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Gyrocopter X's Guide (Death From Above!)

November 6, 2012 by RossenX
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X's Build

DotA2 Hero: Gyrocopter

Hero Skills

Chop Shop (Innate)

Rocket Barrage

2 4 7 8

Homing Missile

3 5 9 10

Flak Cannon

1 12 13 14

Call Down

6 11 16


15 17 18

Gyrocopter X's Guide (Death From Above!)

November 6, 2012

Chapter Title

Recently when randomizing a hero i came across this rarely used hero that is simply a BEAST!
Gyrocopter is his name and killing/blowing **** up is his game!
He doesn't need many items to be effective, he can counter ganks like nobody's business and harass people with his Homing Missile or take them down once they flee and can turn pretty much anyone into Swiss Cheese with Rocket Barrage or take out enemies at a global range with Call Down combined with Aghanim's Scepter.

I just found him an absolute pleasure to play, because from the start to the end of the game he just feels like a walking armada or weapons just itching to use on someone. Thus far i have not found any hero that was hard to take down.

By level 8 he can do 1000+ Damage and stun for 2+ seconds in less than 3 second with amazingly short cool downs! So you can lay waste to your enemy in no time at all. Once you start to barrage the enemy ganking you and they see their life going to half or less from one spell they will be the one in trouble, not you.


Early Game:
This doesn't need much explaining.
Tango, Clarityx2, Iron Branchx2
Magic Stick is good to start with because even if you don't use it all the charges from your Magic Stick will transfer over to your Magic Wand

Early Game:
Magic Wand is pretty much a standard i think for any player these days. It's just too damn useful and can save your life or boost your mana/hp when you need it.
Boots of Speed just standard here once again, you'll need boots of course to turn into something more useful later.
Poor Man's Shield is great for staying in lane and not getting harassed by some of those annoying heroes that like to take shots at a poor old man.

Mid Game:
Arcane Boots are my choice when it comes to boots, because you just can't help yourself but use all those awesome abilities you have and waste some mana. Power Treads are an option also, but i found myself being out of mana a little early, that's why i went with two Clarity instead of two Tango.
Ring of Aquila is great becasue of it's mana regen, once again keeping on the track that your abilities are just too freaking awesome not to use every chance you get and your mana regen isn't all that great.

Blink Dagger is a great item if you want to gank enemies, blink next to them and lay waste to them, in a later section I'll tell you how to use it correctly.
Shadow Blade is for those games where you might also want a better escape mechanism, because as a Gyrocopter you really don't have any spells to help you escape when you need to.

Late Game:
Aghanim's Scepter is ALL YOU WILL EVER REALLY NEED. Being able to do this much damage at a global range is just... awesome. Keep you eye on the whole map and use this as much as possible to help in ally engagements or cast in a path a fleeing enemy is going. Watching an enemy run for the hills and then shooting one of these down on their heads for a kill is just so damn satisfying! Once you get the hang of Call Down and it's delay, you'll wonder how you ever lives without it.

Fun To Have:
Dagon can do a pretty good amount of damage for a very cheep price. Sometimes i buy this item really early on just to finish on an enemy, with 400 magic damage you can sometimes Rocket Barrage and then dagon an enemy and take them our easily. I think dagon is one of the least appreciated items in the game, because it's basically a nuke for any hero who has enough mana.
Shadow Amulet is a fun little item to have when you're defending, just stay a bit in front of your tower, so you are behind the creep wave when they attack your tower, which is where the hero would usually be. You already have a massive amount of damage and ambushing some heroes work really well.


Rocket Barrage is in a word, DEATH. Early game you'll do so much damage you can take half or more of an enemy's health and finish them off with a homing missile if they try to run away. In total it can do 690 Damage every 5 Seconds! So if anyone is trying to take you down they'll have to think twice. In late game you can easily take an enemy's health down so much that they'll be forced to run off. In which case you just send a [[homing missile after them and listen for the satisfying BONK sound. It does it's damage over 3 seconds, which means that two seconds after it's done you can cast another one!

