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how to stomp with axe and win the game 1vs 9

October 12, 2016 by mr.dark gouki
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only way to win

DotA2 Hero: Axe

Hero Skills

Berserker's Call

2 4 8 9

Battle Hunger

Counter Helix

1 3 5 7

Culling Blade

6 11 16


10 12 13 14 15 17 18


Hello i m gouki this is my guide for axe one of my favorite intiators and tanks.
I will try my best to explain axe role,playstyle and skillbuild.

In right hands he can wreck havoc and be fearfull.he s also qite versitle and can adapt to situation at hand.
Very brave and manly things reqired to play axe are as follow balls of steal,good cosmetic,fast fingers and some skill in aggro.i will start with explaning axe role in the next chapter

so what Axeactly is axe role?

Axe is str hero who scales well trough the game,dominating early and midgame faling off after maybe after 45 min mark where the lategame carrys start to shine,axe role is not simple as it might appear.
axe is early game semy carry who later transitions in to a tank-intiator or support in the mid-late game.he fits first position as intiator,second postion as tank,and third postion as carry in the late game he can transition in position four as support.
he s qite good offlaner and jungler as well.he has a mini black hole sort of speak so he is considered as disabler as well.
Axe is a jack of all trades.he s versitile but i personaly play him as offlaner,tank semycarry and disabler-intiator.i m also not a fan of jungle axe for reasons i will explain later.


Berserker call

This skill is 3.2 sec disable with 10 sec cooldown its like a mini black hole ,you can lockdown escape artists like weawer,storm,or qop etc.
when you get blink dagger this turns you in walking disable.this is why blademail is so good on axe
blink + blademail means a lot of pain
and you won t feel a thing cuz you get 40 armor during the call duration.
But there is a downside skill has small aoe but you can catch 2-3 people fairly easy.catching more than 3 people is possible but its hard to pull off.
It can cancel tp-s,chaneling spells (witch doctor ult,cristal maiden ult,long cast animation spells like leshirac stunn etc.).
This skill also force target to attack axe during the berserker s call you can save your carry or any friendly hero on low hp by forcing enemy to switch focus on you.this skill can be used to intiate a fight or to counter intiate on the can roam for kills with blink dagger you can pick of most of solo kills ez.i will explain how later.
you want to get as much enemy heroes and creeps hitting you in a fight since this give you higer chance to proc helix counter.

Battle hunger

This is axe second skill i find this skill mostly useless reason is low scalling,easy to dispell (you only need to kill a creep to remove it),high mana cost and it falls of very fast its better to upgrade your stats instead.
By upgrading your stats you will have 2 k of raw hp at lvl 13-14,expanded manapool so you can use call and ult more offten and ofcourse can consider to put 1 skill point in this just cuz it can cancel blink dagger for long time and for its ablity to slow down foes.other than that it s best to skip this skill in favor of the stats.
Counter helix

This is axe bread and butter skill,it does very high dmg early on,it scales qite good since its pure dmg now,so it ignore armor and dmg reductions.
goes trough bkb.this uniqe passive ability and axe signature skill is usefull for boath farming\harrasing in the laning stage.
you can jungle with this skill or if the offlane isn t going well you can go to jungle to recover from bad start or farm up your blink dagger or blademail.
Culling blade

this is axe ultimate skill pierces bkb,ignores anything exept linken sphere,instantly kills the target if its low enough on hp and under treshhold of culling blade , kills the target no matter what. treshold are 250/325/400.
Gives all units near axe attack speed and movespeed bonus for 6 seconds (10 if you have ags).
Most fun ability to use in the game,use this to finish enemies on low hp after your has no cooldown if it kills enemy heroes but it has cd if used on creeps or courier.
Scepter cooldown is 6 seconds.

Early game (offlane)

This is your time so use it to the max,start with 8 tangos shieled 2 gg branches
and tp .

if you are against 2 low hp enemies 1 ranged and 1 melee (example pa and dazzle ) be aggressive stand in the middle of the enemy creeps and deny your s when you get harrased go back and use tango to recover.

skill counter helix on lvl 1. Lvl 2 take berserker call,harras your enemy by drawing creep aggro to you just rigtclick enemy hero and creeps will attack you,if you see one or 2 enemies close to their creeps in range of your first skill, call them to you counter helix will procc and if you r lucky you might get a kill or 2.

when you farmed up a bit get your ring of health and brown boots.
you have two options here go for flat blink or buy magic stick

if you have hard time enemy is harrasing a lot,aggresive trilane,or you got killed go to jungle right away and farm your blink asap.inform your team that you are going jungle.

on lvl 1-7 you should skill as suggested in the skill seqence above maxing out counter helix and berserker call second

after you get ring of health and boots its safe to push the tower,cut the creepwawe by standing between enemy tier one and tier two towers clear enemy creeps yours will attack the tower if someone try to go near you, call them to you and kill the misrable scrub.
If enemy heroes are missing,or more of them coming to gank you tp out to your base or near your tower.

After you obtain your blink you should start ganking solo pushers,low hp carrys or supports. Never jump in 2 heroes without enemy creeps around them unless you go with your team when you are solo ganking always gank junglers pushers or midlaners wait for enemy creeps to be close to the hero you are trying to kill.

then blink in and call him your helix will spin and deal massive dmg to the target,after the target takes the dmg from helix use your culling blade to dunk him.

After you get some kills finish your vanguard farm jungle a bit if you need it you can finish it from secret shop,carry tp 24/7 in case your team needs you.


If you did good early game and your team did not overfed enemy its time for some dunking time.
after you obtained your early core items finish your blademail either by ganking and killing enemy heroes around the map or by farming it.

