possible, Maelstrom

Mid Lane - He is a relatively good mid lane, but I have barely played him as such as my teammates often picked better middle heroes. WILL UPDATE THIS.

Allies and Enemies


Dazzle is a good ally to have throughout the game. His Shallow Grave can just save you, especially early on when you're squishy. His Weave will allow you to hit harder while you get an bonus to the armor. His Shadow Wave will allow you a bonus to health and allow you extra damage when you surround your enemies.

Same reasons as Dazzle. Omniknight is a good supporter to have, especially before your Black King Bar since his Repel grants your magic immunity. His heal and Guardian Angel can also come in handy.

As said, you have low mana in the early stages. One gank can drain you of all your mana. This is where these two comes in handy by giving you the mana you require. Not only that, these two can really harass hard. A good teamwork will ensure a successful First Blood.


These guys are fairly easy to kill, as long as you don't get Hex before your Sunder. A good player will wait until they think you might Sunder and Hex you, making you instantly useless and the odds are you'll die if this happens.

You need mana to function and you have a fairly weak INT gain so these people will steal you of what precious little you have, then proceed to killing you.

Doom Bringer
These things all share one thing in common. Silence. As we know, you rely hravily on your Metamorphosis to get the damage required to kill someone early on and mid. It won't matter it you manage to pop your Metamorphosis before they silence you, but you should still be wary of these people.


Invisibility - This is your rune. You can always go out behind your enemy, activate Metamorphosis and bomb them.

Haste - Nothing much to say about this. You have good movement speed and a ranged attack. Better to leave this for others.

Illusion - Only grab this if you're going for a gank within the next few seconds. Preferbly activate Metamorphosis before grabbing it. Depending on situational, this might or might not be your rune.

Double Damage - Same as illusion rune. Only take this if you're going for a gank. DD Rune + Metamorphosis = Gay anounts of damage.

Regeneration - Take only when required.

Notes to-do List

- Get a replay
- Wait patiently for Terrorblade to be released.
- Update this constantly.
- I think I need music for this.

Well, this is rather a slip shot work, so I will spare more time improving it with images. Don't need to worry as all information is there. Credits go to all those guides who have helped me in and Nubtrain and Dr. Dre for their guide.

Let's all hope and pray Terrorblade will be out soon!

- Yasutsuna

I realize I have not write any guides when I was an Editor. :\

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