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FamasofWar's Traxex Carry Guide 6.82 Updated (Now over 30,000+ views!)

February 26, 2016 by famasofwar
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Hard Carry (safe lane)

DotA2 Hero: Drow Ranger

Hero Skills

Frost Arrows

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1 12 14 15


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Drow Ranger (Traxex) Introduction

Drow Ranger's given name is Traxexa name well suited to the short, trollish, rather repulsive Drow people. But Traxex herself is not a Drow. Her parents were travelers in a caravan set upon by bandits, whose noisy slaughter of innocents roused the ire of the quiet Drow people. After the battle settled, the Drow discovered a small girl-child hiding in the ruined wagons, and agreed she could not be abandoned. Even as child, Traxex showed herself naturally adept at the arts they prized: Stealth, silence, subtlety. In spirit, if not in physique, she might have been a Drow changeling, returned to her proper home. But as she grew, she towered above her family and came to think of herself as ugly. After all, her features were smooth and symmetrical, entirely devoid of warts and coarse whiskers. Estranged from her adopted tribe, she withdrew to live alone in the woods. Lost travelers who find their way from the forest sometimes speak of an impossibly beautiful Ranger who peered at them from deep among the trees, then vanished like a dream before they could approach. Lithe and stealthy, icy hot, she moves like mist in silence. That whispering you hear is her frozen arrows finding an enemy's heart.

How to play:

You will not want to even attempt a gank until after level 6 for when you have your ulty (I still do not recommend it even then). Start to looking around the top and bottom lane for enemy heroes in the jungle or supports pushing the side lanes.

Rules of Engagement: You will want to at the very least have your blink dagger in hand by this time. ONLY INITIATE EARLY TO MIDGAME IF YOU ARE SURE THEY ARE ALONE. HAVE THE AREA AROUND THEM WARDED AT LEAST.

1)Blink behind them and push them either towards your tower if they are pushing or into a tree line to make it harder for them to get away or near you. You should be blinking just close enough to them that gust will hit them back to the outer limit of your attack range.
2)Silence them using Gust.
3)Frost arrow them.
4)Kite them. If they are coming at you, step back and re-slow them.

Team fight: In a team fight you will have to immediately Silence when possible. Stay in the back of your team mates to keep your ulty up with your distance. Frost arrow to keep the enemy slow.

Pro Tip: You can actively hit Q instead of toggling it on to NOT RECEIVE CREEP AGRO. This is VERY good for harassing enemy heroes during laning periods or for when you are ganking to avoid damage.

Need to escape?: When you find yourself in a bad spot, use a Town Portal Scroll, but be sure to try to bait out their stun first if they have one so that your channeling is not interrupted.

Notes: Drow will die if you do not have wards or courier. Make sure your supports buy.

Skill explanation

Gust: THIS IS ABILITY IS HUGE ON YOU NOW. This allows drow to actively initiate for her team if it permits. It will do an AOE stun WITH KNOCKBACK in an area in front of drow.

Frost Arrows: Frost arrows is Traxexs' signature ability. The slow is 60% at max and allows for enemies to be completely crippled if they do not have a Black King Bar. This ability should NEVER be toggled on. Instead you should get used to clicking Q to use it because it does not stack with your life steal. This way you can alternate between needing health and slowing down enemy heroes that are trying to escape or get closer.

Precision Aura: The main reason that pro teams choose Traxex. This will give a damage buff to every range hero on your team based on your amount of agility. Very good for early game. Remember that this is now an active effect though, so don't forget to turn it on!

Marksmanship: This ability is Drow's ace. Marksmanship gives drow huge amounts of agility (which means attack speed and attack damage take a major increase). Not only do you get the added agility from Marksmanship, but you also get the bonus from precision aura if you have it leveled. Due to these huge buffs however, there is a bit of a hole. When an enemy is in the range of 375 or less to you, your agility bonus gets halved. This is why it is very important to stay in the back when in a team fight or attempting a gank.

Spawn/Start of match

When you first spawn you will want to buy a recipe for a Wraith Band, a Circlet as well as one healing salves and a group of tangos. You want the salves so you are not harassed out of your lane, and the recipe + circlet so you can buy a wraith band faster (drow has slow attack speed and low damage early on, quicker the better).

Get out of the fountain and hopefully (if your team mates aren't terrible) you will have the bottom lane to farm in. Stay near the steps at the very beginning of the lane, and when the creeps spawn, try to slow them. You do this so that when your creeps and the enemy creeps confront, you will hopefully be in front of your tower, allowing for a free creep wave spawn killed for you (means more exp + gold, but this is optional, as mentioned some people believe this pushes the creeps too far, I do not).

Note: When last hitting creeps, you should preshoot to get the kill. Drow is a VERY slow attacker early on, so you will need practice to be able to get last hits more.

When the creeps are pushed enough that you can enter your side shop, buy Slippers of Agility to complete your wraith band. Keep farming until you are ready to buy the first part of your main early game item: Power Treads. When buying power treads, I tend to buy in the order of (Left to right, left being the first, right being the last item bought) Boots of Speed, Belt of Strength and,Glove of Haste. Sell your branches to make the item purchase for your treads as you need room (note: if making a wand, do it before you get treads).

