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How to Tresdin a Legion Commander guide

August 6, 2014 by The amazing A.K.A stupid
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Build 1
Build 2

Commander of the Side Lanes

DotA2 Hero: Legion Commander

Hero Skills

Overwhelming Odds

1 3 5 7

Press the Attack

2 8 9 10

Moment of Courage

4 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

How to Tresdin a Legion Commander guide

The amazing A.K.A stupid
August 6, 2014


Hello and I am The amazing A.K.A stupid.
This is my second guide so again It wont be close to perfect.

Hero Introduction

No lore?
Yep will add it later.

Legion Commander is a melee strength carry.
She has a unique way of getting damage and
a rather more fun way.

Pros and Cons

Legion Commander has alot of good pros but then she still has
some cons.

Has an amazing crowd control skill ( Overwhelming Odds
Can heal and increase attackspeed due to Press the Attack
Has a great and Fun way of increasing damage
A bit tanky

Hard to recover from a bad start
Sometimes need proper positioning.

Skill Build and Why?

I take the first point on Overwhelming Odds and then take a point on Press the Attack at 2 then 1 point of Moment of Courage in 4 then I max out Overwhelming Odds.
Why is that you ask?
Well I take one point in Moment of Courage and Press the Attack just in case
Im in a desperate situation the I max out Overwhelming Odds
Why Overwhelming Odds you ask?
Because the heal and attackspeed from Press the Attack is good but then
it wont be useful until you have high damage which I will explain later.
I use Overwhelming Odds to harras and to remove salves/clarities so that
the enemy hero would be kept at low health.I do this so that when I hit level 6
I can just Duel them with ease.

For the middle commander.
Press the Attack is taken on first for the healing and you would be roaming alot once you duel.
2 points in Overwhelming Odds is enough damage and the speedboost helps too.
And of course 1 point in Moment of Courage for the sake of the lifesteal :D.


Starting Items

A Stout Shield for early survivability and some regen to keep up with.

Boots of Choice

So which boots should you choose?
Power Treads or Phase Boots?

The damage and speedboost from Phase Boots looks tempting
but then the extra tankiness from Power Treads is also good.
So which sould you choose?
Well the answer is Power Treads since Legion Commander is a strength hero,
she will benefit both tankiness and damage from Power Treads so the choice is clear.

Early/First items

Your first item will be an Armlet of Mordiggian followed by a Desolator

Blink Dagger vs Shadow Blade

Blink Dagger vs Shadow Blade
hmmm so which is best on Legion Commander?

Shadow Blade costs 3000 gold while
Blink Dagger costs 2150 gold.

Shadow Blade provides 22 attack speed while
Blink Dagger provides nothing.

Shadow Blade can be countered by sentry wards while
Blink Dagger is disabled for 3 seconds each time your attacked

So which is best?
The answer is both.
Its harder to escape with a Blink Dagger but it lets you active
skills before you duel like your Armlet of Mordiggian , blademail and
Press the Attack.
Its easier to escape with a Shadow Blade but then skills cant be
activated without breaking invisibility.However, Shadow Blade offers an extra
150 damage.



Assault Cuirass will be your main core.
The armour boost and the armour reduction it gives is EXTREMELY useful.

Late Game Items

Starting from here the choices get more open.

Heaven's halberd-
This item is useful for disarming the strong carries like
Faceless Void and ursa warrior.

Orchid Malevolence-
This item can be used to silence strong nukers and increase the damage output they

Heart of tarrasque-
This is self explanatory.

Abyssal blade-
The damage is really good and the active makes it even better
however the bash is disabled in duels so too bad.

Boots of Travel-
This is also self explanatory


These are all situational and you can get them at any time after your boots.

Black king Bar-
Activate before duel so that the supports who rely on spells like
Rubick and Lina will be useless

Blade mail-
Activate this and duel and heroes like Faceless Void
will melt themselves.

Medallion of courage-
No Cash for desolator? no problem this can substituite.

Monkey King Bar-
Good against heroes with a Butterfly
or heroes who have evasion based skills like Blur and backtrack.

Vladmir's offering-
You dont really need it because you have Moment of Courage but if the enemies have high lifesteal, then this is a good item.

Middle commander items[/h2]

Bottle Rush

icon=iron branch size=58]

Just the basic bottle rush build.

Alternative Bottle Rush

Just another bottle rush build but a Quelling Blade is picked up
for last hitting power.

Other Items

Some items I didnt put on the side lane build.
The Soul Ring is just for free healing you like just
Soul Ring then Press the Attack

Gameplay Tips

This part is recommended for new players but then can be skipped by experienced players.

As the game starts , start blocking the creeps by standing and blocking the creeps wave.

Now just try to last hit and deny as hard as you can but then prioritize the last hits

more than the denies.A clarity can be picked upped if you like but then its all just

in your choice.Now harrass with Overwhelming Odds, try to do maximum damage with

Overwhelming Odds and remove Clarity and Healing Salves from anybody who

uses it.Be aware of your mana tough make sure you have at least 200 mana when you hit

level 6 so that you can do 1 more Press the Attack and Duel combo.

only duel low health opponents or if you know you will have a sure kill unless your

damage is already high from Duels.

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