Homing Missile is in a word, AWESOME. Early game you can use it as a stun an enemy from a great distance and have someone else take them down if you don't go for him yourself, because if they don't have any escape mechanism in their hero you can easily Rocket Barrage them and if that doesn't kill them your Homing Missile cool down would have been ready to send out another one of these babies at him! If you have Aghanim's Scepter fallow your missile and just before it hits past a Call Down with the stun from the homing misslile and the damage from the Call Down if they were not at full health you take them down. Note that they CAN shoot down your missile, so if you shoot it at a group of heroes, it might not make it to it's target. Try to cast it on melee heroes that can't counter it or a single ranged hero because from my experience they won't be able to shoot it down in time unless it's a Sniper. If you're going for someone that has a blink, don't forget to open up with a Homing Missile if they blink away then just fallow your missile to them, by the time you get to them. It most likely hit them and they are stunned so you can take them down. I've done this on countless Anti-Mages and Queen of Pain because there's nowhere for them to run when you get that missile on them.

Flak Cannon early game is great for pushing up a lane if you need to and last hitting all of those creeps. With this ability you should be last hitting like a mad man, also very useful later in the game to hit every single enemy around you in team fights. You might not do a great deal of damage with your auto attacks but in a team fight, spreading it out over the whole enemy team means you technically do as much as 5 times more damage spread out over the enemy team!

Call Down just might be the highest damage global ability i know of. Once you get your Aghanim's Scepter there is nowhere on the map that is safe from you air strikes. Picking off enemies that are retreating, or using it where a team fight is breaking out, or just using it in combination with your Homing Missile is just awesome. You can do as much as 1000 damage from it alone. So many of those squishy heroes will be at your mercy once you shoot a Homing Missile at them.

Pros / Cons


Very short cool downs on spells that do massive damage.
Global Nuker
Not too squishy


Has no escape mechanism. So if you find yourself in a pickle... well you're ****ed if you don't have a Blink Dagger or a Shadow Blade
If you're silenced, you're dead.

Combat Strategy

Team Fights:
In team fights don't hesitate to use Call Down right where the team fight is breaking out, it will greatly aid your team in taking the enemy down. Then just open up with everything you have. Rocket Barrage, Flak Cannon and Homing Missile. With their super short cool downs you can lay multiple spells and wipe out the enemy. Remember you are a one man armada!

When it comes to the early lane phase don't hesitate to harass the enemy to a point where they just wanna attack you. Piss them off as much as you can. When they come for you run a little bit away from the creeps, as if you are fleeing so they think they have you on the run that's when you open up and strike, making easy kills out of almost any hero. If you are being attacked by a ranged unit start with a Homing Missile if they get close to you it's almost impossible for them to destroy your missile before it hits them. That's when you turn them into Swiss Cheese. If you're going up against a melee unit, start with a Rocket Barrage first while it's shooting them in those 3 seconds lay a Homing Missile down, because they will ether make a run for it or stay. Ether way once that Homing Missile hits them you're rocker barrage will be ready and you can finish them off. Your only concert when it comes to being attacked is enemies that have a long silence which will pretty much make you a sitting duck so if you get silences just make a run for it, chances are they will chase you until the silence wears off and you can then counter-attack them.

You also make a great support, if anyone near you is being attacked by someone put down a Homing Missile and basically just shoot like a mad-man at everything in sight with everything you have! The enemy will soon grow to hate you and even focus you down in team fights early, which is not always a bad thing because you're not the most squishy hero and if you have a shadow blade it will make you very hard to actually take down.

You might be very good at pushing, but when it comes to taking towers down... not so much. So if you are going to push to take a tower down always have someone with you that can take the towers down easy. Such as Drow Ranger for example, because those heroes excel at turning those nice towers into dust, while you can keep them safe from enemies that try to counter your attack.


Well this has been my small guide to why the Gyrocopter is a beast from start to end of a game, sure very late in the game he gets less and less powerful because of heroes that have MASSIVE health, but is always a contributing member of a team.

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