Note: DO NOT GET HARASSED OUT OF YOUR LANE. You need the farm and exp very badly. People do not realize how badly going back to the fountain hurts them. Use your salves sparingly. That being said, do not use them so sparingly that you die. Dying will set you back tremendously.

Can I gank now?: Do not try ganking yet unless it is a very very easy gank. You are squishy and before level 6, have almost NO ganking ability. You struggle with creeps ffs.

Farm farm farm farm farm

As the chapter title hints at, you need to farm as best as you can. The main focus now that you have your treads and wraith band is a Blink Dagger. You will now have two options to farm; laning and jungling. Whichever you choose to get gold with should be the safest and fastest way.

You now have two options of items you can get:

1.) Black King Bar - This is the item I would recommend. BKB is imparitive to keep you alive during team fights. While your farming won't be as quick as if it were a Crystalys, it is still a very core item on drow to have and will be needed if your team requires you in defending.

2.) Crystalys - You should buy a Crystalys if you are able to evade ganks (your team has wards and you are not over extending). This item will help speed up your farming and also pack damage if you are able to set up a gank on a side lane near you.

note: Once you are done farming, sell your wraith band.

Can I gank now?: Yes, if you see a chance to gank, go for it. You should focus ONLY on picking off heroes who are alone or fight in a team fight. When in a team fight, stay as far in the back as possible and focus on the squishier heroes first. Be sure to silence.

Late Game

In your late game perfect build, you will want to go in this order.
Butterfly < Satanic < Daedalus.

The Butterfly lets you last longer in team fights by giving you an evasion bonus AND huge agility (agility will give you attack speed + damage). Note: After 6.82 we have a VERY nice butterfly buff. Not only will you get evasion and agility, but also Flutter which will allow you to catch up to enemies or evade them even more efficiently. The Satanic is what really lets you last, now that your damage is massive, you will have a huge life steal bonus that can be used once you get low or after your BKB runs out. Lastly you have your Daedalus, this item will make you have godly critical hits ranging easily past 600.

Can I kill now? YES! Hopefully you have been. Time to show them all of what you can do! Carry your team to victory!


Do get:
Double Damage: It is a great add-on to Drow's already massive damage output
Illusion: Great for any carry. Will make you survive longer in a battle, trick enemies, and increase damage output.

Haste: You have a blink dagger so haste won't be very effective for you to grab. If your blink dagger isn't finished then you may consider it.
Invisibility:: It can be a good idea if your blink is not finished yet. Decent for initiation or setting up your position in a team fight.

Items to consider

Manta Style: This is a lovely item on Traxex. It will further your damage output, give you illusions, AND make you run faster. This item should possibly be considered on your core build late game.

Ethereal Blade : A bit controversial, but really smart if you are going against someone like PA or slark. If they do not have an [Abyssal Blade] built yet (or waste its active ability), it will allow for escaping easier while also providing agility and a nice nuke.

Blade Mail : Smart if you are going to be pushing out the lanes alone more often early game. It will help deter aggressors from killing you and provide damage + armor + intelligence.

Drum of Endurance : A good item for drow actually. Provides nice aura buffs, a good active, and helps make her less squishy.

Hand of Midas : A good farming item if you want to grab it before finishing treads. Only grab it if you can get it around 7-8 minutes or sooner though.

Aegis of the Immortal: Pick this up when you can if you are the best hard carry on your team.

Ghost Scepter : Smart if they have heroes without a stun that are roaming trying to kill you. Think Slark, Clinkz, Riki, etc.

Bottle: I do not personally recommend bottling every game, but it can be useful. Traxex is good with illusion and double damage. The health regen from the bottle is also useful.

Magic Wand: You may consider getting a wand using the courier if you have frequent spells being cast in your lane. I do not consider it to be core however as by the time you have your core finished, you will not need it.

Shadow Blade : Good if you are looking to pub stomp and going against noobs. Helps you escape and provides decent stats.

Items to NOT get

Abyssal Blade: Yes, the passive and active stun on this weapon is great, and the yes, the damage output is great, but it is a no-no. You simply can get better items than this.

Assault Cuirass: Nooooo stoppppp. Traxex has GREAT armor late game and your butterfly should already mean you are hitting fast. You do not need this.

Armlet of Mordiggian: Really, what are you thinking? The health buff and damage buff is nice and all, but you missing out MAJORLY by not getting your other items. Not to mention this item is better suited for tankier heroes.

Desolator: This is a great item, but you do not need it. You are a ganker/carry, NOT a pusher.

Divine Rapier: You will **** up and lose it. Save your team the trouble and disconnect if you are going to try to get this.

Mask of Madness: This item gives you AMAZING speed, but sadly our Traxex just doesn't have enough armor early on or health to be able to support this. I don't care if you want to pub stomp, stop throwing the game with this item.

Radiance: Really, what were you thinking?

Diffusal Blade : You already have Frost Arrow so why do you need another slow? Especially when your mana burn won't be insane without MoM. Costs too much money for the agility and mana burn bonus on Traxex at least.