Afterwards you can kill almost anyone blink in every enemy you see creeps around him call him to you pop blademail watch him hurting himself on it and do fast dunk on him.

you want to catch as many heroes with your first skill as possible more enemy hiting you more you spin , combined with blademail few heroes can survive your bloodshed.

Keep killing everything that moves dunk enemy chicken if you see one passing by,if the enemy has intiators like sand king ,magnus ,tide ,etc wait for them to make the first move

then when the enemies group up jump in to them and counter initiate with call and blademail...followed by several culls ussualy.


its not latgame yet its 30-35 min in the game,but for you it is lategame you should brace yourself for what is to come,if enemy managed to survive your carnage and there are still any buildings left standing.

You have plenty options here upgrade your boots to boots of travel ,treads ,or phase with boots of travel the best and my personal favorite boots after blademail pickup.

Up to this point everything was simple right? Well this stage is what separate good axe player and the bad one.

bad axe will go hot or shiva at this point in EVERY GAME.

But you will be a smart axe and build acording against what are you playing

If you are against more than one invisible hero riki,slark,ta,weawer,clinkz you will get necroobook hearth and shiva .why?
necroobook is a free diff blade ,mini dagonDagon and free gem of true sight +it wipes out towers like nothing,all in one small package hot will make you harder to kill and shiva solve your mana problems, give you more armor and a big movment speed slow on top of that attack speed slow.

If you are against spell spamers disablers and magic dmg dealers get bkb scepter /hot or shiva

If you are against nukers lina,lion,bane,nyx,zeus get bkb +linken and hot

if you are against riglickers with stunns like pa,dk,ck,wk,naix,get bkb,shiva and hot

If you are against escape artists puck,magnus,antimage,qop,invoker,or long ranged heavy dmg dealers od,draw,windranger,sniper etc get forcestaff to close the gap in addition to your can fit forcestaff with any extensions above.

If you are roling over everyone and have 12+kills get forcestaff ,scepter ,hot
or replace hot with bkb ,shiva ,or necrobook if you need it.

Stupid jungle

I hate when people make me go jungle with axe ,reason is your farm is bit slower,people can come and disrupt you in your farming and even tho axe is ok jungler it waste his eary game pressence and pressure on lane,and some of his early game snowball potential.

So if you go jungle same starting items apply only good thing about jungle is uncontested farm,pulling the safelane for your carry and stacking.first wait for second creepwawe pull the easy camp and your creeps kill it.

Then go kill medium camp stack the hard camp,pull the ez camp kill it repeat the proces then kill the stack.keep doing this until you get ring of health boots and blink dagger.

Then go gank for your carry or know the rest already. Thats about it carry tp ofcourse if someone try to gank you. I m sorry i don t play jungle axe in almost 70% of my games so i can t realy give a good guide on it what i can do is provide video of how other people do it so here it goes

tips and tricks with axe

Early game mind games

Axe first skill can be canceled if you have hotkey for it its the stop command or cancel curent action command.use this to your advantage run toward your enemy fake call go back a bit.

Then go draw creep aggroo fake call again do this when you know you can t catch them then when they relax and get used to your fake calls ,supprise them with a real one possibly near their creeps and kill them.

This also makes annoying sound to the enemy and ****s up their focus on lasthiting the creeps even under their tower.

aggro trick when the tower is hiting you you can switch aggro of enemy tower to your creep by rightclicking on it this enable you to dive enemy tower near enemy creeps use call and kill them.

another trick with axe is when you call enemy to you ,with creeps around him,if the call duration is over,you can run near enemy hero while he s escaping creeps will attack you so your helix will trigger so you can possibly kill him if you don t have mana for ult or if you are not lvl 6.

How to use forcestaff ? you can blink in call +blademail dunk and use forcestaff to chase escaping targets when your call is of cd after 10 sec for some bonus kills.or you can blink in call +blademail dunk low targets and use forcestaff to escape.

You can also use forcestaff to save your carry from danger and call them to you and kill them or escape with juking and blink outside of danger zone

you can use the call to interupt teleports,chaneling spells or you can call enemy around you while using tp or boots of travel so they can t stunn you or kill you don t forget call give s you +40 armor which can save your life on low hp while escaping or while using tp.

After a fight if you run to base enemy is chasing you call is on cd blink is interupted but blademail is online use it every time they will either stop chasing you or suffer blademail return dmg

that cover the basic tips about axe the rest you will fighure out by playing the hero i provide you some insight from the pro player perspective in the next videos

oh and yes one epic dunk compilation i found on youtube



crystal maiden
dark seer
anyone with stunn/slow or heal to prolong your durability

vengfull spirit
wraith king
draw ranger
ogre magi
anyone who can cancel out your blink slow you or kite you hard


early game presence
stong intiator and tank
big dmg output early and midgame
strong ganker with blink dagger
can recover from bad start by jungle
extremy brave and manly hero
shut down invis ***** *****
bane of all melee heroes early game
decent jungler/offlaner/or in rare case midlaner/
can obliteratate whole teams with ult (rare but possible)
good core overall
slow as ****
need core items fast
can be kited or trown out of lane by range dmg dealers (draw/sniper)
poor scaling as a carry lategame
silence is a big problem until bkb
need blink to reach his potential
can be kited rather easy
decent stats but not so great overall
need farm and kills mid and lategame
teamwork reqired to play him to his full potential.

final words

well for now its like this but work is still in proggress feel free to comment,share,vote or downvote this guide.ty for reading good luck and have fun GOOD DAY SIR!

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