Eye of Skadi : You don't need the slow and while the stats would be very nice for drow, it is not worth what you could have bought instead.

Heroes to avoid

Lifestealer: His BKB style ability will rip through your slow, and get him too close to you, ruining your ultimate.

Phantom Lancer: This guy is called Cancer Lancer for a reason. If he uses his invisible to get too close to you, consider yourself dead if you don't have your shadow blade yet.

Lycan: Lycan is a very fast hero with wolf minions. He cannot be slowed (thank you for reminding me) so expect your ulty to be ruined. Your best chance is to try to teleport with a TP.

Naga Siren: Unless you know which clone is which when she ulties, you will have a hard time killing her as your ulty is halved when she snares you and moves forward.

Slark: This hero will get up close and personal with you. Once you are hooked by his jump, consider yourself dead.

Huskar: His ultimate is literally leaping forward at you (destroy your ultimate) and taking away half (of your already little) health.

Weaver: The sad fact is is that late game you will probably not be able to kill weaver. His quick attacking and ultimate will make him very hard to kill. Your only chance is if you can silence him before he flees or time relapses - assuming you can kill him normally.

Sniper: One of the most annoying heroes in the game, sniper does not rely on his abilities much late game and is therefor immune to your silence. His high attack speed and stunning means that you will not survive.

Bloodseeker: This hero will use his ultimate to ensure you do not move. Once you are ultied by him, consider yourself dead.

Phantom Assassin: This hero has a massive critical damage output that will kill you in a matter of seconds late game. Her Phantom Strike ability also means your ultimate is halved if she is not silenced or stunned. The fact that she does not rely on an active ability much means your silence is also not going to do much if she is already within range.

Heroes to be careful around (try towering if they are being played, do NOT jungle):

Storm Spirit: If storm spirit mids, you will most likely be ganked early on if not towering 24/7. His strong spell damage, stun, and the fact that you cannot outrun him will be your demise.

Bounty Hunter: Your squishiness early on will mean that bounty can quickly kill you. If you are lacking dust, avoid jungling when he is being played.

Riki: If you are jungling, riki will kill you fast early on. Due to his ulty making him invis, you won't even seeing it coming.

Nyx Assassin: Nyx will literally tear you apart. His sole purpose in this game is to kill squishy carries like you early on.

Spirit Breaker: Much like NYX assassin, spirit is meant for squishy early on heroes like yourself. You will end up feeding early on if Spirit is chosen by anyone with half a brain.

Enchantress: Be careful of enchantress before your mid game. While you would normally want to keep your distance against an enemy hero, Enchantress gets a huge damage buff with her ultimate the farther away you are. You will have less damage and health compared to her, and find her health regenerating abilities to make normal ganks nearly impossible.

Ember Spirit: He can easily ult into you and then disable you.

A lot of these heroes depend on the time of the game and who initiates on who. Ember Spirit for example can be killed easily by drow if you blink in and silence + frost arrow. These are just things to watch out for.

Heroes to kill (who you are good against)

Ursa: This is a hero can kill anyone if they get caught too close. Luckily for Drow, we don't expect him to get close to begin with. If you are able to catch Ursa from a distance and use your frost arrows, there is no need to even silence as he will die before he can reach you. Note: It is not uncommon for Ursa to have a shadow blade, so if attempting to gank him, be sure to carry dust.

Silencer: As his name suggests, silencer is a great hero for silencing. Too bad for him however, that drow does not have much to be silenced with. He should be an easy kill for drow, especially if you are able to get your silence off on him before he silences you.

Brewmaster: As much as I love Brewmaster, he cannot win against a drow if he does not have his ultimate ready to use. With normal movement speed and a melee attack, brew won't be much of a chance if you initiate at a good range with your frost arrows.

I could go on and on, but you are good against any hero that A). Cannot get close to you to lower your ultimate and B). Relies on spells to be effective


For Clockwork he does not effectively counter Drow Ranger anymore. Drow can now use Gust to BLOW Clockwork OUT OF HIS OWN COGS. This is VERY useful information because now if he ults and cogs you, you can blow him out and then try to tp away before his stun gets back in range.

Some videos of other views!

To summarize

Traxex is a great hero for mid and late game ganking. Her recent update allows for initiation even. She has high armor ratings, one of the best silences in the game, damage for the team, and an amazing slow. Although she has many counters, if the situation permits her, she is one of the deadliest heroes in the game if she is careful early game and keeps farming her core build.

About me

My dota name is famasofwar and I am an active Dota 2 player :). I have over 2000 games played, with around 1850 of those being on my main as of the time this guide was updated. Traxex has been one of my most successful heroes since I began playing, even though I prefer more fun heroes like ember spirit and invoker. My MMR sits around 3500-3800 on smurf calibrations, and I am currently raising my main accounts MMR to meet this (I lowered it to originally farm EXP more from winning low tier games).

If you have any questions, feel free to message me on dotafire or on steam.

Note: See any area of the guide I didn't update correctly? Give me a comment and Ill fix it! Thanks!

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